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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Relief 2005

Today I would like to post a request for all to help and donate to the Red Cross to help survivors from the Katrina hurricane. Please donate and help others with food, water and shelter.

Thank you,

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Test Drive a Mac Mini for 30 days!!!

Apple is so confident you will love your mac mini they are offering a 30 day test drive at no risk to you!
Here’s how the test drive works:

Purchase a new Mac mini from the Apple Store online. You can also get an Apple keyboard and mouse, such as our new Mighty Mouse.
Set it up and start enjoying it.
If you don't love it, call us within 30 days of your order and we'll arrange for you to return your system — including the Apple keyboard and mouse — for a full refund.

So if you buy a mouse and keyboard at the same time you can bring them all back at the same time.

But Hurry — this test drive ends on October 31, 2005.

iTunes Phone September 7th?

While some try to change how much Apple sells their music for, and others try to use Patents because their music players amount to nothing more then a loss, in revenue, Apple, Motorola and Cingular according to a report from Think Secret will be unvailing their iTunes Phone on Sept 7th.

According to the report Apple on Monday, through digital invites to the media, announced that it would hold a special media event on Sept. 7 at San Francisco's Moscone Center. The invites flaunt a teaser reading, "1,000 songs in your pocket changed everything. Here we go again."

Other products may or may not be unvailed at the same time, of coarse you never know if Nokia will also join in.

But so far anything else is just rumors.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Safari Updates

Today Apple released Safari 2.0.1 for Mac OS X 10.4.2, Safari 1.3.1 for Mac OS X 10.3.9 You can run software update or download them by clicking the links.

According to Apple, both versions (2.0.1 and 1.3.1) improve website compatibility, application stability and support for 3rd party web applications.

Jobs a Great Business Leader of the 20th Century

Well today there was a list based on a survey of 7,000 executives by Harvard Business School's Anthony J. Mayo and Nitin Nohria for their book, In Their Time (Harvard Business School Press, 2005). That Puts Steve Jobs #26 out of the top 50 Business leaders of the 20th century.

Which makes me warm inside when I think when I used my first Apple computer in High school. How basic that was. Or when Steve announces Macintosh in 1984.

When I think back to how simple the tasks where for computers back then comparied to now. When I look at this photoof Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in their garage in 1975, you see the love and passion he has for computers.

Then it makes me think of a article written by BAQV at

Why Macintosh?

What so many PC users don't get . . Asas evidenced by most of the posts here . . Isis that the 'fanaticism' of Mac users is an emotional response to the ignorant groupthink of so many PC users, most of whom have had no direct experience using a modern Mac with modern Mac software for more than a few moments. Most of us HAVE used many varieties of PCs. So when we see PC users deny the following FACTS, it drives us batty:

1. While there are no bargain basement Macs, most of the Macs that do exist are competitive in cost or cheaper than PCs with the same or greater capabilities.

2. Macs last and are functional much longer than most PCs.

3. Even the cheapest Mac, the eMac, is a beautiful machine when you actually get your hands on it and extremely capable. Compare it to a bargain basement PC and it's like the difference between a Mercedes and a Hyundai.

4. 90% or more of the applications which are running most of the time on most personal computers are much better on a Mac . . . which has fewer of each type of application but often the best in category. More elegant, more functional, and especially more intuitive. Even Microsoft's programs are generally better on a Mac. Not faster . . . better. (Choice isn't valuable if all of the choices are for crap.)

5. Except for games, the reality is that there are very few application types that do not exist for Macs. Smaller niche groups of applications . . . like GPS software . . . are slower to get to the Mac. But guess what; it's getting very rare when I can't find software that I need if I look hard enough. And there is software for Macs that is not available to PCs or only available later. (And much cheaper. If you had to pay for lesser Windows versions of iLife apps, you'd pay a lot more than $49.

6. With UNIX, those of us who are tech savvy have access to an extremely large library of applications, many of which are real powerhouses.

7. It has been PROVEN that the total cost of ownership of maintaining a few thousand, a few hundred, a few dozen, or even a few Macs is a helluva lot cheaper than maintaining the same amount of PCs. IT guys often tell their bosses to buy PCs because they don't want to lay off two thirds of their guys. (I can't say I blame them.)

8. Macs last.

9. I've never lost a single moment's work or lost data or had to reinstall my OS because of a virus or security flaw.

10. PCs do not outperform Macs in every category. The fastest Macs are at parity and cheaper (and better built) than their Pequivalentsts. When 64-bit software is written, they'll have the edge. For those Macs that aren't the fastest, they are faster at getting a task done because they work so much better. Pure speed is only one factor that goes into determining how quickly someone does quality work on a computer.

