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Sunday, September 11, 2005

A Day of Remembrance

On the heals of a devastating tragedy in the name of Katrina, we all shall always remember what also happened in my home town of Manhatten, N.Y. on 9/11/2001

A day that many people died across the united States Physically and Mentally.
But through all that devastation, through the worst of the worst,
Americans did what they do best,
and that is to help other Americans,
People helping people even at the cost of their own lives.

For this day "I" shall,... "We" shall, always remember,
Not just a day of sadness and horror,
But for a great time in our nations history where we all came together to help one another.

We have had many enemy's, some from man, some from Nature.
But through both of these tragedy's we as americans,
and as people have put aside our differences and have come together to help each other.

Compassion comes in many colors,
brown, black, white, yellow. But here, in these United States, it all blends and works hard together and turns Red, White, and Blue.

Remember these days for more then just the loss of life, but for the courage and unity of people of these United States, and the World.


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