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Friday, September 30, 2005

Retail X86 10.4?

According to HardMac, pirates in Bangkok are selling what they call a "retail" version of 10.4 OSx86 version. What's even more of a insult is them selling it for 6 Euros or $7.23 in US dollars.

Of coarse the website I love to hate, the OSx Project is saying "These pirates have used hackers, "cracks" from elsewhere, not "discoveries" from this site."

Discoveries,... is this what they call white collar hackers now? It's the same old hacking because there is no way they are positive of this and have verified that this was done through "discoveries" .
Whether this picture was photoshoped or not this comment from them was only said to cover their own ass. And you can quote me!

Macworld Expo SF registration now open

Friday IDG World Expo announced that attendee registration for the upcoming Macworld Conference & Expo is now open.

It will once again be held at San Francisco’s Moscone Center from January 9-13, 2006. Attendees who register before December 9, 2005 will receive early bird pricing.
You can get more information and what's going on at MacWorld and on pricing from the Web site

Mac Surprise

It seems that Apple has no plans on labeling their Mac mini boxes with the new speeds, faster DVD drive or more graphic card memory availible on the mini's. It's more of buy and find out what you got when you get home.

According to ZDnet who is quoting CNET (with no link to the CNET news web page) " that it has started offering machines that in some cases have improved processing powers and other enhancements. However, Apple is not labeling the new machines in any special way, so buyers have no way of knowing if they are getting the more capable models".

saying "Some Mac Mini systems may contain components that slightly exceed the published specifications," Apple said in a statement. "There are no changes to the published specifications or part numbers."

My question to Apple or anybody out there is- Is this legal?
Can Apple sell a product (in what seems like deception) not labeling the product correctly?

Of coarse this is assuming the article is true. If anybody brought a mac mini with the higher specs with the same old label on the box please post here.

**Update**According to MacCentral Apple Computer today confirmed that some Mac minis are shipping with higher than advertised specifications. “Some Mac mini systems may contain components that slightly exceed the published specifications,” said Apple in a statement provided to MacCentral. “There are no changes to the published specifications or part numbers.”

Upcoming and New Releases
Reporter Leander Kahney follows up his best selling book, "The Cult of Mac," with "The Cult of iPod," a comprehensive look at how the iPod is changing music, culture, and listening behavior.

Phanfare has added support for Mac OS X with the release of a Beta of the Mac version of it's online photo and video sharing service software.

Aspyr Media today offered more information its upcoming Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse game title.
"From the Executive Producer of Halo, comes Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse. You play as Stubbs, an undead antihero who takes on a futuristic city using nothing but his own carcass and the weapons of his possessed enemies. This third-person action game uses the Halo engine and integrates tongue-in-cheek humor and a strong storyline with innovative combat."

It's ship date is planned for November for $39.99.

Mozilla has upgraded their enhanced Mozilla email client called Mozilla Thunderbird (version 1.0.7). Thunderbird 1.0.7 is a security and stability update that you can download here.

Symantec released their latest NAV virus def. You can run your NAV updater or download the stand alone here.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Power Mac 1.8GHz Energy Saver problem

Seems like Apple finally offically came out and admitted a energy saver problem with the 1.8ghz G5.

In their release it says:
Some 1.8 GHz models of Power Mac G5 (Late 2004) computers may experience any of the following symptoms:

The computer may freeze when performing certain video-intensive tasks for extended periods of time, such as a full screen slideshows, QuickTime playback, or some games.
The optical drive may not eject when you've been using the computer for about two hours.
Internet Connect may become unresponsive when you've been using the computer for about two hours.
(This issue can affect either internal or external modems that use PPP as well as DSL modems that connect using the PPPoE protocol.)
Attached displays may not wake up properly after the computer, running Mac OS X 10.4, has been sleeping for an extended period of time. The computer seems to wake up, but the display doesn't.
These symptoms only occur with the 1.8 GHz model of Power Mac G5 (Late 2004) computers. Apple Engineering has identified the cause of these symptoms and is developing an update to address the issue. At this time we can not provide a specific date when the update will be available, but this document will be updated as more information becomes available.

In the interim, making the the following changes in the Energy Saver pane of System Preferences may reduce the occurrence of these symptoms until the updates are available:

From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.
Click on the Energy Saver pane.
Under the Sleep tab:
Drag the slider under "Put the computer to sleep when it is inactive for:" to Never
Drag the slider under "Put the display to sleep when the computer is inactive for:" to Never
Under the Options tab:
Set Processor Performance to the "Highest" setting instead of "Automatic".

Still Battling Over 99¢
Seems like BisinessWeek has something to say about it now. Saying "In principle, Bronfman may be right. Some books cost $25, others $15. There are magazines that sell for $4.95 a copy, while others go for $2.95. And who hasn't secretly perused the bargain racks of CDs, looking for a $5 disc from that hair-metal band you loved so much in the '80s? All Bronfman suggested was creating an environment where some songs would command a premium and others would do the equivalent of filling the bargain CD bin.

As it turns out, iTunes is already pricing some items higher than others. Look carefully, and you'll find occasional examples of albums priced at $11.99, $13.99, or $6.93. Clearly not all albums are created equal on iTunes. Some have fewer songs, some are incomplete, some are double albums and sell for $19.99."

But as it also notes the main battle seems to be over single songs. Being that not all artist's are making CD's that consumers are willing to buy the whole album, Making the greed factor comes in because Edgar Bronfman Jr., chief executive of Warner Music seems to want more. Not saying that the artist would get more of that profit, just Time Warner.

I still question the stats from Ipsos-Insight saying

°"62% favored the free file-sharing services"

°"Take file-sharing off the table, and 44% say they wouldn't bother downloading music at all"

and only
° "39% say they prefer iTunes-like pay-per-download services over subscription services."

But wait lets not just worry about iTunes single song prices, now lets also worry about Apple getting a price discount on flash chips when everybody goes out and buys a Nano this Christmas.

It's Funny how Apple went from a "laughing stock and the company that will die and go away" to "beware Apple is gonna crush us in sales this Christmas"

So Now people want to accuse Samsung of damaging Korean firms by supplying Apple with extremely cheap NAND Flash Memory for its new iPod Nano MP3 player will strangle small or medium-sized local MP3 companies.

Again somebodys worrying about Apple be dominate. Sorry I give no apologies to anyone who saw Apple stock as scratch paper and now that they have none and/or might lose bisiness to Apple want to whine and complain. "waaaa, I won't have flash memory for my cheesy mp3 flash player!"

Suck it up and get your company to do something inventive, instead of acting like 3rd rate politicians whining trying to find somebody to listen.

Talk about Listening
Well listen and watch this spoof on the Nano, its Funny.

get it here

Your gonna laugh because according to Zdnet you can't scare Mac users.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Mini Update?!

