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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

GigaBites At Unheard of Price!!

Well, Apple in noway stands still whether it comes to it's stock (AAPL) which hit a new all-time high yesterday of $51.40, or when it comes to progress of it's products.
Apple Today updated its Xserve RAID storage system, a 3U high-availability, rack storage system to deliver a massive 7 terabytes (TB) of storage capacity at the industry's most aggressive price of just $1.86 per GB.

The Xserve 1U rack optimized server can now hold up to three 500GB drives to achieve a groundbreaking 1.5TB of hot-plug storage. With dual 64-bit 2.3 GHz PowerPC G5 processors that deliver over 35 gigaflops of processing power per system and the industry's fastest front side 1U server system bus, running at up to 1.15 GHz with up to 9.2 GBps of bandwidth per processor and Mac OS X Server version 10.4 "Tiger" installed, it is the ideal server for everything from file and print serving to computational clusters.

New Features and Options:
•Up to 7 TaraBytes of online storage
•Duel 2GB Fibre Channel host connections using SFP connectors
•3U rack-optimized enclosure
•Redundant, hot swappable power and cooling
•Hot-swappable 7200 RPM Ultra ATA Apple Drive Modules
•512MB Cache per RAID controllers
•Hardware RAID levels 0,1,3,5,0+1, (10,30 and 50 supported using host-based software RAID)
•Java-enabled remote Raid setup management and monitoring
•Redundant Cach Backup Battery Option

Apple offers a choice of services and support programs for Xserve RAID including 4-hour on-site response, 24x7 technical support, AppleCare Service Parts Kits and the AppleCare Professional SupportLine and Tools program.

APPLE Computer faces a $57million lawsuit
Well, if you can't pay your bills, have somebody else pay them for you.
Well that's what collapsed retail chain Buzzle thinks anyway. In a article by The Australian according to the claim.

"It will be alleged in these proceedings that Apple was aware that the company (Buzzle) was insolvent and should not have allowed the debts to be incurred," Mr Wily told The Australian.

"As such there is a legal argument that Apple may be held liable for debts incurred by Buzzle."

A spokesman for Apple Computer declined to comment on the action, which Apple is expected to defend vigorously.

What the hell? Does anybody take responsibilty for it's own actions? Hey I own this company, I screwed it up, hhmmm, Apple has big bucks, I'll get them pay the bill. But wait, how can I pay my lawyers if I'm 37 million dollars in debt? Oh I know, I'll get a lawyer that gets nothing unless they win. If they lose I'll get another lawyer to sue them for not winning because all they wanted was publicity.

Nano Stress Test
Ars Tecnica Did a complete test on Apples Nano.

From usage to Stress to autopsy.

In the end the little Namo got great marks.

A quote for the article:
"The nano is nearly perfect; it is amazingly small and packs almost all of the features of the iPod photo and a few more. If it weren't for its lack of Firewire, lack of compatibility with older accessories, and no current support for video output, I don't think we'd hesitate to give the nano a perfect ten. Those shortcomings drop the iPod nano's score a couple of points to a solid eight."

Read the full article here

New Products and Software Updates
Need some Juice for your iPod? Well Milliamp Enterprises has everything you need to keep your iPod powered up.

Macromedia today released Macromedia Studio 8 US $199 or Upgrade for US $399
Also their free Flash player plug-in got upgraded, you can get it Here. (10.1 or higher)

Suffit 10.0 from Smith Micro Software Inc. subsidiary Allume Systems was released today. The new version features Allume’s vaunted JPEG compression technology and other new features. It costs US$79.99 — registered users of previous versions can upgrade for $29.99. System requirements call for Mac OS X v10.3. or later. There is a update to their free Stuffit Standard, but as of this posting they are having problems with their website. People are getting a 404 error (page not found).

***Edit*** as of 12:00PM PST Allume's website is working again, so go download Stuffit!

BeLight Software has released Image Tricks 1.1, a free image editor for Mac OS X 10.4, based on Apple Mac OS X Tiger Core Image filters.

Version 1.1 adds 30 unique masks and new CoreImage filter effects, which can be applied to images.

You can download it here

Blizzard released another patch to their StarCraft game. You can download their patch at Blizzard website or at Version

MacWorld is on 34 out of 55 hidden features, A declassified of Tiger Secrets. These tips are great. This one is called Preview. Go get your tips!


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