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Monday, September 19, 2005

People always ask me why I waste my time writing a blog. Some feel that many people don't even look at it barely the 30 seconds that some blog companys make them. But I look at my meter and see the people who come to the site (mostly windows users, funny since it's a Mac site) and enjoy reading my posts and I like writing them.

But it also seems According to the New York Times that the Ad Industry is looking at surveys which use personal and phone interviews, focus groups and Internet chat-room analyses. What's next? The ad industry looking at blogs to see what TV shows are hot? Why not there are many people out there with a computer and we all know what we like. :)

Well here we go again, Symantec is yelling fire again. But like most fires, you should not yell fire just for the hell of it. Prevention is what antivirus software is all about, but Symantec is begining to yell it so much that when it becomes true just like the kid who cried wolf we won't as consumers believe it. Should a Mac user have antivirus software? Yes. Bottom line, it's better to be ahead of the game then behind the 8-ball.

Yes most viruses right now that Norton catches are .exe (windows files) and won't do anything but clutter your Hard drive. But who needs the clutter? But I think Symantec's tactic of yelling we are "Under Attack" is going too far.

Microsoft and Time Warner?
Well it seems that the two are in secret talks, A deal that could happen in the next couple of months.
They also speculate that Microsoft is keen to buy part of AOL and merge online advertising, instant messaging and search engine. A possibilty, since Microsoft has been taking aim at rival Google with a new Web development plan.

Ben Silverman, telecom analyst at said "AOL, is a dinosaur," a dial-up business in a world that is increasingly turning to broadband. The selling point was always that it was simple, but now, people have all ages have become attuned to using the Internet."

We will see if that changes.....

No Eastcoast MacWorld!

Well it seems that after 20 years and moving forBoston to New York and back to Boston, now they have finally cancelled it. the east coast show used to attract 20,000 people, After the move to Boston without Apple, attendance dropped to approximately 8,000. Also the list of industry exhibitors also shrank. Adobe Systems and Microsoft did not present booths or products at recent Macworld Boston shows.

Talk about shows, Microsoft, Intel and Apple are budding up for DigitalLife conference. The exhibition is set in New York at the Jacob K Javits Convention Center from 14th to the 16th October.

The exhibition will have Microsoft corporate vice-president Peter Moore, Don MacDonald, Intel vice-president and general manager of the company's Digital Home Group, and Greg Joswiak, Apple's vice-president of iPod product worldwide marketing, HP executive vice-president Todd Bradley; James Burke, Motorola's senior director of product operations; Bryan Lamkin, senior vice-president of Adobe’s digital imaging and video business unit; and Netgear chairman and CEO Patrick Lo.

New Stuff!
Well sales of the Nano have been doing well, there are other products to help those with older computers.

Daystar Technology announced saturday, that it has expanded its iMac Flat Panel CPU upgrades.The company now is able to offer 1.92 GHz upgrades for owners of the later model 1.0 and 1.25 GHz iMac Flat Panel systems.


System Requirements:
1.92 GHz Upgrade (7447A w/ 512 L2)
1.0 GHz iMac G4 Flat Panel.
1.25 GHz iMac G4 Flat Panel.
1.35 GHz Upgrade (7457 w/ 512 L2)
700 MHz iMac G4 Flat Panel.
800 MHz iMac G4 Flat Panel.
Software Compatibility:
Apple Mac OS9.2.2
(on systems supporting dual boot originally)
Mac OS X Panther and Tiger.
Standard Mac Software.

CPU Performance:
1.35: Freescale 7457 CPU at 1.35 GHz.
1.92: Freescale 7447A CPU at 1.92 GHz.
512 KB Internal 2 Cache at CPU speed.

Complete installation and testing.
Fully CPU / Cache Upgrade.
XLR8 MAChSpeed Control.
Custom thermal and electrical modifications.
Custom shipping container.
Daystar 21 point test and diagnostic.
Overnight burn-in and thermal testing.
3-way US ground shipping + options.

The iMac Flat Panel upgrade is a full system upgrade. The user orders on line, then sends their system to Daystar via Daystar's custom shipping container. Daystar has enhanced this option, by offering free US Ground 3-way shipping on all orders.


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