Well according to two different reports it seems Apple will be queitly speed bumping their Mac mini.
Think Secret seems to have a source reporting "receiving a 1.5GHz Mac mini Tuesday, although the box still featured the old 1.42GHz label."

According to the site:

°The SuperDrive equipped Mac mini features a new 8x dual-layer SuperDrive from Matshita (Panasonic)

°Graphics card remains an ATI Radeon 9200 but now features double the VRAM at 64MB

°The hard drives have also been upgraded to 5,400-rpm models

°features Bluetooth 2.0+EDR support

"Sources have informed the website that Mac mini box labels will continue to list the older specifications with no indication of whether the newer or older systems are contained within. The motivation behind this is to help clear current inventory without lowering prices."

Apple iTunes for Windows Mobile 5.0?

Could this be Legit or a hoax? Web site Technology-ninja
says "I managed to get my hands on Apple iTunes for Windows Mobile 5.0. After the Motorola ROKR Apple seems to get seriously into the mobile phone business. As my sources tell there will be a special data rate for T-Mobile bundled with devices that come with iTunes (maybe we'll see an official announcement soon)."

"The version I could test was iTunes for Windows Mobile 5.0 version 0.9. Although it looks pretty complete (everything (except bonjour) is in place and even podcast sync worked like a champ (see picture)) it's not a customer ready version. I don't know anything about the release dates or announcement dates at the moment.

Some words to the graphical user interface: Apple decided to use the well known iTunes in favor of the iPod user interface. Since the buttons and functionalities are all where I expected them it's as easy to use as the "big" version of iTunes.

I did not have the time for an in-depth test yet but it seems that it is not limited in the way the Motorola ROKR is. Nevertheless I was not able to sync it with a PC/Mac iTunes yet since there are no drivers (and I haven't got any) I successfully copied 1 GB of MP3/AAC files onto a SD Card and I could play it all. When I inserted the SD Card iTunes automatically searched for media files and rebuilt it's library. After some seconds I could start listening."

I'll continue to follow this. Tell me what you think.

Safari with Dashboard widget detection?
Seems like AppleInsider has some news on "A forthcoming version of Apple Computer's Safari Web browser may automatically detect the presence of Dashboard widgets on a website, according to developers who've located evidence of such a feature in an unreleased version of Mac OS X "Tiger."

"Although it's unclear in which build the evidence first appeared, developers have uncovered a set of Dashboard-skinned interface buttons in a version of Safari under development as part of the yet-to-be-released Mac OS X 10.4.3 system update."

"Judging by the buttons, which are designed to be placed in Safari's address bar, developers speculate they will eventually let users to add widgets to the Dashboard without leaving their browser window."

Widgets have become very popular with users. Apple has many here so does Yahoo and of coarse The Graphic Reporter has her favorites, her "widgets of the week".

So Don't Forget to listen in to Shawn tonight on Your Mac Life

Apple will replace cracked Nano screens
Apple Computer said Tuesday that "problems with iPod nano screens breaking, as are not a design issue", but rather an issue of vendor quality that affected less than 1/10 of 1% of the total iPod nano units that it has shipped over the last two and a half weeks.

Furthermore, the company is now replacing those units that do have problems through AppleCare.

They also said "The iPod nano is made with the same high-quality polycarbonate plastic as the fourth-generation iPod. We suggest concerned customers use one of the iPod nano cases that are coming to market to protect the music player".

Warner getting tuff?
It seems that Michael Nash, Warner's digital strategy chief, suggested labels might have no choice other than cut Apple's digital music sales off at a stroke.

Saying what I think are dumb things like "What if Jobs says 39 cents or 29 cents per download - what then?"

But the story by The Register goes on to say "Apple has never seen its iTunes Music Store as a profit center - but as a marketing ploy to promote its iPod music player. It barely breaks even on iTunes Music sales, and keeps about four cents of every 99 cent download."

So I see Apple lowering the price to 39 or 29 cents.
It seems Steve just might be right, greed does drive people to do some extreme things. And thinking of cutting Apple off has more repercussions then then Mr. Nash thinks.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

$500 Bounty for OSX Virus

Well, well,.. It seems Wil Shipley of Delicious Monster fame writes in his blog "Call Me Fishmeal" "All, right, I'm sick of people reporting that Mac OS X is 'mostly' virus-free.

It is, as far has been proven, ENTIRELY virus-free. Macs are not magical, and one day there will be virus that infects them.

However, I don't think it's happened yet, and I think it's time we, the Mac community, started saying, 'No, we don't have any viruses, Let me be clear: not having had a virus is NOT the same as being immune to viruses.

I think part of the reason almost nobody has been willing to stand up on this crusade has been that we get shouted down with cries of, 'Well, no OS is perfect; Mac OS X will get its virus!' And I have no doubt we will.

But Windows gets a virus every freaking week, and we've never had ONE. I think that's also relevant," Shipley writes.

While some replys are just dumb people who don't know how to release the caps lock key-

manicdvln said...





Replys to this where easy to over come-

When even the poorest wannabe-viruses for OSX that actually are no viruses get enormous public attention and are cited everywhere, then the "Mac-Marketshare-is-too-small" argument is flawed. There is almost no way to get as much public exposure out of writing one of the hundreds of Windows viruses compared to writing the first real OSX virus. There has to be some other reason that it hasn't happened yet.

or reasons like this one on why a so called hacker would want to try-

Anonymous said...
In response to ManicDVLN and a few others. Various departments in the FBI and CIA have openly admitted to using OS/X machines. So think about who is part of that 4% market share, does it make a more interesting target yet?

Because to be the first to have one gives you more exposure then just another one for a windows OS.
read the whole story here

but even beyond the virus issue, is that fact of what you are using your computer for. If it's for gaming then yes windows. At the moment because windows OS is a high share of the computers out there, companys are making a lot of products and selling them cheaper because they will sell a lot of them and they have to compete with other makers.

But if your talking about photos, movies, e-mail, web browsing and word processing, then I would say the choice is clearer on getting a Mac. And with the Intel switch coming things are bound to change. ATI already has a video card that works out the box eaither in a Mac or PC computer.

Sp when you do decide to get a Mac you can also get O'Reilly newly released book "Switching to the Mac: The Missing Manual, Tiger Edition" (US$24.95), a 520-page book by David Pogue and Adam Goldstein that promises to make the transition to the Mac for Windows users painless.

You See not every is using their computers for gaming, education is again looking at Macs.
The Detroit Public Schools have a $1.2 million, four-year deal in which the district will lease computer equipment for Crockett High School.

Apple in turn will give the district more than 100 days worth of technology and teaching support, including on-site help in classrooms as teachers and students learn to use the laptops.

The district will get about 780 laptops, as well as iPods, digital cameras and computer software. About 240 of the computers will go to the freshman class of the new Detroit Digital Learning Community High School at Crockett.

