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Friday, September 16, 2005


While the Apple logo has changed over the years, one thing has not... Inovation.
Apple as a whole has always used the mind set of "Think Different". From their packaging to their design, Apple seems to always think outside the box. But then again I've been looking and continue to see one company which seems has been lacking this for many years now.....

Yes it's Microsoft! It also seems that the good people it has are upset, or other key people have left. Now let's put hardware aside for now and talk about Operating Systems.
Anyone who has turned on a computer with a windows OS has seen Mircosoft take mirco-steps when it comes to innovation and their OS. The one thing that has been helping Microsoft sell computers is the hardware companys. So far Chip makers like Intel & AMD, and Graphic card companys like nVidia & ATI are what keep Microsoft going strong.

For these companys continue to inovate, thnking ahead with new ideas and plans for the future of their products.

But Microsoft has just been feeding itself off it's first cow load of cash and the cash companys pay MS to use it's OS on their own hardware. Now the lack of inovation some like Jay Greene think it's because of it's own size and all the internal red tape.
a quote from the article:
"Still, there's no doubt that Microsoft is losing some of its most creative managers, marketers, and software developers. Lenn Pryor, director of platform evangelism, left for Internet phone startup Skype Technologies, now being acquired by eBay (EBAY ). Stephen Walli, who worked in the unit set up to parry the open-source threat, split for an open-source consulting firm. A long list of talent has moved to Google, a trip made easier by the company's recent establishment of an office in nearby Kirkland, Wash. Joe Beda and Gary Burd, respected engineers, left and helped set up the instant messaging service Google Talk. Mark Lucovsky, who had been named one of Microsoft's 16 Distinguished Engineers, defected to Google last November. He blogged that Microsoft's size is getting in its way. "I am not sure I believe anymore that Microsoft knows how to ship software," he wrote.

Employees' complaints are rooted in a number of factors. They resent cuts in compensation and benefits as profits soar. They're disappointed with the stock price, which has barely budged for three years, rendering many of their stock options out of the money. They're frustrated with what they see as swelling bureaucracy, including the many procedures and meetings Chief Executive Steven A. Ballmer has put in place to motivate them. And they're feeling trapped in an organization whose past successes seem to stifle current creativity. "There's a distinct lack of passion," says one engineer, who would talk only on condition of anonymity. "We're missing some spunk."
It does go on to say:

"it's making more money than ever, with net income of $12.3 billion on revenues of $39.8 billion for the past fiscal year. Its twin monopolies, the Windows PC operating system and the Office suite of desktop applications, give it important advantages"

But that's where it ends. Apple continually coming up with great applications. iMove,iTunes, iDVD, and iPhoto to name a few, and are always updating these applictions, and not just for security and and bug fixes but complete makeovers.

So now after a long wait and name changes Mircosoft is coming out with s update for there two money makers, Vista & Office (Office 12).

While Vista bothers me by trying to copy a lot of Apples looks, one thing did bug me the most.... the addtion of gadgets. It seemed like a blantant rip-off of Apples Dashboard. While on the page I read some really dumb reasons on why it's not a rip-off of Dashboard, I really injoyed some like:
"I don't know if your readers know this, but inside Microsoft, Apple is lovingly referred to by employees as "R&D South."
Now you see why."

But one did stand out:
"Wonderful. I think the macheads are ridiculous for being a broken record and those who root for Microsoft are idiotic to look the other way and ignore the false advertising. Look, people make arguments that its fine to borrow ideas—great—but if Microsoft suddenly added a lightbulb to their computer, using the analogy David suggested, they would promote it as their own technology. Imagine: "Microsoft has been working with Lightbulbs in various forms in our research and the technology came from us. Does anyone not find this offensive? While Mac users do become annoying attempting to flex their elitism, Microsoft PR folks and executive board members wish to use their size to bully the rest of the players and write history according to their interests. Does no one else see this as a disgusting problem? How would you like it if suddenly one day, a 7 foot tall 300 lb. man came to your house and said that your college degree was actually his, and that your wife, that too is his? Oh yea, and your job, all these years you have been working, the money you earned, that is his too? Why do people put up with the tactless marketing from Microsoft? Deal with Microsoft on your computers but don't tout it as anything near an innovator or someone looking out for you, the consumer."

Now he does have a point Apple and Mircosoft are compnays looking to get your hard earned dollar, but tell me why the new Office has to seem to be using Apples metal finish? Cannot somebody at MS come with a freash new look like Apple did first with aqua before they came out with the brushed metal look?

While it is said that
"One reason some employees say Microsoft isn't innovating enough: It's too busy upgrading Windows. With some of its key breakthrough features gone, Vista's improvements include better handling of peripheral devices, such as printers and scanners, and cutting in half the time it takes to start up. Those are needed improvements, and there's no doubt that hundreds of millions of copies will be sold as people upgrade to new PCs. But the changes are hardly the stuff of cutting-edge software engineering. "So much of what Microsoft is doing right now is maintenance," says Mike Smith, a former software architect at Microsoft who left the company in 2003 to work for a Bay Area startup."

Well, that's a problem that comes with copying somebody and not getting the whole formula.
You really have to learn to make the right decisons at the right time. Apple learned that with the Newton. Great product, wrong time.

Now with the switch of processor chips Apple has chosen Intel over AMD. A good company to start with which will leave openings for AMD in possible upcoming Apple products.

Shoot there are rumors from Thnk Secret Apple may Upgrade their powermac line up soon before switching to Intel. Or even a laptop with a webcam built-in.

All in all showing Apples contining inovation and the need to raise the bar for all companys to follow.


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