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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Apple Not Staffed By Idiots

As I was reading a article from it made me think of a article on the 8th of June from The Shape Of Days, that Puts a reason behind letting PC users be able to boot 10.4.1 on their PC with compatible hardware.
" Apple's management from the top down knows full well that this developer preview will be in the hands of every kid with a cable modem within days of its release. Most of them will be able to install it on their own computers and run it and the full suite of iLife`05 applications at full speed, and run most existing Mac software in translation.

As a result, Apple will give thousands, possibly millions, of people a taste of Mac OS X running full speed on their own PCs.
Apple'’s giving their potential future customers a free taste, that'’s what they're doing. It's a try-before-you-buy deal."

If this is right, I believe Apple is making a smart and bold move, instead of just a bold one.


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