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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Widgets, Widgets,Widgets

As you all know Apple boasts about having over 1,000 of these widgets for dashboard. Some are useless, some entertain and some inform.

One that I find useless is from Apple itself, the iTunes widget. Why is it needed? The iTunes mini player can be put on top of all other windows (iTunes>Preferences>Advanced> check the box next to "keep mini player on top of all other windows") or you can just use "F9" and see the player.

The three I find Useful are the Goggle Maps Widget, the Dictionary widget, (comes with 10.4) and the YML(Your Mac Life) wedget.

Also if you need to print envelopes Ambrosia Software has EasyEnvelopes. Now you won't have to fight with your word processor to set up an envelope correctly, nor will you need to mess with a label maker. Just pop open EasyEnvelopes and it'll do the job for you.

And lastly if you need a little help with your Mac you can use The Mac Help widget that uses CHAT (ichat, adium, fire, etc) or EMAIL (Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage, etc) to get quick answers to your Macintosh questions. Service works worldwide but only available in English.

If no one is online to answer your chat, the request will be sent via email with a very prompt response. Service is provided from Mid Atlantic Consulting, Inc. in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. This product and service is free of charge but if the request requires extensive consulting services charges will be discussed.

Well Other World Computing(OWC) on Thursday released XPostFacto 4.0, the latest version of the company's utility that helps owners of older, unsupported Macs run Mac OS X. This update adds support for Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger," enabling owners of Macs no longer supported by Apple.

XPostFactor is freeware, although OWC does ask for a US$25 donation to support its continued development. Registered users also get access to OWC's OS X tech forum as well as free notifications of XPostFacto updates.

According to MacFixit Apple is working on a quick-release patch for iTunes 5.0 (possible iTunes 5.0.1) scheduled to debut late this week or early next week. To try and fix problems and bugs some users are having after updating.

The only part i like about Mircosoft.... Xbox
The Xbox 360 will launch on Nov. 22 in the U.S.

Need Files Deleted?

Get Justin Middleton's Delete Files.action for Automator.
is an open source program that provides an Automator action that shows up in the Finder entry in the Library column, and accepts "Files/Folders" as input. One can select from four delete types (simple unlink, 1-pass wipe, 7-pass wipe, 35-pass wipe), can instruct it to ignore errors, and can customize the optional confirmation dialog.


Select from simple deletion, and one-, seven-, and thirty-five passes of random overwriting.
Can ignore or report errors
Optionally provides a configurable confirmation message.

Just Funny!
Ever wondered what a Apple theme was feeling? well then read this from Daring Fireball.


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