11. PC users, like this writer, often claim their decision to purchase a PC is based on hard facts and an objective analysis of those facts. The thing that makes so many informed Mac users crazy is that their facts are so often wrong (if not made up). And their entire allegedly 'objective' analysis is based on flawed facts (and isn't usually objective besides).

12. Macs are easier to use right out of the box. The reality is that if you have people working for you who aren't computer geeks, they will be much more effective with their time if they use Macs . . . which rarely crash. Most hung apps can be forced quit and restarted without hanging up the system, and most other problems can be solved by restarting. A simple utility like Cocktail will do the occasional maintenance OS X requires. (It's funny that 90% of the force quits I do are for Microsoft products.)

PC users who argue against Macs often claim Mac fans are being emotional while they are not. When you evaluate their facts and their claims, the opposite seems true. Mac users generally tend to be emotionally supportive of their platform BECAUSE the Mac has proven to be much better for them in actual use. Why do PC users support their platform so emotionally and spew so many untrue facts about the Mac? I believe it's simple groupthink. It's like supporting the local sports team. We always talk our team up and the other city's team down just because they're our team. The same process is at work here. Caio, dudes.

Posted by: BAQV on January 17, 2004 10:37 AM

Then again, I say to you, Mac users are Smarter.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

A Sunday Morning

A few pictures of the view from my balcony off the master bedroom at 6:30 am

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Need a Job?.... Google it!

So here it Saturday again, don't have a job, or your current one is un-satisfying. Well have you thought to Google for that that job? Google has many job openings from part-time to full-time. From no experience to very experienced job openings.

Google Jobs is a place to start looking for that promising new job. From picking a local area in the U.S. to finding a location from all over the world. On their site you can watch a video about working at Google.

But there's more, there are intern openings from Engineering Intern to Usability Analyst Intern.
All Intern benefits include:

•Mentoring and training to teach you the skills you need to succeed at Google

•Weekly Tech Talks and Speaker Series on cutting edge topics

•Various social activities that include intern lunches, ice cream socials, movie nights and much, much more

•Google Shuttle Program for certain areas, including service within the San Francisco Bay Area

•Employee Referral Bonus Program

•Healthy lunches: Interns can enjoy free lunch 5 days per week (plus breakfast food and all the snacks you can eat)

•On-site services that may include car wash, massage, free laundry, drycleaning, and even haircuts

O.K. you say, but what about us regular Joe's?, There are also jobs like Ads Quality Rater where you can work from home with jobs skills only including:

••Must be a voracious reader with a broad range of interests and a healthy, robust command of the English language.

••A high-speed internet connection.

••Excellent web research skills and analytical abilities.

••Excellent written communication skills.

••Bilingual skills are a plus, as are special areas of knowledge or fields of expertise.

So if your looking for job,... Google it!

Well Extreme Tech has posted a excerpt from the book Hacking Mac OS X Tiger: Serious Hacks, Mods and Customizations. In the feature, they show you how you can hack Apple's latest OS using TinkerTool (a free utility), and bring the world of Unix file ownership and permissions to the Mac, monitor memory settings, and do lots more.

Check it out, and let more of that Tiger out to make things work easier and faster for you on the best OS out there!

Friday, August 26, 2005

iPod Settlement

Well today top news is all about the iPod battery settlement. The settlement applies to consumers who purchased an iPod model on or before May 31, 2004 and saw the charge of their iPod battery drop to four hours or less on a third-generation iPod, or five hours or less on one of the first two generation models.

The settlement with Apple Computer calls for owners of first and second generation iPod's bought on or before May 31, 2004 to receive either $25 cash or a $50 credit at the Apple store to use however the wish. Third generation owners can either return their iPod to Apple, which will, in its sole discretion, send either a battery replacement or a replacement iPod at no charge, except for shipping and handling fees, or receive an Apple retail store credit of $50 by mail.

Owners of third-generation iPod models are entitled to a free replacement battery if the battery fails. Affected iPod owners have until either two years after the original purchase date of the iPod for which you are making the claim, or September 30, 2005, whichever is later, to file a claim form. Apple will keep its Battery Replacement Program in force for Class Members through at least September 30, 2006, and has agreed that it will not raise the price charged under the program.

iPod owners must submit individual claim forms for each iPod they own as instructed by the Apple iPod Settlement Web site.

Based on the number of people to making claims, the settlement has a minimum value of approximately $15 million.