New Releases
PowerLogix and Other World Computing have announced the availability of new 900MHz PowerForce 750GX G3 upgrade for PCI- based Macs.

Also available is the 1.0GHz and 1.1GHz PowerForce 750GX G3 (including 1MB of L2 Cache for $209.99 and $279.00. Both models also feature a built-in fan sink to aid CPU cooling, fail-safe protection circuitry, CPU Director software and compatibility. with add-on PCI cards.

Microsoft yesterday released the long - awaited Office 2004 service pack 2 for Macintosh.

Office 2004 Improvements

Word 2004

Improved performance when using a scroll wheel.
Improved performance when formatting documents.
Improved encryption for password protected documents.

Excel 2004

Improved encryption for password protected documents.
Improved performance when using scroll wheel in Page Layout view.
Improved stability when opening spreadsheets from other Excel versions in Excel 2004.

PowerPoint 2004

Improved text compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows.
Increased performance when using QuickTime movies in presentations.
Improved stability when opening presentations saved with Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows.

Entourage 2004 Exchange Server Support Improvements

Gain full access to your organization’s Global Address List information.
Provide delegate access to your Mail folders, Calendar and Address Book.
Share your Mail folders, Calendar and Address Book with assistants and colleagues.
Take advantage of improved public folder performance.
Receive password expiration notification before it expires.
View and manage how much disk space your Mail folders use to ensure you don’t exceed your organization’s set storage limits.

Of coarse they came with their host of problems like Crashes when attempting to print a calendar, and Problems opening files with long filenames/deep directory locations and "Duplicate" function in Entourage broken.

The Microsoft Macintosh Business Unit also announced their commitment to the next version of Office, 'Office 12' for the Mac.

Screw the Nano!!
Well that's what Motorola CEO Ed Zander had to say about Apple's new iPod nano.
"Screw the nano. What the hell does the nano do? Who listens to 1,000 songs?' Zander said," "People are going to want devices that do more than just play music, something that can be seen in many other countries with more advanced mobile phone networks and savvy users, he said." Of coarse when the media posted this all we got is "it was a joke".... ya, right.

Don't get mad because the Nano release over shadowed the Rokr phone, and sales of the Nano are better then your Rokr phone sales. we heard Cingular is planning on launching its own music download service for cell phones early next year, and Ralph de la Vega, chief operating officer at Cingular, said that his company would like to partner with Apple in developing the service.

Monday, September 26, 2005


I'm having problems postin to blogger today!! It keeps asking me for my nick and password, says your picture has been uploaded and it's not. I have tried to publish articles and upload pics4 differnt times through 4 different browsers. Still no go. I'm typing this hoping this will go through since I have lost postings for today 4 times which took a long time to write. Hopefully this will get fixed before tomorrows news.

Friday, September 23, 2005


Well run software update, Apple has put out a couple of updates for 10.9 and 10.4.2
Updated components to 10.3.9 include:

Componets Updated in 10.4.2 include:

Changes have been made to the Mail program which include a fix that prevents unencrypted responses from being generated by auto-reply rules applied to encrypted messages.

QuickDraw Manager has been updated to prevent a problem that could cause arbitrary code to be executed by a maliciously crafted PICT image.

Following a careful update pattern helps prevent problems from coming up. MacFixit has a good one:

1)Disconnect any FireWire/USB devices before applying Mac OS X updates in 10.4, then re-connect the devices one by one after the update process is complete and the system has restarted.

2)Boot from the OS X Install CD and run Disk Utility's Repair Disk function (or use a third-party drive utility such as DiskWarrior or TechTool Pro).

3)When booted from the volume containing Mac OS X, run Disk Utility's Repair Disk Permissions function.

4)Install the update.

5)After rebooting, again run Repair Disk Permissions.

Apple also released a iPod updater
1.1.2 for iPod shuffle
Bug fixes for iPod shuffle

With iPod nano Software 1.0 you can:
Listen to music and view album art
Browse your photo collection or view photo slideshows with music
Listen to audiobooks purchased from the iTunes Music Store or
Listen to podcasts, which are downloadable radio-style shows delivered over the internet
Store or back up files and other data, using iPod as an external disk
Store and synchronize contact, calendar, and to-do list information from your computer
Play games
Store notes
Add clocks for multiple time zones
Use stopwatch as you work out to track your overall time and your lap time
Lock your iPod Screen to prevent your iPod from being used by someone without your permission

You can get the iPod updater also off Apples web site. it's a 32mb download.

10.4.3 Build Update
Seems like Think Secret has some inside info on the next big update for 10.4. It seems Apple released to developers another build of Mac OS X 10.4.3 on Tuesday. This build (8F28) brings the total number of fixes and improvements the update will deliver to over 500.

Alias Releases Maya 7 and MotionBuilder in PLE
Alias on Friday announced the release of their Personal Learning Editions (PLE) of Maya 7 and MotionBuilder 7. The PLE's are free releases of both software for Mac OS X and Windows aimed at helping new users learn the ins and outs of their 3D software.

WoW plaque?
It seems a A deadly virtual plague has broken out in the online game World of Warcraft.
Although limited to only a few of the game's servers the numbers of characters that have fallen victim is thought to be in the thousands.

Originally it was thought that the deadly digital disease was the result of a programming bug in a location only recently added to the Warcraft game.

However, it now appears that players kicked off the plague and then kept it spreading after the first outbreak.

read the rest here

Astronomy software project needs help creating Mac OS X package
Stellarium a free GPL software which renders realistic skies in real time with openGL needs your help.
They are looking for someone to create a Mac OS X package for version 0.7.1. If any readers can help them or know of someone who can help them create a Mac OS X package for version 0.7.1, please contact them at the Stellarium.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Which Mac is Right for You??

Well what Mac should you pick? Some want processor power but really don't need it to use Microsoft Word and e-mails. So MacWorld republished Adam C. Engst e-book Take Control of Buying a Mac. A guide to help you pick what Mac is best for you. You can read the whole story Here.

Exclusive Interview

Was given to Bobbie Johnson of Guardian Unlimited from Steve Jobs about his drive to make technology simple.

A quote from the article:
"Some people thought we got really lucky with the iPod, and we did," says Jobs. But, he adds, real winners don't just enjoy the breaks, they exploit them. It is necessary to stay on top, especially when everybody's out to get you. As he puts it: "We have world-class competitors trying to kill us."

Goes on to quote steve:
"There's a very strong DNA within Apple, and that's about taking state-of-the-art technology and making it easy for people," he says. Jobs's targets are busy, modern consumers; "people who don't want to read manuals, people who live very busy lives".

Read the full article here

Mac mini quiet update?

