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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Epic Opportunities

So, your a Concept Artist , FX Artist, High-Res Modeler, Level Designer, Motion Graphics, Graphic Designer, Programmer, Texture Artist,3d Texture and Environments Graphics Artist, Lead Artist/Graphics Designer and don't like your current job and want to work for a cutting edge company?

Well Epic Games may have a jop for you! With a new 30,000 square foot facility in Cary NC which has Approximately 7,500 square feet are devoted to Epic's in-house motion capture facility which is roughly double the size of what they have now. Rein (Epic's VP) says the building is designed around productivity and comfort with features such as individually adjustable heating/cooling per office, a gymnasium with individual showers, sports field, power generator capable of powering the entire building indefinitely, proper audio & high-definition video studios, multiple kitchens, a terrace overlooking a large grassed area and single-person bathrooms like what you have in your home rather than what you normally see in office buildings.

"Nobody is going to come through the new office and think it's overly extravagant but rather they're going to feel that we've created an environment that is enjoyable to work in and has a little room to grow. Although we've moved only about two miles from where we were we now benefit from being within a very short walk to a number of great stores and restaurants and even a 20-screen movie theatre" Need more info look at Epic's website.

Hearing Loss??

You know TV news programs are running out of news and are searching for things to report when no matter how old the news is, they choose a old story and re-write it, then use pictures of a modern product to make it look like "new story".

I was watching the news this morning when they reported about how mp3 players can cause ear damage. Saying that since people can listen longer and the way now you have ear buds that go into your ear, the damage is higher. Of coarse they used pictures of Apple's iPod & iPod mini throughout the report.

Then they quote a Otologist/Neurotologist (ear doctor) saying "it's like a shotgun compared to a rifle, where a shotgun would scatter the sound, the new earbuds are like rifles aiming the sound into your ear".

O.K. lets look at this, I remember in 1984 when Sony's D-50 came out, it was all the rage. Same kind of report saying that the headphones would harm your eardrums. Back then the headphones would seal any sound from the outside, where they are vented today so users can hear what's going on around them. Also back then, each player and/or head set's where advertising more bass with each new upgrade to players and headphones whitch could cause barotrauma (ear drum damage). I remind you that the headphones still sealed the sound to the user, and kept unwanted noise out.

The bottome line is, the news and facts has not changed when it comes to CD/MP3 players and headphones and what they can do to your ears. You play them too loud for long periods of time they will harm your ears, no matter what player is being used. It's just like going to a Nascar race and not having ear plugs, or going to a club with 3 walls filled from floor to the ceiling with 20" woofers playing at max volume, all of this can harm your ears.

I don't need a news program flashing pics of only iPods throughout the broadcast regurgitating old news and common sense to tell me that.

There are blogs out there with better up to date information people need and want...... LIKE THIS ONE!!


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