Well at least the iPod shuffle has some good famous people it will hang with this Sunday. MTV will be handing out bags worth around 26k this Sunday. The bags according to Fox will Include an iPod shuffle with an MTV logo, an orange vinyl Paul Frank watch, a glass checker-set from José Cuervo, also included "six months of guitar strings from Dean Markley, a six-month membership from The Sports Club/LA, two complimentary vacations, Shu Uemura makeup products and a Willy Wonka "golden ticket" redeemable for unlimited Nestle Wonka candy.

Dooney & Bourke triangle duffel bag, Swarovski T-shirts from Americana Couture, a Frederick's of Hollywood herringbone tweed-and-velvet corset, Givenchy perfume, Taryn Rose ballet shoes, Missoni sunglasses and a limited-edition Sean John tee.

And if any of the celebrities have an issue with taking thousands of dollars in free stuff, they can use the $1,000 gift certificate to "life coach" Sherri Ziff Lester, who can help them work through their problems".

Sounds like a fun evening to me.

And lastly MacWorld has a nice article by Gordon Meyeron about turning your old Mac into a home automation system. All the stuff you will need and how to do it. Having a old Mac that can OSX is a plus but not needed.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Internet Explorer Helps Thieves

You have admire Mircosoft, the whole time their web browser called Internet Explorer has been out. It has been been making things easy for Hackers & thieves to invade PC (windows) users files and personal data.

I keep telling my wife to use other web browsers besides IE, Like Firefox. IE seems like it just collects, thieves & hackers. According to a report by BBC news "Thousands of computer users have been caught out by a huge ID theft ring.

Security firm Sunbelt Software said it stumbled across a US-based server storing megabytes of data stolen from compromised computers while researching spyware infections. The server held passwords for online accounts from 50 banks, Ebay and Paypal logins, hundreds of credit card numbers and reams of personal data."

"The bug that has stolen all the data is thought to be a variant of a family of trojans known as Dumaru or Nibu that exploit a vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. The vulnerability it exploits means that all a user has to do to fall victim is to visit the wrong site. 'Type in a web link and your machine is infected,'You do not have to click on anything, the website forces the installation.' Many victims may have no idea that they have been infected,"

So far, the trojan had been found on porn sites and websites offering cracks for pirated software. But, the trojan was likely to be on many other websites as it had managed to infect so many users. Security firm Sunbelt Software ( a US-based security company) has alerted the FBI to the online scam and it is reportedly investigating the matter.

The Dumaru worm affects Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP while the Nibu trojan affects Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, and Windows XP........ Hmmmm, no Macs on that list. hahaha. You got to love it. There are others who want to Stop IE

O.K., I was reading this article and I got pissed. Here this guy (Brad Duea from Napster) starts to talk crap. he's shoveling so much of it, I felt I had to clean my Mac.

He says Apple boss Steve Jobs has "tricked people into buying a hardware trap" as iTunes songs can only be taken away and played on an iPod.

As opposed to Napster can only run on Windows (iTunes works with Mac and windows) and any windows based mp3 player. So far none of them easy to use as the iPod or as appealing to the eye.

He goes on to say "Apple's approach means the market remains essentially cut down the middle - between the iTunes service, which works only on the iPod, and services which use a Windows Media format, essentially everyone else."

Most people who use the windows media format because they own a PC say they like Apple format better, just like a lot of PC users like Apple's Quicktime player over windows media player.

Then he goes on to to try and backup the reasoning behind his service:
"Napster's subscription model has been criticize by some because users do not "own" the music. It remains as part of their collection - either on a PC or on a portable player - for only as long as they continue to subscribe.

"A lot of time people think of ownership as this ultimate thing with music. "Has owning cassettes in the past really benefited people?

1) This is a picture of a audio mobster.

2)Now the mobster has just come up with a new way for users to steal music.

3)Now you subscribe, burn as many CD's as you can and "share" them with your friends.

4)When you don't subscribe anymore, you lose that collection.

5) There are things about Cassettes and albums (records) that no CD can duplicate. The crackle of the needle on the record, make that media worth keeping. If some a-hole kicked my door down and took my albums back,( equivalent to what Napster does if you do not continue subscribing) I would be pissed.

His quote "The dream is that Napster would work on any PC, any player in any territory and work seamlessly," is a dream of a crook that either

1) that will loan you CD's then take them all back if you don't subscribe. Pretty much having you pay for something you will never own, or

2) Having a legal (so far) way of burning loads of CD's and still have users being able to rob artists with all the music swapping.

Do me a favor Brad Duea, shut your pie-hole, the napster way is a bad way and is proving it's worth everyday with less and less people using it. It's just intresting that most mp3 player makers are one way or another trying to copy Apple's iPod.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Apple Still On Top With Customers

Once again had ther customer satisfaction survey. Once again, Apple achieves scores that are far and away the highest for all vendors. The arcticle goes on to say "For Apple, in both the desktop and notebook sections of the survey, every single score is significantly better than the industry average for Windows machines. No exceptions."