Think Secret seems to have a inside source saying the low-end Mac mini will be upgraded from a 1.25GHz G4 processor to a 1.33GHz G4, while the high-end will see a bump from 1.42GHz to 1.5GHz.

Hard Drives will go from 4,200-rpm drives to 5,400-rpm, mid-range and high-end models will receive a new AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth module featuring Bluetooth 2.0+EDR and high-end model will see its 4x SuperDrive upgraded to an 8x dual-layer model. Prices their source says will remain the same at $499, $599, and $699.

What's Out?

Well Firefox has been updated to 1.0.7. While this update contains fixes for two critical security bugs in the software, it's been a bugger on me when it comes to adding pictures to this blog through bloggers post creater. Well to put it bluntly, it doesn't work anymore. Hopefully 1.0.8 fixes it.

Doom 3 Demo was released from Aspyr today.
The demo version lets you play through the first chapter, and includes three levels.
System requirements call for Mac OS X v10.3.8 or later, G4/1.5GHz or faster, 512MB RAM, 2GB free hard disk space, ATI Radeon 9600 or Nvidia GeForce FX 5200 or better 3D graphics with at least 64MB VRAM. The demo measures 463.5MB.

You can get the demo here

ARS Technica has a review of 8 RSS (Really Simple Syndication) or Atom readers for the Mac. both of which are based on XML.

And if you did not know, if you want a news feed from this blog, just click on button that says "feed" on the side bar.

HandBook for Bloggers
and Cyber-Dissidents

Copies of Reporters Without Borders' "Handbook for Blogger and Cyber-Dissidents" the handbook are displayed at the Apple Expo computer show in Paris.

"Bloggers are often the only real journalists in countries where the mainstream media is censored or under pressure," Julien Pain, head of the watchdog's Internet Freedom desk, writes in the introduction.

Included in the booklet is advice about how to blog anonymously, as well as how to identify the most suitable way to circumvent censorship.

It also outlines some help on developing ethical and journalistic values.

In June, Microsoft's MSN Spaces site in China started to block blog entries which used words such as "freedom", "democracy" and "demonstration".

RSF, an outspoken critic of media and online censorship, said the French Foreign Ministry helped pay for the booklet's printing costs.

you can download the book here

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Apple Computer's 43 Million IPods In 2006

Well it seems according to Mr. Jobs "Apple is on track to ship Intel-based computers as targeted by June 2006." Also he said "it will not be so easy to pirate with the final version of Mac OS X for Intel. We will have technology in OS X for Intel so that it cannot be installed in other PCs."

But then again he has other things on his mind, like "Greedy" record companies. Which are pushing for an increase in the price of music downloads according to Steve. He's vowed to resist such pressure, "companies already made a bigger profit through iTunes than in CD sales."

"Customers think the price is really good where it is," said Mr Jobs.

"We're trying to compete with piracy, we're trying to pull people away from piracy and say 'you can buy these songs legally for a fair price'.

"But if the price goes up a lot, they'll go back to piracy. Then everybody loses."

But then according to article in Deutsche Bank says "Due its strong product portfolio, market-share leadership, and the stickiness of iTunes, we believe Apple will continue to dominate this product category," the firm said, forecasting 31 million iPod units in calendar 2005 and 43 million units in calendar 2006.

The firm also believes Apple will continue to drive share gains in the PC market due to the combination of a renewed enthusiasm for Apple's brand, cutting-edge computer designs, and the superior user experience of Apple's OS.

Well of coarse with continued design inovations like this, it also seems the latest iPod innovation from Apple has again inspired a stampede of online enthusiasm in the UK, with searches on ‘ipod nano’ surging by 200% since the launch 2 weeks ago.

Hitwise Search Intelligence reveals that searches for the ultra-small and ultra-lightweight version of the original iPod have overtaken searches for ‘ipod’ for the first time, and are set to overtake searches for ‘PSP’ – Sony’s PlayStation Portable which launched to a fanfare of enthusiasm earlier this month – in the run-up to Christmas. Since reaching a peak in the week ending 3rd September, searches for ‘PSP’ have since fallen by 34%.
You can read the rest here.

But Steve does not stop there, he seems to be taking on the likes of Yahoo with the addition of a groups offering and more storage space on its .Mac Internet service according to CNET.

It goes on to quote Rob Schoeben, Apple's vice president of applications marketing, the new features mean Mac users need not look outside of Apple for group communications. "Mac users shouldn't have to send an e-mail with an ad on the bottom, and they shouldn't have to set up their groups site on Yahoo."

Other News...
It seems at the Apple Expo they plan to build a distributed supercomputer cluster that could use some thousands of Apple Computer Inc.'s Xserve servers.

Apple and the European network powerhouse Interoute in October will stage a proof-of-concept cluster involving both Xserve servers and Xserve RAID arrays. If successful, the trial will be extended over the coming year to involve servers placed within Interoute's facilities, possibly involving as many as 150 data centers across 60 EU cities.

While Opera now offers it's browser for free Despite being in use since late 1995, (Opera has only has less than 1% of Web users in July while Firefox had 18%) Opera CEO Jon S. von Tetzchner said “Removing the ad banner and licensing fee will encourage many new users to discover the Opera browser.”

Still others like Symantec look for the worse in browsers. Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report Volume VIII shows 25 vendor-confirmed vulnerabilities were disclosed for the Mozilla browsers during the first half of 2005, "the most of any browser studied," the report's authors stated. Eighteen of these flaws were classified as high severity.

Symantec admitted that "at the time of writing, no widespread exploitation of any browser except Microsoft Internet Explorer has occurred," but added that it "expects this to change as alternative browsers become increasingly widely deployed."

There is one stipulation: Symantec counts only those security flaws that have been confirmed by the vendor. According to security monitoring company Secunia, there are 19 security issues that Microsoft still has to deal with for Internet Explorer, while there are only three for Firefox.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

iTunes 5.01

Today Apple released iTunes 5.01, as of this writing it's only availble through software download.

Also Apple shares finished the day at a all time high of $53.22!

UpGraded Macs??

Seems like The Apple Insider may have some inside info where Apple is expected to make at least one hardware-related product announcement during this week's Apple Expo, despite the company's decision to cancel its opening keynote presentation at the Paris show.

They say "Based on previous reports, the company appears ripe to update either its PowerBook G4 laptop line, its Power Mac G5 line, or both product lines."
But as of 6:00PM Paris time, nothing.

Also Mac Treasure Tracing Club has some eairly photos of Apple's booth at the Apple Expo.

Final Countdown?

O.k. I was reading this article and it was a little annoying.
It say's
"Windows Vista is the biggest release for Microsoft since Windows 95. With that release, Apple was tested -- and they failed miserably."

Apple never failed with their software. They failed on decision about letting other company's use their OS in there computers.
Rob Enderle says:

"However, Microsoft has changed as well. Having made vast improvements in terms of security and quality"

This will have to be a wait and see if Microsoft has done better in these areas.

