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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

iTunes for All

While lots of internet news websites like Think Secret and Phone news website Phone are going crazy about news like FCC approving the phone, and what model they think it's gonna be based on, I'm looking at a bigger picture.

•Apple comes out with smaller lower priced Macs (Mac mini)
•Apple switches to Intel. (Which may possibly make all Macs more inexpensive in price)
•Apple has a major opening with the iTunes store in Japan.
•Makes a record sale of 1 million songs in first 4 days.
•And now a iTunes phone.

Let's see.. Japan has to be the #1 in consumers buying phones, plus you put in customers in the good ole' U.S.A and you have Apple profits going through the roof.

Add that with the new Mac's with Intel processors and OS 10.5 (leopard), and you have a awesome money making combination.

Go Steve!!!


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