"Apple's overall score for desktops is 9.2, and the closest competing score, Alienware's, is 8.8. Apple's overall score for notebooks, 9.2, is just as high, and the rest are even further behind: IBM and Fujitsu are the closest, at 8.4".

It does touch on how Apple owners may exaggerate the truth.."tempting as it may be to suspect that Apple owners are prone to exaggerate when asked subjective questions, they are much less likely to exaggerate the number of times a system needs repairs"

It does finish on a good note "Still, while we appreciate generous support and repair policies (from other compter companys), it's even better to offer top quality products and services, as Apple has done".

Well Think Secret has inside info on the next upgrade to 10.4 (10.4.3). The site saying that this build (Build 8F15) offers more bug fixes in a single update than some sources could recall in recent history. Coming in at a wopping 99.3MB so far. This update is one to kill a lot of known bugs.

Talk about bugs, remember that Zotob Windows worm? Well it seems like it infected the Division of Motor Vehicles offices throughout North Carolina early Tuesday morning. NCDOT, which employs about 14,000 people and is responsible for the second-largest U.S. state-maintained highway system (over 78,000 miles), runs Windows at all offices. They say their offices should be up and running again by Friday. that's funny, how much time and money did this worm cost them???

The Higher cost of a Mac would cost them much less in the long run, with no headaches, and worrys of viruses, worms, spyware, etc.... GET A MAC!!!

Well Goggle Talk launched,.... like we need another one with no video. Even so, Google Talk will let computer users with a headset have voice conversations with other computer users with headsets.
If you already have a Gmail account, you're all set:
Username: or
Password: your password

If you wanna find out how to configure iChat for Google Talk, look Here.*****************************

And lastly don't forget to tune into Your Mac Life. This week on Your Mac Life "DTV & Rosetta!"

If you have a high speed Net connection, you can access the live video stream during the Your Mac Life broadcast at this this URL:

Or you can listen in to the plain old audio feed at:

You can also join one of the two Chat Rooms that run during the live show - on the World Without Borders site or on the dedicated IRC Server at in the #yourmaclife Channel.

Make sure you listen in this and every Wednesday evening from 5:30pm to 8pm PT or from 8:30pm to 11pm ET, for the most fun you'll have listening to your Mac.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Just thought this was funny

From the Joy of tech

iTunes for All

While lots of internet news websites like Think Secret and Phone news website Phone are going crazy about news like FCC approving the phone, and what model they think it's gonna be based on, I'm looking at a bigger picture.

•Apple comes out with smaller lower priced Macs (Mac mini)
•Apple switches to Intel. (Which may possibly make all Macs more inexpensive in price)
•Apple has a major opening with the iTunes store in Japan.
•Makes a record sale of 1 million songs in first 4 days.
•And now a iTunes phone.

Let's see.. Japan has to be the #1 in consumers buying phones, plus you put in customers in the good ole' U.S.A and you have Apple profits going through the roof.

Add that with the new Mac's with Intel processors and OS 10.5 (leopard), and you have a awesome money making combination.

Go Steve!!!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Game Time!

Well according to Inside Mac Games Aspyr Media is shipping Lego Star Wars with these System Requirements:

Operating System: Mac OS X 10.3.8 or later
CPU Processor: PowerPC G4/G5
CPU Speed: 1.2GHz or faster
Memory: 512MB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 2GB free disk space
Video Card (ATI): Radeon 9000 or better
Video Card (NVidia): GeForce FX5200 or better
Video Memory (VRam): 32MB
Media Required: DVD drive required to install and play

The website also has a sneak preview here

For All you Marathon fans, The Mac Observer has a nice piece where you can get your old school game going, with all the links to play the OS 9 classic game in OSX!

And Finally a little plug for a great Unreal Tournament CTF server...
:::::The DarkSideBattlegrounds:::::, with great upgraded maps and great players. You can find us at Make sure to add us to your Favorites! So you can have games like this

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Epic Opportunities

So, your a Concept Artist , FX Artist, High-Res Modeler, Level Designer, Motion Graphics, Graphic Designer, Programmer, Texture Artist,3d Texture and Environments Graphics Artist, Lead Artist/Graphics Designer and don't like your current job and want to work for a cutting edge company?

Well Epic Games may have a jop for you! With a new 30,000 square foot facility in Cary NC which has Approximately 7,500 square feet are devoted to Epic's in-house motion capture facility which is roughly double the size of what they have now. Rein (Epic's VP) says the building is designed around productivity and comfort with features such as individually adjustable heating/cooling per office, a gymnasium with individual showers, sports field, power generator capable of powering the entire building indefinitely, proper audio & high-definition video studios, multiple kitchens, a terrace overlooking a large grassed area and single-person bathrooms like what you have in your home rather than what you normally see in office buildings.