It goes on:
"The MS platform has changed dramatically as well, however, and it is much greater than just the operating system these days. Apple, on the other hand, hasn't advanced nearly as much"

I don't think the crack addicts of L.A. could be that blind, With so much new software and new hardware coming out by Apple in 2006 who is he watching??

"Just like the last time, they will largely leverage hardware this time, and, as before, they will be up against companies with resources that eclipse their own."

Only problem is Apple now is very visable with the young and (ahem) older users wanting their products. Apple is not just sitting around thinking they have it all.

"It will be the combination of Microsoft's two products, Vista and Office 12, that will carry the competitive load."

When it comes to Office 12 Apple has nothing to worry about because at the moment Apple does not compete with it. It's used on both platforms.

"Glass is the user interface enhancement that appears to improve on what Apple currently has with Tiger."
Ya we know Redmond copys Apple, what's new??

"For this round Vista in many ways is equal to or better than Tiger or more advanced"

well maybe equal, but then again you forget about next OS called "Leopard", which comes out around the same time.

"This suggests that 2006, at least after August, will be great time for buyers and sellers of PC hardware and that has to be a good thing for everyone -- except Apple."

Well guess what, Apple this times has many things up their sleeve. If Apple was not a threat, Microsoft would not do things like this to catch up. that's right MS is been on the sidelines for a long time when it comes to their OS and music. We shall see what both companys do in 2006. One thing is for sure, Apple will not be standing around, Apple will take Vista seriously. But as for Rob Enderle, I'm not the only one who see's this guys short sighted-ness.

Steve know what's going on. This quote from the Paris show Steve Jobs said
"You don’t want to burn in Hell. Microsoft is copying our operating system,” he said, adding, “Dell is copying our hardware."

Apple introduces major .Mac enhancements: 1 GB of storage, Backup 3.0

Backup 3.0: New features include the ability to automatically back up iLife content, Home folder, iTunes purchased music and Spotlight search capabilities. Also allows incremental backups.
Increased Online Storage: Storage for individual members has increased to 1GB of combined email and iDisk space, .Mac Family Pack customers now receive 2GB of combined storage.

.Mac Groups: allows creation of "online communities" through which users can share digital media. Allows users to post files, pictures and movies with a common group iDisk; publish group web pages and post links to other sites; and use a shared iCal calendar.
French and German Localization: In addition to English and Japanese, localized versions of the .Mac website are now available in French and German.

New Products
Sonnet Technologies Inc. has announced the G5 Jive, an internal hard disk mounting system that enables Power Mac G5 users to add up to three more Serial ATA (SATA) hard disk drives to their system, internally.

According to MacWorld Microsoft's Office should come out with a update to Office 2004 for Mac (Service Pack 2) (SP2). Targeted mainly to enterprise users, the new service pack adds new features to enhance Exchange Server support in Entourage. SP2 updates all of the applications in Office 2004, but does not deliver Spotlight support to Mac OS X 10.4 users.

How Safe is VOIP?
Well according to th BBC

48% increase in Windows viruses in six months
74% of the top 50 malicious code samples steals confidential information
80% of the top ten adware programs install themselves via browsers
50% of top ten adware programs hijack browsers
61% of all e-mail is spam
51% of all spam originates in the US
read the rest here.

Apple Stocks
Apple stocks yesterday hit a new all-time high of $52.64, up $1.43, or 2.79% on volume of 27,976,505. As of 9:02 $53.70 Another all time high!:D

Monday, September 19, 2005

People always ask me why I waste my time writing a blog. Some feel that many people don't even look at it barely the 30 seconds that some blog companys make them. But I look at my meter and see the people who come to the site (mostly windows users, funny since it's a Mac site) and enjoy reading my posts and I like writing them.

But it also seems According to the New York Times that the Ad Industry is looking at surveys which use personal and phone interviews, focus groups and Internet chat-room analyses. What's next? The ad industry looking at blogs to see what TV shows are hot? Why not there are many people out there with a computer and we all know what we like. :)

Well here we go again, Symantec is yelling fire again. But like most fires, you should not yell fire just for the hell of it. Prevention is what antivirus software is all about, but Symantec is begining to yell it so much that when it becomes true just like the kid who cried wolf we won't as consumers believe it. Should a Mac user have antivirus software? Yes. Bottom line, it's better to be ahead of the game then behind the 8-ball.

Yes most viruses right now that Norton catches are .exe (windows files) and won't do anything but clutter your Hard drive. But who needs the clutter? But I think Symantec's tactic of yelling we are "Under Attack" is going too far.

Microsoft and Time Warner?
Well it seems that the two are in secret talks, A deal that could happen in the next couple of months.
They also speculate that Microsoft is keen to buy part of AOL and merge online advertising, instant messaging and search engine. A possibilty, since Microsoft has been taking aim at rival Google with a new Web development plan.

Ben Silverman, telecom analyst at said "AOL, is a dinosaur," a dial-up business in a world that is increasingly turning to broadband. The selling point was always that it was simple, but now, people have all ages have become attuned to using the Internet."

We will see if that changes.....

No Eastcoast MacWorld!

Well it seems that after 20 years and moving forBoston to New York and back to Boston, now they have finally cancelled it. the east coast show used to attract 20,000 people, After the move to Boston without Apple, attendance dropped to approximately 8,000. Also the list of industry exhibitors also shrank. Adobe Systems and Microsoft did not present booths or products at recent Macworld Boston shows.

Talk about shows, Microsoft, Intel and Apple are budding up for DigitalLife conference. The exhibition is set in New York at the Jacob K Javits Convention Center from 14th to the 16th October.

The exhibition will have Microsoft corporate vice-president Peter Moore, Don MacDonald, Intel vice-president and general manager of the company's Digital Home Group, and Greg Joswiak, Apple's vice-president of iPod product worldwide marketing, HP executive vice-president Todd Bradley; James Burke, Motorola's senior director of product operations; Bryan Lamkin, senior vice-president of Adobe’s digital imaging and video business unit; and Netgear chairman and CEO Patrick Lo.

New Stuff!
Well sales of the Nano have been doing well, there are other products to help those with older computers.

Daystar Technology announced saturday, that it has expanded its iMac Flat Panel CPU upgrades.The company now is able to offer 1.92 GHz upgrades for owners of the later model 1.0 and 1.25 GHz iMac Flat Panel systems.


System Requirements:
1.92 GHz Upgrade (7447A w/ 512 L2)
1.0 GHz iMac G4 Flat Panel.
1.25 GHz iMac G4 Flat Panel.
1.35 GHz Upgrade (7457 w/ 512 L2)
700 MHz iMac G4 Flat Panel.
800 MHz iMac G4 Flat Panel.
Software Compatibility:
Apple Mac OS9.2.2
(on systems supporting dual boot originally)
Mac OS X Panther and Tiger.
Standard Mac Software.

