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Monday, August 29, 2005

Jobs a Great Business Leader of the 20th Century

Well today there was a list based on a survey of 7,000 executives by Harvard Business School's Anthony J. Mayo and Nitin Nohria for their book, In Their Time (Harvard Business School Press, 2005). That Puts Steve Jobs #26 out of the top 50 Business leaders of the 20th century.

Which makes me warm inside when I think when I used my first Apple computer in High school. How basic that was. Or when Steve announces Macintosh in 1984.

When I think back to how simple the tasks where for computers back then comparied to now. When I look at this photoof Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in their garage in 1975, you see the love and passion he has for computers.

Then it makes me think of a article written by BAQV at

Why Macintosh?

What so many PC users don't get . . Asas evidenced by most of the posts here . . Isis that the 'fanaticism' of Mac users is an emotional response to the ignorant groupthink of so many PC users, most of whom have had no direct experience using a modern Mac with modern Mac software for more than a few moments. Most of us HAVE used many varieties of PCs. So when we see PC users deny the following FACTS, it drives us batty:

1. While there are no bargain basement Macs, most of the Macs that do exist are competitive in cost or cheaper than PCs with the same or greater capabilities.

2. Macs last and are functional much longer than most PCs.

3. Even the cheapest Mac, the eMac, is a beautiful machine when you actually get your hands on it and extremely capable. Compare it to a bargain basement PC and it's like the difference between a Mercedes and a Hyundai.

4. 90% or more of the applications which are running most of the time on most personal computers are much better on a Mac . . . which has fewer of each type of application but often the best in category. More elegant, more functional, and especially more intuitive. Even Microsoft's programs are generally better on a Mac. Not faster . . . better. (Choice isn't valuable if all of the choices are for crap.)

5. Except for games, the reality is that there are very few application types that do not exist for Macs. Smaller niche groups of applications . . . like GPS software . . . are slower to get to the Mac. But guess what; it's getting very rare when I can't find software that I need if I look hard enough. And there is software for Macs that is not available to PCs or only available later. (And much cheaper. If you had to pay for lesser Windows versions of iLife apps, you'd pay a lot more than $49.

6. With UNIX, those of us who are tech savvy have access to an extremely large library of applications, many of which are real powerhouses.

7. It has been PROVEN that the total cost of ownership of maintaining a few thousand, a few hundred, a few dozen, or even a few Macs is a helluva lot cheaper than maintaining the same amount of PCs. IT guys often tell their bosses to buy PCs because they don't want to lay off two thirds of their guys. (I can't say I blame them.)

8. Macs last.

9. I've never lost a single moment's work or lost data or had to reinstall my OS because of a virus or security flaw.

10. PCs do not outperform Macs in every category. The fastest Macs are at parity and cheaper (and better built) than their Pequivalentsts. When 64-bit software is written, they'll have the edge. For those Macs that aren't the fastest, they are faster at getting a task done because they work so much better. Pure speed is only one factor that goes into determining how quickly someone does quality work on a computer.

11. PC users, like this writer, often claim their decision to purchase a PC is based on hard facts and an objective analysis of those facts. The thing that makes so many informed Mac users crazy is that their facts are so often wrong (if not made up). And their entire allegedly 'objective' analysis is based on flawed facts (and isn't usually objective besides).

12. Macs are easier to use right out of the box. The reality is that if you have people working for you who aren't computer geeks, they will be much more effective with their time if they use Macs . . . which rarely crash. Most hung apps can be forced quit and restarted without hanging up the system, and most other problems can be solved by restarting. A simple utility like Cocktail will do the occasional maintenance OS X requires. (It's funny that 90% of the force quits I do are for Microsoft products.)

PC users who argue against Macs often claim Mac fans are being emotional while they are not. When you evaluate their facts and their claims, the opposite seems true. Mac users generally tend to be emotionally supportive of their platform BECAUSE the Mac has proven to be much better for them in actual use. Why do PC users support their platform so emotionally and spew so many untrue facts about the Mac? I believe it's simple groupthink. It's like supporting the local sports team. We always talk our team up and the other city's team down just because they're our team. The same process is at work here. Caio, dudes.

Posted by: BAQV on January 17, 2004 10:37 AM

Then again, I say to you, Mac users are Smarter.


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