"Nobody is going to come through the new office and think it's overly extravagant but rather they're going to feel that we've created an environment that is enjoyable to work in and has a little room to grow. Although we've moved only about two miles from where we were we now benefit from being within a very short walk to a number of great stores and restaurants and even a 20-screen movie theatre" Need more info look at Epic's website.

Hearing Loss??

You know TV news programs are running out of news and are searching for things to report when no matter how old the news is, they choose a old story and re-write it, then use pictures of a modern product to make it look like "new story".

I was watching the news this morning when they reported about how mp3 players can cause ear damage. Saying that since people can listen longer and the way now you have ear buds that go into your ear, the damage is higher. Of coarse they used pictures of Apple's iPod & iPod mini throughout the report.

Then they quote a Otologist/Neurotologist (ear doctor) saying "it's like a shotgun compared to a rifle, where a shotgun would scatter the sound, the new earbuds are like rifles aiming the sound into your ear".

O.K. lets look at this, I remember in 1984 when Sony's D-50 came out, it was all the rage. Same kind of report saying that the headphones would harm your eardrums. Back then the headphones would seal any sound from the outside, where they are vented today so users can hear what's going on around them. Also back then, each player and/or head set's where advertising more bass with each new upgrade to players and headphones whitch could cause barotrauma (ear drum damage). I remind you that the headphones still sealed the sound to the user, and kept unwanted noise out.

The bottome line is, the news and facts has not changed when it comes to CD/MP3 players and headphones and what they can do to your ears. You play them too loud for long periods of time they will harm your ears, no matter what player is being used. It's just like going to a Nascar race and not having ear plugs, or going to a club with 3 walls filled from floor to the ceiling with 20" woofers playing at max volume, all of this can harm your ears.

I don't need a news program flashing pics of only iPods throughout the broadcast regurgitating old news and common sense to tell me that.

There are blogs out there with better up to date information people need and want...... LIKE THIS ONE!!

Friday, August 19, 2005

SomeOne See's the Future

ATI today introduced the Radeon 9600 Pro PC & Mac Edition, its first AGP graphics card designed to work with both Macs and Windows-based PCs. The first Graphics card that will install in a AGP PC computers as well as a Macs. The new graphics card is compatible with both Power Mac G4 and G5 systems, and features 256MB of VRAM. It’s equipped with two Digital Visual Interface (DVI) connectors for flat panel displays. One of the DVI connectors is dual-link enabled, so the card can support an Apple 30-inch Cinema HD Display along with a smaller DVI-equipped display. ATI also includes a DVI to VGA adapter cable to connect an analog display like a CRT or less expensive LCD panel.

While the card is not a X800, it does show that ATI must see Apple selling more hardware in the future to spend time on making this card. While this card really won't appeal to G5 owners unless you have one of Apple's first's G5 powermacs and want some good and stable FPS, in which I found nVidia 5200 Ultra(with 128mb) unable to do compared to ATI 9800 Pro (with 128mb) I replaced it with.

Rich Heye, Vice President, Desktop Discrete Graphics of ATI said "By providing one card as a solution for two distinct platforms, ATI is making purchasing decisions easy for the computer user. There is no confusion as to whether the card will work in a Mac or a PC, because the Radeon 9600 Pro PC and Mac Edition will provide incredible performance and image quality in both," and for $199 I think it's a great deal. Also Mac owners being able to go to a local Best Buy or Circuit City and get their cards at a great price is a plus!

All you Myst fans out there yesterday Ubisoft released a Mac only demo of Myst V: End of ages which you can download for
It's 475mb download the requires
• Mac OS X 10.2.8 or higher
• 1 GHz G4 or higher
• 256 MB RAM
• 32 MB video card (ATI® RADEON 7000 or better, NVIDIA® GeForce™ 256/2/3/4/FX or better.

Got my Latest copy of MacAddict Magizine which talks about Master Programmer Ryan Gordon having problems porting a playable Unreal Tournament 2004 for the New Intel based Macs.

Also a Hackers Speak article which says the NSA (National Security Agency) lists Mac OSX among the most secure operating systems and one hacker saying "You can't infect the enire OS unless you have root access" and " Windows is extremely vulnerable".

Wanna find out more? buy the maaizine on your newsstands now!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Now after reading and not posting what people will do for a $50 iBook, I thought to myself hmmm, this is a much better story.
The Red Cross across the country, in some chapters have begun offering incentives including raffles for free iPods, vacations, free gas cards and free meals in an attempt to increase the nation’s blood supply.