CPU Performance:
1.35: Freescale 7457 CPU at 1.35 GHz.
1.92: Freescale 7447A CPU at 1.92 GHz.
512 KB Internal 2 Cache at CPU speed.

Complete installation and testing.
Fully CPU / Cache Upgrade.
XLR8 MAChSpeed Control.
Custom thermal and electrical modifications.
Custom shipping container.
Daystar 21 point test and diagnostic.
Overnight burn-in and thermal testing.
3-way US ground shipping + options.

The iMac Flat Panel upgrade is a full system upgrade. The user orders on line, then sends their system to Daystar via Daystar's custom shipping container. Daystar has enhanced this option, by offering free US Ground 3-way shipping on all orders.

Friday, September 16, 2005


While the Apple logo has changed over the years, one thing has not... Inovation.
Apple as a whole has always used the mind set of "Think Different". From their packaging to their design, Apple seems to always think outside the box. But then again I've been looking and continue to see one company which seems has been lacking this for many years now.....

Yes it's Microsoft! It also seems that the good people it has are upset, or other key people have left. Now let's put hardware aside for now and talk about Operating Systems.
Anyone who has turned on a computer with a windows OS has seen Mircosoft take mirco-steps when it comes to innovation and their OS. The one thing that has been helping Microsoft sell computers is the hardware companys. So far Chip makers like Intel & AMD, and Graphic card companys like nVidia & ATI are what keep Microsoft going strong.

For these companys continue to inovate, thnking ahead with new ideas and plans for the future of their products.

But Microsoft has just been feeding itself off it's first cow load of cash and the cash companys pay MS to use it's OS on their own hardware. Now the lack of inovation some like Jay Greene think it's because of it's own size and all the internal red tape.
a quote from the article:
"Still, there's no doubt that Microsoft is losing some of its most creative managers, marketers, and software developers. Lenn Pryor, director of platform evangelism, left for Internet phone startup Skype Technologies, now being acquired by eBay (EBAY ). Stephen Walli, who worked in the unit set up to parry the open-source threat, split for an open-source consulting firm. A long list of talent has moved to Google, a trip made easier by the company's recent establishment of an office in nearby Kirkland, Wash. Joe Beda and Gary Burd, respected engineers, left and helped set up the instant messaging service Google Talk. Mark Lucovsky, who had been named one of Microsoft's 16 Distinguished Engineers, defected to Google last November. He blogged that Microsoft's size is getting in its way. "I am not sure I believe anymore that Microsoft knows how to ship software," he wrote.

Employees' complaints are rooted in a number of factors. They resent cuts in compensation and benefits as profits soar. They're disappointed with the stock price, which has barely budged for three years, rendering many of their stock options out of the money. They're frustrated with what they see as swelling bureaucracy, including the many procedures and meetings Chief Executive Steven A. Ballmer has put in place to motivate them. And they're feeling trapped in an organization whose past successes seem to stifle current creativity. "There's a distinct lack of passion," says one engineer, who would talk only on condition of anonymity. "We're missing some spunk."
It does go on to say:

"it's making more money than ever, with net income of $12.3 billion on revenues of $39.8 billion for the past fiscal year. Its twin monopolies, the Windows PC operating system and the Office suite of desktop applications, give it important advantages"

But that's where it ends. Apple continually coming up with great applications. iMove,iTunes, iDVD, and iPhoto to name a few, and are always updating these applictions, and not just for security and and bug fixes but complete makeovers.

So now after a long wait and name changes Mircosoft is coming out with s update for there two money makers, Vista & Office (Office 12).

While Vista bothers me by trying to copy a lot of Apples looks, one thing did bug me the most.... the addtion of gadgets. It seemed like a blantant rip-off of Apples Dashboard. While on the page I read some really dumb reasons on why it's not a rip-off of Dashboard, I really injoyed some like:
"I don't know if your readers know this, but inside Microsoft, Apple is lovingly referred to by employees as "R&D South."
Now you see why."

But one did stand out:
"Wonderful. I think the macheads are ridiculous for being a broken record and those who root for Microsoft are idiotic to look the other way and ignore the false advertising. Look, people make arguments that its fine to borrow ideas—great—but if Microsoft suddenly added a lightbulb to their computer, using the analogy David suggested, they would promote it as their own technology. Imagine: "Microsoft has been working with Lightbulbs in various forms in our research and the technology came from us. Does anyone not find this offensive? While Mac users do become annoying attempting to flex their elitism, Microsoft PR folks and executive board members wish to use their size to bully the rest of the players and write history according to their interests. Does no one else see this as a disgusting problem? How would you like it if suddenly one day, a 7 foot tall 300 lb. man came to your house and said that your college degree was actually his, and that your wife, that too is his? Oh yea, and your job, all these years you have been working, the money you earned, that is his too? Why do people put up with the tactless marketing from Microsoft? Deal with Microsoft on your computers but don't tout it as anything near an innovator or someone looking out for you, the consumer."

Now he does have a point Apple and Mircosoft are compnays looking to get your hard earned dollar, but tell me why the new Office has to seem to be using Apples metal finish? Cannot somebody at MS come with a freash new look like Apple did first with aqua before they came out with the brushed metal look?

While it is said that
"One reason some employees say Microsoft isn't innovating enough: It's too busy upgrading Windows. With some of its key breakthrough features gone, Vista's improvements include better handling of peripheral devices, such as printers and scanners, and cutting in half the time it takes to start up. Those are needed improvements, and there's no doubt that hundreds of millions of copies will be sold as people upgrade to new PCs. But the changes are hardly the stuff of cutting-edge software engineering. "So much of what Microsoft is doing right now is maintenance," says Mike Smith, a former software architect at Microsoft who left the company in 2003 to work for a Bay Area startup."

Well, that's a problem that comes with copying somebody and not getting the whole formula.
You really have to learn to make the right decisons at the right time. Apple learned that with the Newton. Great product, wrong time.

Now with the switch of processor chips Apple has chosen Intel over AMD. A good company to start with which will leave openings for AMD in possible upcoming Apple products.

Shoot there are rumors from Thnk Secret Apple may Upgrade their powermac line up soon before switching to Intel. Or even a laptop with a webcam built-in.

All in all showing Apples contining inovation and the need to raise the bar for all companys to follow.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Widgets, Widgets,Widgets

As you all know Apple boasts about having over 1,000 of these widgets for dashboard. Some are useless, some entertain and some inform.

One that I find useless is from Apple itself, the iTunes widget. Why is it needed? The iTunes mini player can be put on top of all other windows (iTunes>Preferences>Advanced> check the box next to "keep mini player on top of all other windows") or you can just use "F9" and see the player.

