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Thursday, September 01, 2005

From 30 day to 24hr Test Drive

Apple seems to have pulled the 30 day test drive deal 24 hrs after the promotion started. On Tuesday, the company launched a new program to entice people to the Mac platform called "Test drive a Mac mini."

For reasons which have not been disclosed, Apple withdrew the offer Wednesday night from its Web site and retail stores.

10.4.3 Update
According to Think Secret Apple's "latest pre-release build (build 8F20)is said to rectify over 400 bugs and incompatibilities in the Tiger operating system. Among them are fixes to Javascript, Dashboard, iPhoto, WebKit, Image Capture, Safari, .Mac, Printing, Sync Services, Graphics, Video, iChat, FireWire, and many others."

Also saying that Apple will be updating it's .mac Internet service. "The new version is expected to add the long-rumored Backup 3.0 application and a slew of Dashboard Widgets made exclusively for .Mac subscribers".

Apple has a new Developer Transition Resource Center with everything you'll need to know about the switch. Some great resources include Xcode, migration guides, and WWDC 2005 video. This all may help since some like Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen who say's "moving the apps over is not that easy...Getting over to MacTel is work". Read more about it here.

Andrew Youll switch to OSX from XP
A post on Andrew Youll (from OS News) talks about his experiences in the transition from Windows XP to Mac OS X. he says
"Things that I'm happy to see included with Mac OS X: Firstly a DVD Player. I understand that Microsoft can't include a CSS decoder in Windows because all the DVD software producers like Cyberlink, etc would claim unfair business practices because it was decreasing the number of possible customers for their products, kind of like what happened with WMP in the EU.

Another welcome inclusion is the "Disk Utility." Yes, Windows XP includes CD-Burning capabilities, but to me, the Disk Utility just seems more advanced, as it supports ISO burning, where as Windows XP's integrated burner does not".

It's all gravy after making a smart move. read the whole story about his switch here

MacWorld has a great article called Tiger Secrets: System settings 20 top-secret tweaks that can bend OS X 10.4 to your will. Great Stuff like:
Hide your Mac from hackers

If you use an always-on Internet connection, make sure to check out Tiger has new hacker-fighting tools. Go to the Sharing preference pane and click on the Firewall tab to see the new Advanced button. Click on it to access options such as Stealth Mode. With Stealth Mode enabled, uninvited queries to your computer will receive no acknowledgement, making it nearly impossible for someone to surreptitiously discover (and possibly hack into) your Mac.-TL

Great info for all using 10.4.... Mac on!


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