In addition to offering prizes, the Red Cross is also relaxing some of its screening rules to widen the potential donor pool, including extending the length of time some donors can have lived in Europe and still give blood. But the Red Cross says "the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved all changes to the guidelines for blood donations to ensure that the blood supply remains safe". So if your too lazy to give blood normally but think the blood shortage is not reason enough, and need a incentive like a free iPod. Go, Go, Go!!!

Well Apple put out another Security Update this one is 2005-007 v1.1 to fix an issue first identified by Wolfram Research (makers of Mathematica). This update is only for 10.4.2 client & servers. You can get it through Software update or Version Tracker.

On a completly unrelated note, my wife sent me a poem I thought I would share with you all.

I knelt to pray but not for long,
I had too much to do.
I had to hurry and get to work
For bills would soon be due.
So I knelt and said a hurried prayer,
And jumped up off my knees.
My Christian duty was now done
My soul could rest at ease.....
All day long I had no time
To spread a word of cheer
No time to speak of Christ to friends,
They'd laugh at me I'd fear.
No time, no time, too much to do,
That was my constant cry,
No time to give to souls in need
But at last the time, the time to die.
I went before the Lord,
I came, I stood with downcast eyes.
For in his hands God held a book;
It was the book of life.
God looked into his book and said
"Your name I cannot find.
I once was going to write it down...
But never found the time"

pass the poem on!

Have a Great day!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Another Virus Alert!!!

I sit here with my thumb pressed my nose, wiggling my fingers saying, "nah-nah-nah-nah, nah,nah". I laugh because up to this date no virus has affected Macs, and noway like this last virus.

This new worm unleashed over the weekend infected more computers on Tuesday that run Microsoft operating systems, with Windows 2000 users most seriously affected. The Zotob worm as it's being called and several variations of it, known as Rbot.cbq, and Zotob.d, infected computers at companies such as ABC, CNN, The Associated Press, The New York Times,UPS and Caterpillar Inc. David Perry, a security analyst at Trend Micro Inc said "He called the worm's effects "small potatoes" in terms of the potential damage, and anticipated that corporate information technology staffs would quickly neutralize the worms."

A quote from MacWorld says "the worms spread using the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) port 445, which is associated with Windows file sharing, and take advantage of the Plug and Play system bug to seize control of the operating system. Infected computers are then told to await further instructions on an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel, meaning that they could then be used to attack other systems, according to Johannes Ullrich, chief research officer at The SANS Institute, a security training company in Bethesda, Maryland."

Funny how it went on to quote Johannes Ullrich, chief research officer at The SANS Institute, a security training company in Bethesda, Maryland. "Many enterprises don’t apply patches immediately for fear of crippling custom software"

Lets see, let me not update my software because it might cripple my company, but let a virus in and let it cripple it. Wow that's logical.

As we roll on with windows news the MacNightOwl Reports that a lot of low end $300-500 PC's maybe out of luck because low-end PCs typically use integrated graphics that require video RAM to be shared with system RAM.

The article goes on to say that older notebook owners may also be out of luck. the quote states "Well, most Wintel portables also include integrated graphics. Worst, graphics chips that support DirectX 9 only premiered on Windows notebooks this year, so if you have an older notebook, get ready to buy a new one if you want to enjoy the full Windows Vista experience." Also you better have more then 256mb of memory.

All I can do is laugh now, as PC's could possibly go up in price, as Mac's with a much better OS (10.4 "Tiger") go down and by then a even better OS (10.5 Leopard) and get faster. Can life get any better? Still wiggling my fingers saying, "nah-nah-nah-nah, nah,nah"

Also don't forget to listen in to Your Mac Life, because joining this week will be Holmes Wilson, co-director of Participatory Culture and the creators of DTV - a large-scale Internet video creation and distribution platform which, because it is based on open standards and open source software, will be available to everyone - but it's available to Mac users first!

Your Mac Life's Graphics Guru, Lesa Snider of will be on to talk about "Dark Matter" and Peter Cohen of and Macworld magazine will also be on to talk about all the latest Mac Gaming News.

A lot of students are going back to school in the coming month and, thanks to a couple of kind listeners who have donated prizes, Your Mac Life will reward two of them with either a $50.00 iTunes Music Gift Certificate or an iPod mini!

If you have a high speed Net connection, you can access the live video stream during the Your Mac Life broadcast at this URL- rtsp://

Or you can listen in to the plain old audio feed at:

You can also join he dedicated IRC Server at in the #yourmaclife Channel.