The three I find Useful are the Goggle Maps Widget, the Dictionary widget, (comes with 10.4) and the YML(Your Mac Life) wedget.

Also if you need to print envelopes Ambrosia Software has EasyEnvelopes. Now you won't have to fight with your word processor to set up an envelope correctly, nor will you need to mess with a label maker. Just pop open EasyEnvelopes and it'll do the job for you.

And lastly if you need a little help with your Mac you can use The Mac Help widget that uses CHAT (ichat, adium, fire, etc) or EMAIL (Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage, etc) to get quick answers to your Macintosh questions. Service works worldwide but only available in English.

If no one is online to answer your chat, the request will be sent via email with a very prompt response. Service is provided from Mid Atlantic Consulting, Inc. in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. This product and service is free of charge but if the request requires extensive consulting services charges will be discussed.

Well Other World Computing(OWC) on Thursday released XPostFacto 4.0, the latest version of the company's utility that helps owners of older, unsupported Macs run Mac OS X. This update adds support for Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger," enabling owners of Macs no longer supported by Apple.

XPostFactor is freeware, although OWC does ask for a US$25 donation to support its continued development. Registered users also get access to OWC's OS X tech forum as well as free notifications of XPostFacto updates.

According to MacFixit Apple is working on a quick-release patch for iTunes 5.0 (possible iTunes 5.0.1) scheduled to debut late this week or early next week. To try and fix problems and bugs some users are having after updating.

The only part i like about Mircosoft.... Xbox
The Xbox 360 will launch on Nov. 22 in the U.S.

Need Files Deleted?

Get Justin Middleton's Delete Files.action for Automator.
is an open source program that provides an Automator action that shows up in the Finder entry in the Library column, and accepts "Files/Folders" as input. One can select from four delete types (simple unlink, 1-pass wipe, 7-pass wipe, 35-pass wipe), can instruct it to ignore errors, and can customize the optional confirmation dialog.


Select from simple deletion, and one-, seven-, and thirty-five passes of random overwriting.
Can ignore or report errors
Optionally provides a configurable confirmation message.

Just Funny!
Ever wondered what a Apple theme was feeling? well then read this from Daring Fireball.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Redmond Start Your Photocopiers

O.k., Microsoft really has lost all (if it had any) of it's creativity. Oh boy,oh boy, Microsoft Gadgets? what a Dashboard (wedgets) knock off!
I have this one desktop picture on my G5 and was gonna use it for this article, but while surfing the web I saw that MacDailyNews and myself felt the same and they used the same picture.
All I wanna know is how can a company so big Microsoft not be able to come up with their own ideas?.

I felt and answered the same way MacDailyNews was so much, that decided I'll just let you read their article.

Hey, but why stop there? Why not copy Apples look of certain software?

Oh, sorry looks like you already did that with Office 12
It was said perfect in the MacDailys news article:
"We even know the address from whence such cool ideas and technologies come: 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014".

Intel Employee Speaks!
Last monday (9/5/05) a article was written with a "intel employee".
While the motives to this website are up in the air for me. I decided to let you read it and let you make your own decision.

But let me let you in on something I saw that made this article "iffy" for me.

I don't know about you, but writing somebodys response to your question and putting what seems like what your feelings as the writer (the happy smile at the end) seemed kind of suspicious to me.

While some may say they are "hobbyists sharing tips on getting Mac OS X for Intel running on commodity PC hardware", Let's call them what they really are, illegal hackers.
The only good that may come out of this is Apple watching what comes out of this and staying ahead of the game. But what makes you think there not? Thay have been at testing these chips on every OSX OS for 4 years now.

Young People With Old Ears

Here we go again, wired running out of news? The old hearing loss article...again. How many news companys are gonna re-do this, over and over.
I'll let you read how I felt about this this kind of news here

Apple Deals

Well it seem like Apple has cut the price of its refurbished iPod minis, following the recent introduction of the iPod nano. The The 4GB refurbished iPod mini now available for $159 and the 6GB refurbished iPod mini is available for $199 at the Apple Store.

Apple's special deal for education customers also ends next week, offering a free iPod mini or up to $179 off the purchase of an iPod mini (education pricing) when purchased along with a Mac. The promo ends on September 24, 2005 and offers a savings of up to $479. Including standard education discounts on both the iPod and Mac.

Well Apple late yesterday released Java 1.3.1 and Java 1.4.2 Release 2 updates for Tiger Wednesday. You can get the updates through Software Update, or through Apple's Support site.

Aspyr Media on Tuesday released a free patch for its multi-player first-person shooter Star Wars Battlefront.

Well according to the Mac Observer it fixes a bug that affected games hosted through the Mac-only online service GameRanger. Previously, players were forced to late-join the games; now, everyone in the waiting room will enter the game as soon as it launches.

Blizzard also came out with a patch(1.11b) for their Diablo II series. It fixes a bug that could cause a crash when you return to chat after playing a game on
Also fixes a bug that could cause a crash when the runeword "Peace" was equipped on a hireling.

They also released the World of Warcraft 1.7 Content Patch, This patch adds many upgrades and bug fixes, and also includes a substancial amount of new content. The patch is currently avaible for download and will be installed automatically the next time users play World of Warcraft.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

GigaBites At Unheard of Price!!

Well, Apple in noway stands still whether it comes to it's stock (AAPL) which hit a new all-time high yesterday of $51.40, or when it comes to progress of it's products.
Apple Today updated its Xserve RAID storage system, a 3U high-availability, rack storage system to deliver a massive 7 terabytes (TB) of storage capacity at the industry's most aggressive price of just $1.86 per GB.

The Xserve 1U rack optimized server can now hold up to three 500GB drives to achieve a groundbreaking 1.5TB of hot-plug storage. With dual 64-bit 2.3 GHz PowerPC G5 processors that deliver over 35 gigaflops of processing power per system and the industry's fastest front side 1U server system bus, running at up to 1.15 GHz with up to 9.2 GBps of bandwidth per processor and Mac OS X Server version 10.4 "Tiger" installed, it is the ideal server for everything from file and print serving to computational clusters.

New Features and Options:
•Up to 7 TaraBytes of online storage
•Duel 2GB Fibre Channel host connections using SFP connectors
•3U rack-optimized enclosure
•Redundant, hot swappable power and cooling
•Hot-swappable 7200 RPM Ultra ATA Apple Drive Modules
•512MB Cache per RAID controllers
•Hardware RAID levels 0,1,3,5,0+1, (10,30 and 50 supported using host-based software RAID)
•Java-enabled remote Raid setup management and monitoring
•Redundant Cach Backup Battery Option

Apple offers a choice of services and support programs for Xserve RAID including 4-hour on-site response, 24x7 technical support, AppleCare Service Parts Kits and the AppleCare Professional SupportLine and Tools program.

