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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Need a Job?.... Google it!

So here it Saturday again, don't have a job, or your current one is un-satisfying. Well have you thought to Google for that that job? Google has many job openings from part-time to full-time. From no experience to very experienced job openings.

Google Jobs is a place to start looking for that promising new job. From picking a local area in the U.S. to finding a location from all over the world. On their site you can watch a video about working at Google.

But there's more, there are intern openings from Engineering Intern to Usability Analyst Intern.
All Intern benefits include:

•Mentoring and training to teach you the skills you need to succeed at Google

•Weekly Tech Talks and Speaker Series on cutting edge topics

•Various social activities that include intern lunches, ice cream socials, movie nights and much, much more

•Google Shuttle Program for certain areas, including service within the San Francisco Bay Area

•Employee Referral Bonus Program

•Healthy lunches: Interns can enjoy free lunch 5 days per week (plus breakfast food and all the snacks you can eat)

•On-site services that may include car wash, massage, free laundry, drycleaning, and even haircuts

O.K. you say, but what about us regular Joe's?, There are also jobs like Ads Quality Rater where you can work from home with jobs skills only including:

••Must be a voracious reader with a broad range of interests and a healthy, robust command of the English language.

••A high-speed internet connection.

••Excellent web research skills and analytical abilities.

••Excellent written communication skills.

••Bilingual skills are a plus, as are special areas of knowledge or fields of expertise.

So if your looking for job,... Google it!

Well Extreme Tech has posted a excerpt from the book Hacking Mac OS X Tiger: Serious Hacks, Mods and Customizations. In the feature, they show you how you can hack Apple's latest OS using TinkerTool (a free utility), and bring the world of Unix file ownership and permissions to the Mac, monitor memory settings, and do lots more.

Check it out, and let more of that Tiger out to make things work easier and faster for you on the best OS out there!


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