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Monday, August 15, 2005

Someone's Patting Their Own Back!

Man... As I sit here and look at this pic to the left I stole from this website, I think to myself, "man that looks ugly", First, a disclaimer. My site believes in the freedoms of speech and press, and as such, I seek to bring you stories that that cover some topics that I do not condone. I want our site to remain an open forum for those discussing Apple's amazing OS X on x86 hardware. I also seek to maintain this site's legal status, and as such, have made it clear that I do not support the infringement on Apple's copyrights and intellectual property. I simply report what I hear and offer an open forum for others to share information. I do not necessarily condone or approve of everything on which I report, as any other news organization knows. John Stuart Mill proclaimed the value of the "marketplace of ideas" - his spirit lives on with this site*. ( *yes that is a disclamer quote from the OSx86 project website edited to fit my blog )

What a bunch of horse shit! This just sounds like a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo to say let me tell/show other people how we found someone and are looking for more people who have a developer copy of 10.4 x86 version (aka stole by some means or possible downloaded via BitTorrent) and some über geeks who been in the closet hiding their true love for the Mac OS. The same über geeks who in front of their buddy's talk trash about how bad Macs are, but when their buddy's are gone really love Macs interface and are really too cheap to buy a Mac and are now working hard on incomplete Mac software to make it look like it's easy to hack.

While your there patting yourself on the back because of this article or the one from slashdot, you still have to figure out if Apple will use SSE3 or in your words "they're not done with the Intel version."

Also there's also the necessity to do some serious patching and hacking with certain kext files, then on top of that requiring a PC that supports SSE3 and as you put it "you must detect them"

What makes me laugh and sick at the same time is for hackers who have always talked crap about Macs, why are you spending the time to do this? Cause you now you can say you did? Wrong, none of use knows what Apple will use when they are ready to ship their retail Macs. Yes I don't use Mactel and names of that sort because I never heard anybody calling them "MacBM's", "MotorMac," or "MacFree" when they had IBM or Motorola/Freescale chips in them.

Bottom line is it's obvious hackers know that OS X is a far better operating system than windows, otherwise they wouldn't have bothered to hack it. So now you have a few reporters (I say that lightly) who are just looking to make news by seeing if the Macs OS on a x86 architecture will be as vulnerable as the Windows OS has been for years.

Remember one thing Mr.Jobs said, Apple has been preparing for this switch for some time. Every version of OS X has been compiled to run on Intel's x86 architecture. That also means for all these years they have been looking for ways to prevent (if this is truly their path) people from running OS X on PC (windows) boxes. That's a lot of years to prepare and more months now to continue doing so.

In rumor news, stocks go high for Apple on friday as rumors fly from a report from about a Apple/Google deal for Google to offer Apple's iTunes music store through its own site. Well it's a rumor people, As juicy as it sounds (at least for Apple) we will see where it takes us.


  • At 8/15/2005 01:23:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Apple underestimates the power of the PC hackers ;D

    Its not a question of if the full OSXx86 will be hacked, but how soon after it launches. As with the first announcement of Intel chips and OSX, i'm still going with 3-6 months before its cracked. Maybe even less depending on what Apple does to prevent it.


  • At 8/15/2005 03:18:00 PM, Blogger CG5Addict said…

    hmmm, this we will have to wait and see

  • At 8/16/2005 12:49:00 PM, Blogger FARfetched said…

    My guess is that Apple will include just enough "protection" to keep people from trying to get support with generic P(of)C hardware. Like you said below, Apple's not staffed by idiots — they know any locks they put on OSX86 will get picked, and sooner than later.


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