APPLE Computer faces a $57million lawsuit
Well, if you can't pay your bills, have somebody else pay them for you.
Well that's what collapsed retail chain Buzzle thinks anyway. In a article by The Australian according to the claim.

"It will be alleged in these proceedings that Apple was aware that the company (Buzzle) was insolvent and should not have allowed the debts to be incurred," Mr Wily told The Australian.

"As such there is a legal argument that Apple may be held liable for debts incurred by Buzzle."

A spokesman for Apple Computer declined to comment on the action, which Apple is expected to defend vigorously.

What the hell? Does anybody take responsibilty for it's own actions? Hey I own this company, I screwed it up, hhmmm, Apple has big bucks, I'll get them pay the bill. But wait, how can I pay my lawyers if I'm 37 million dollars in debt? Oh I know, I'll get a lawyer that gets nothing unless they win. If they lose I'll get another lawyer to sue them for not winning because all they wanted was publicity.

Nano Stress Test
Ars Tecnica Did a complete test on Apples Nano.

From usage to Stress to autopsy.

In the end the little Namo got great marks.

A quote for the article:
"The nano is nearly perfect; it is amazingly small and packs almost all of the features of the iPod photo and a few more. If it weren't for its lack of Firewire, lack of compatibility with older accessories, and no current support for video output, I don't think we'd hesitate to give the nano a perfect ten. Those shortcomings drop the iPod nano's score a couple of points to a solid eight."

Read the full article here

New Products and Software Updates
Need some Juice for your iPod? Well Milliamp Enterprises has everything you need to keep your iPod powered up.

Macromedia today released Macromedia Studio 8 US $199 or Upgrade for US $399
Also their free Flash player plug-in got upgraded, you can get it Here. (10.1 or higher)

Suffit 10.0 from Smith Micro Software Inc. subsidiary Allume Systems was released today. The new version features Allume’s vaunted JPEG compression technology and other new features. It costs US$79.99 — registered users of previous versions can upgrade for $29.99. System requirements call for Mac OS X v10.3. or later. There is a update to their free Stuffit Standard, but as of this posting they are having problems with their website. People are getting a 404 error (page not found).

***Edit*** as of 12:00PM PST Allume's website is working again, so go download Stuffit!

BeLight Software has released Image Tricks 1.1, a free image editor for Mac OS X 10.4, based on Apple Mac OS X Tiger Core Image filters.

Version 1.1 adds 30 unique masks and new CoreImage filter effects, which can be applied to images.

You can download it here

Blizzard released another patch to their StarCraft game. You can download their patch at Blizzard website or at Version

MacWorld is on 34 out of 55 hidden features, A declassified of Tiger Secrets. These tips are great. This one is called Preview. Go get your tips!

Monday, September 12, 2005


New 10.4.3 build

Well today I decided to post late. I really wanted people to see & read my post about remembrance, and most readers of this page do so during the week day. I know this is a computer information blog, but 9/11 really affected me and is a important part of our history.

Anyway, enough of that, now for some Mac news!
Think Secret has some inside info on Apple's new build of 10.4.3 which stands at 97.7MB. Which goes on to say that "it's the first to include a summary of the changes in Mac OS X 10.4.3 in the installer itself, a sign that the build is getting ever closer to release."

Also included in that story is the new Intel build of 10.4.2 which "said to address recent successful attempts by savvy tinkerers who have managed to install pirated copies of the original DTK version of Mac OS X on non-Apple PCs."

This build includes new tatics to prevent piracy of Mac OS X. First and foremost, software built with 8B1027 will not run on previous Intel builds. Meaning, software built with 10.4.2 on Intel will not run on the current pirated copies.

Apple is expected to deploy much stronger TPM checks to final candidate builds,in order to ensure the release versions of Universal Binary software will not run on non-authentic systems.

ROKR Not rocking?
According to many sites the ROKR iTunes phone is not inpressing people who got their hands on one.
Jim Dalrymple from MacWorld said
"When first plugging the phone into my PowerBook, iTunes popped open as expected, but nothing else happened. The ROKR was lost somewhere between the cable and my iTunes application....I spent the next couple of hours troubleshooting the problem. I reinstalled iTunes 5, tried the phone on different Macs in the office and we even tried it on a Windows machine with the newest version of iTunes but nothing worked — my ROKR doesn’t rock."

Brad Gibson from the Mac Observer had this to say
"This phone is a watered downed version of something that could have been so impressive and really left Apple's mark on a new line of products and services. Instead, Mr. Jobs has stolen what could have been a great customer experience for consumers.....This reporter played with the new phone for 45 minutes Friday at a Cingular store near Alexandria, Virginia. It wasn't something that got me excited."

While he also reports In a story entitled Apple's Phone Isn't Ringing Any Chimes
"in its September 19 issue, lead reporter Peter Burrows seemed less than enthusiastic about the new phone, suggesting that Apple limited the features and number of stored songs on the phone on purpose to not hurt sales of its iPod product line."

While the ROKR is not getting great reviews, at least the Nano is. The iPod nano continues to gain praise and draw gazes. The Wall Street Journal's Walter Mossberg,
"I have been testing a nano for the past few days, and I am smitten." The Personal Technology columnist claims "the nano has the best combination of beauty and functionality of any music player" he's ever tested. I would agree.

FEMA relents on Microsoft Windows-only policy According to The Mac Daily News FEMA are now, as of "Monday, 09-Sep-2005" presumably, "in the process of modifying the application so that it will be available to additional browsers." and goes on to say "How long that will take is anybody's guess". Well I hope not as long as Bush did.

Titanium Software has released a update to OnyX, their maintenance, optimization, and personalization utility. You can get version 1.6.3 in English here from their website or from Version Tracker

Also for anybody having problems uninstalling any Symantec Macintosh Mac OS X product, Symantec came out with a new uninstaller(version 1.0.2). Hopefully this one really takes it all off your Hard Drive.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

A Day of Remembrance

On the heals of a devastating tragedy in the name of Katrina, we all shall always remember what also happened in my home town of Manhatten, N.Y. on 9/11/2001

A day that many people died across the united States Physically and Mentally.
But through all that devastation, through the worst of the worst,
Americans did what they do best,
and that is to help other Americans,
People helping people even at the cost of their own lives.

For this day "I" shall,... "We" shall, always remember,
Not just a day of sadness and horror,
But for a great time in our nations history where we all came together to help one another.

We have had many enemy's, some from man, some from Nature.
But through both of these tragedy's we as americans,
and as people have put aside our differences and have come together to help each other.

Compassion comes in many colors,
brown, black, white, yellow. But here, in these United States, it all blends and works hard together and turns Red, White, and Blue.

Remember these days for more then just the loss of life, but for the courage and unity of people of these United States, and the World.