Make sure you listen in this and every Wednesday evening from 5:30pm to 8pm PT or from 8:30pm to 11pm ET, for the most fun you'll have listening to your Mac.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Security Update!

Well late yesterday Apple released a sercurity update for OSX. You can get it through software update or through Apple or Version Tracker.

Apple notes "Security Update 2005-007 delivers a number of security enhancements and is recommended for all Macintosh users. This update includes the following components: AppKit, BlueTooth, CoreFoundation, cups, Directory Services, HIToolBox, Kerberos, loginwindow, Mail, OpenSSL, QuartzComposerScreenSaver, Security Interface, Safari, X11, and zlib. Wanna know more? Click here. By the way I would run Disk Utility and repair disk permissions. Always a good help to keep things in good running order.

Seems like Dell is losing in the customer satisfaction area to Apple. As noted on "Dell is dropping in large part because of call-center problems, including long-wait times and difficulty with consumers getting their questions answered,'' Fornell said yesterday in an interview from Ann Arbor, Michigan. "Consumers are also questioning the reliability of their PC's.''

Um duh.... After a while even the blind get other senses working. In this case their common sense. People hate to have a DMV type of wait time. Plus Apple is getting more exposure with the Intel switch, the possibility of lower priced Macs, better satisfaction and zero viruses.

Talk about Intel, The Apple Insider reports Intel ahead of schedule, and announced it is accelerating the availability of its dual-core, hyper-threaded Xeon and Xeon MP processors.

Going on to say "Originally due in 2006, Intel plans to introduce the dual-core Xeon processor MP, codenamed “Paxville, for servers with four or more processors later in 2005. Paxville will provide more than 60 percent better performance over previous generations and will use the Intel E8500 chipset, which has been architected for dual-core performance and was introduced earlier this year."

MMMM, sounds tasty if this chipsets end up in Apple servers and/or PowerMacs.

Lastly Consumer Reports has a report on how the threat of Viruses are rising. a quote form Consumer Reports says "Use the Internet at home and you have a 1-in-3 chance of suffering computer damage, financial loss, or both because of a computer virus or spyware that sneaks onto your computer."

Then goes on to say "Macs are safer than Windows PCs for some online hazards. Only 20 percent of Mac owners surveyed reported detecting a virus in the past two years, compared with 66 percent of Windows PC owners. Just 8 percent of Mac users reported a spyware infection in the last six months vs. 54 percent of Windows PC users."

Just wondering, of the 20% of Mac owners who detected a virus, how many of those where for a Mac?? My anti-virus software every once in a while says it detects a virus and quarantines it. But a second look at the file reveals it's a .exe or other form of file windows file. Well guess what, my Mac says' What are you doing her here? you can't do anything to my files or Hard drive, buzz off".

My main problem is spam!, where the report goes on to say "The overall level of spam decreased within the last year, but 33 percent of respondents reported getting much more spam than in the year before. People who used a spam filter were more likely to report less spam. Thirteen percent said that the need to avoid spam and e-mail scams had induced them to shop online less." Well it maybe less but those pop unders are spam to me and are annoying and that is the new form of spam.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Someone's Patting Their Own Back!

Man... As I sit here and look at this pic to the left I stole from this website, I think to myself, "man that looks ugly", First, a disclaimer. My site believes in the freedoms of speech and press, and as such, I seek to bring you stories that that cover some topics that I do not condone. I want our site to remain an open forum for those discussing Apple's amazing OS X on x86 hardware. I also seek to maintain this site's legal status, and as such, have made it clear that I do not support the infringement on Apple's copyrights and intellectual property. I simply report what I hear and offer an open forum for others to share information. I do not necessarily condone or approve of everything on which I report, as any other news organization knows. John Stuart Mill proclaimed the value of the "marketplace of ideas" - his spirit lives on with this site*. ( *yes that is a disclamer quote from the OSx86 project website edited to fit my blog )

What a bunch of horse shit! This just sounds like a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo to say let me tell/show other people how we found someone and are looking for more people who have a developer copy of 10.4 x86 version (aka stole by some means or possible downloaded via BitTorrent) and some über geeks who been in the closet hiding their true love for the Mac OS. The same über geeks who in front of their buddy's talk trash about how bad Macs are, but when their buddy's are gone really love Macs interface and are really too cheap to buy a Mac and are now working hard on incomplete Mac software to make it look like it's easy to hack.

While your there patting yourself on the back because of this article or the one from slashdot, you still have to figure out if Apple will use SSE3 or in your words "they're not done with the Intel version."

