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Monday, September 12, 2005

New 10.4.3 build

Well today I decided to post late. I really wanted people to see & read my post about remembrance, and most readers of this page do so during the week day. I know this is a computer information blog, but 9/11 really affected me and is a important part of our history.

Anyway, enough of that, now for some Mac news!
Think Secret has some inside info on Apple's new build of 10.4.3 which stands at 97.7MB. Which goes on to say that "it's the first to include a summary of the changes in Mac OS X 10.4.3 in the installer itself, a sign that the build is getting ever closer to release."

Also included in that story is the new Intel build of 10.4.2 which "said to address recent successful attempts by savvy tinkerers who have managed to install pirated copies of the original DTK version of Mac OS X on non-Apple PCs."

This build includes new tatics to prevent piracy of Mac OS X. First and foremost, software built with 8B1027 will not run on previous Intel builds. Meaning, software built with 10.4.2 on Intel will not run on the current pirated copies.

Apple is expected to deploy much stronger TPM checks to final candidate builds,in order to ensure the release versions of Universal Binary software will not run on non-authentic systems.

ROKR Not rocking?
According to many sites the ROKR iTunes phone is not inpressing people who got their hands on one.
Jim Dalrymple from MacWorld said
"When first plugging the phone into my PowerBook, iTunes popped open as expected, but nothing else happened. The ROKR was lost somewhere between the cable and my iTunes application....I spent the next couple of hours troubleshooting the problem. I reinstalled iTunes 5, tried the phone on different Macs in the office and we even tried it on a Windows machine with the newest version of iTunes but nothing worked — my ROKR doesn’t rock."

Brad Gibson from the Mac Observer had this to say
"This phone is a watered downed version of something that could have been so impressive and really left Apple's mark on a new line of products and services. Instead, Mr. Jobs has stolen what could have been a great customer experience for consumers.....This reporter played with the new phone for 45 minutes Friday at a Cingular store near Alexandria, Virginia. It wasn't something that got me excited."

While he also reports In a story entitled Apple's Phone Isn't Ringing Any Chimes
"in its September 19 issue, lead reporter Peter Burrows seemed less than enthusiastic about the new phone, suggesting that Apple limited the features and number of stored songs on the phone on purpose to not hurt sales of its iPod product line."

While the ROKR is not getting great reviews, at least the Nano is. The iPod nano continues to gain praise and draw gazes. The Wall Street Journal's Walter Mossberg,
"I have been testing a nano for the past few days, and I am smitten." The Personal Technology columnist claims "the nano has the best combination of beauty and functionality of any music player" he's ever tested. I would agree.

FEMA relents on Microsoft Windows-only policy According to The Mac Daily News FEMA are now, as of "Monday, 09-Sep-2005" presumably, "in the process of modifying the application so that it will be available to additional browsers." and goes on to say "How long that will take is anybody's guess". Well I hope not as long as Bush did.

Titanium Software has released a update to OnyX, their maintenance, optimization, and personalization utility. You can get version 1.6.3 in English here from their website or from Version Tracker

Also for anybody having problems uninstalling any Symantec Macintosh Mac OS X product, Symantec came out with a new uninstaller(version 1.0.2). Hopefully this one really takes it all off your Hard Drive.


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