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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Apple Hitting All Time High

Well if you have 10.4 and have the stock widget going you would have seen Apple Computer, Inc. Today has gotten big and hit a new all-time high of $48.66 ( as of this post). Even Business Week has a article they called "Can Apple Shares Stay Fruitful?". I say yes, Apple to me has come a long way, it's own way and is doing a great job.

A quote from the article:
"Few stocks this year come with the bragging rights of Apple Computer (AAPL ). In the past year, it has skyrocketed from $17 to $46 -- a 170% gain."

The only aspect of the whole Apple scheme I wish improved and many agree is in advertisement. I think this is the time for a big ad push to show the world why they should switch to Applecomputers.

It seems some want to know sooner then later, Well at least when it comes to the inside of it. AnandTech has a continuation from a previous article on unveiling Apple's "mysteries" as they put.

Be forewarned, it does get a little geeky. :)

Game Ranger
Also for all you Game Ranger Fans, boot it up. They came out with a update (4.1.2). You can also download it from Version Tracker

And now the best part....

I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my son Cesar who today turned 11 years old.

And HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! to My lovely wife Donna for today is also our 15th year anniversary.
Love you baby! May we have many more!


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