Also there's also the necessity to do some serious patching and hacking with certain kext files, then on top of that requiring a PC that supports SSE3 and as you put it "you must detect them"

What makes me laugh and sick at the same time is for hackers who have always talked crap about Macs, why are you spending the time to do this? Cause you now you can say you did? Wrong, none of use knows what Apple will use when they are ready to ship their retail Macs. Yes I don't use Mactel and names of that sort because I never heard anybody calling them "MacBM's", "MotorMac," or "MacFree" when they had IBM or Motorola/Freescale chips in them.

Bottom line is it's obvious hackers know that OS X is a far better operating system than windows, otherwise they wouldn't have bothered to hack it. So now you have a few reporters (I say that lightly) who are just looking to make news by seeing if the Macs OS on a x86 architecture will be as vulnerable as the Windows OS has been for years.

Remember one thing Mr.Jobs said, Apple has been preparing for this switch for some time. Every version of OS X has been compiled to run on Intel's x86 architecture. That also means for all these years they have been looking for ways to prevent (if this is truly their path) people from running OS X on PC (windows) boxes. That's a lot of years to prepare and more months now to continue doing so.

In rumor news, stocks go high for Apple on friday as rumors fly from a report from about a Apple/Google deal for Google to offer Apple's iTunes music store through its own site. Well it's a rumor people, As juicy as it sounds (at least for Apple) we will see where it takes us.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Apple Jobs

O.K., so you love anything that has to do with computers. You think to yourself "I've got the skills". So I say "GO FOR IT!!". Why not? It's a weekend, your low on cash because your current one doesn't pay well. Well Apple needs a few good people.

When I say a few I mean in California alone I found 358 matches, from Financial Analyst to Xsan Engineer. Also there are Intership programs for students where your summer job can lead you down a great path.

So why work at place you don't like for minimum wage and not have the nice things you deserve. Do a search on Apples website, find something you like and post your resume'. You never know, it maybe your time for a great career. Next weekend could be a great one! :)

Friday, August 12, 2005

It's Mac Like?

O.K. I surf the web and enter Mac forums which always seem to have atleast one PC user who joins just to be a troll and general Mac bashing pain in the butt. Always saying how bad Macs are and what software we don't have on a mac and how much Windows interface is better. Then I had to feel a strong laugh coming out from in me when I read a article from Detroit Free Press stating "Yes, it does have more of a Mac-like look and feel" when talking about Microsoft's new OS.

And continues with "Vista's graphics will no doubt seem oddly familiar to Mac users" and "With Windows Vista's User Account Protection, even administrators are prompted for a password whenever anything is installed or a system setting changed. It's an extra layer of protection that's long been a part of Unix-style operating systems, including Mac OS X and Linux."

Hold on, it took you this long to figure this out? Apple has had this for how long? And someone inside MS getting paid big cash now just figured this out? This just proves to me one thing, just because you have lots of cash does not mean you are smart enough to pick the right people.
You want to see security? Look at Railheads Password Master for the Mac. A shareware product that's a Serial number, registration number, and password storage and creation tool with 448-bit BlowFish encryption.

Well it's posted on many websites, seems like Intel Corp. Plans to introduce a major change in the architecture used to build its chips during its upcoming Fall Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco. The new chip which is set to arrive in the second half of 2006. More details about the next-generation architecture will be provided in Otellini's keynote on the 23rd.

The Apple Insider has posted about a possible update to the powerbook line. Hmmm, too little boost, to late. Most people are willing to wait till the intel based Powerbooks come out. The one plus maybe the possibility of high-density displays that may have a wide-screen display that has a 'native' resolution of 1920 x 1200 or 1440 x 900. For either of these native resolutions, other standard resolutions, such as 1024 x 768, are supported.

Talk about support, Apple has a new update for their Powerbook line which The PowerBook G4 Graphics Update 1.0 improves graphics stability for some 1.67-GHz PowerBook G4 computers. You can get through software update or downloading it manually.

ATI came out with a new ROM update for their retail cards. I suggest you read the Read Me. Especially if your using OS 10.4.x because you will be booting in safe mode. Updates to card depends on the card your using.

Last but not least I wanted to share a problem I had with iDVD stalling during importing. My G5 is running 10.3.9 and iLife 4.0.1. I found a guy in Apple discussions forum which suggested a few steps that helped me import and burn easily after performing these steps.

Run Cache Out X (free download) to clear all system and application caches.
Run MacJanitor (free download) to do all the Unix Cron Maintenance scripts.
Run Disk Utility (Applications -> Utilities) and repair disk permissions on your start up drive (typically your internal drive). Also verify any other drives mounted on the system.
Run Preferential Treatment (free download) to check for corrupt/damaged application and system preference files.
Reboot your Mac
I also ran disk permissions after running Preferential Treatment as precautionary measure. Hope this helps you. ;)