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Friday, October 28, 2005

Bring the Noise!!!

Besides this beinging a name to a Public Enemy song, there are a lot of people who think to themselves or say out loud "why doesn't Apple advertise?" why doesn't Apple "Bring the Noise?". This question has been pondered, answered, re-asked, and answered again.

Some have answers like
" But, if Apple advertised the Mac, people might buy more Macs! People might actually understand that their insipid Word documents will work fine on a Mac. People might figure out that, yes, Virginia, "Macs have the Internet and can do email." People might even get a glimpse of GarageBand or Dashboard or Front Row or something equally cool. They might see something that's refined and elegant inside and out instead of dull and mediocre through and through. Can't have that sort of stuff, now can we?"

I have heard answers like "why should they?, the media watches and posts and reviews everthing Apple does, why pay when you can loads of it for free?". But Apple does have a chain of brick & mortor stores that doesn't get advertised, and just like any store should advertise to bring people to these stores, if even to tell people to come to the stores and check stuff out.

We need to get people in the store and let a Apple salesperson show them stuff I know would make them say "damn, that's cool!". The iPod ads should not be the only advertisement Apple has for ammunition. they need a simple and/or funny ad that makes you remember the ad, which will have you remember the product or place.

I also truly believe that if Apple would just show to the mass TV audiences how great OS X looks and how easy it is to use, they’d increase the foot traffic in Apple retail stores with curious personal computer users tired of viruses, crashes and hassles of the windows os. One of my funny examples of this, is this video. Of coarse a video of this sort is not a good pick at this day and age. But being that the last Compter ad was of the G5 which just spoke about power of the computer, Apple needs to step up and show how easy it is to use a Mac and about the great stores in a simple 30sec ad.

What's your thought?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Who's Afraid Apple?

While I sat at my computer reading a article about the federal judge overseeing Microsoft Corp.'s business practices scolding the company Wednesday over a proposal to force manufacturers to tether iPod-like devices to Microsoft's own music player software. I could not help and think to myself, "who's afraid of who"?.

Is Bill Gates seeing a trend of losing ground in the computer market? Is their strategy of marketing beginning to lose it's punch? Are people getting tired of waiting for version 3, 4, or 5 with security patch 237.6 revision889 to get a stable program from Mirosoft, while still having to update virus protection hourly?( o.k. so i'm exaggerating how often)

But people are wanting the software to be easy to use and done right the first time with minimal worries.

I think if Apple continues in the path they are going, giving consumers easy to use, great looking products Apple could become one of the most important, if not the most powerful computer eletronics(CE) company someday. And while Microsoft should still be feared by the CE folks, Apple could be the one company that gives them the most problems in the future. And I think Mr.Gates see's this happening, that's why he tries stuff like this. Because even with dumb ass lawsuits happening, Apple still steps up.

According to the Apple Insider:
"In an effort to improve both customer satisfaction and the quality of its music players, Apple in some countries will replace any fifth-generation iPod (video) player that exhibit signs of hardware failure, with little-to-no questions asked."

Also as a result of problems with the nano, Apple now ships a standard soft protective sleeve with each fifth-generation iPod video player that it sells. The company is also expected to include a standard protective casing with future revisions to the iPod nano.

But because of the lawsuits Apple nor the iPod are going anywhere, People are finding many was of using this great product for more then just music.

Osman Ratib, professor and chief of nuclear medicine at the University Hospital of Geneva, has co-created a computer software program called Osirix. It enables medical professionals to view medical images on their iPods, saving them and the hospitals they work for thousands of dollars in expensive equipment.

The medical images which are stored in a format called Diacom (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) so they created a function on the software that allowed the format to be modified so they could be visible on the iPod.

The software also incorporates Apple's instant messaging system, iChat, so that other users of the system can see what you have on your screen, which means you can show images to colleagues remotely.

Apple Updates Backup 3.0
Apple has released Backup 3.0.1 to its Software Update servers.

Apple says the new release addresses file restoration and other issues and is highly recommended for all users of Backup 3.0.

Enhancements were made in the following areas:
Restoring files to alternate location
Accuracy of iDisk progress bar when uploading files

Need A iChat Boost?
Ecamm Network has released PowerBoost, a new shareware add-on for iChat AV 3 that makes multi-party conferences possible from any Mac. PowerBoost allows users to use any G4-based Mac to both participate in and initiate multi-party video conferences, PowerBoost is available as a seven-day demo.

Cost is $8.00 for one user
3 user pack for $18.95

Other News
An independent team of Finnish over-clockers has made world history by over-clocking a graphics processor to engine clock levels above 1 GHz. The record was set on the recently-announced Radeon® X1800 XT graphics processor from ATI Technologies Inc.

According to CCNMatthews
"Noted Finnish over-clockers Sampsa Kurri and Ville Suvanto achieved graphics engine clocks of 1.003 GHz and a memory speed of 1.881 GHz (940.50 MHz DDR (dual data-rate) memory clocks) with maximum system stability and no visual artifacts.

The team, optimistic that higher speeds could ultimately be achieved with the Radeon X1800 XT, attained the record speeds using a custom-built liquid nitrogen cooling system that cooled the graphics processor to minus-80 degrees Celsius."
You can find a screen shot here

Safari Shortcuts

Decided to post a few Safari shortcuts to make your life a little easier.

Block pop-up window: ⌘+K
Open a new window: ⌘+N
Open a new tab: ⌘+T
Close current tab: ⌘+W
Make text bigger: ⌘+ Plus(+)
Make text smaller: ⌘+Minus (-)
Open Link in a New window or tab: ⌘+Click
Apple autofill to open web form: ⌘+Shift+A
Add current page to bookmarks menu: ⌘+Shift+D
Open bookmarks library: ⌘+Option+B
Empty the cache: ⌘+Option+E
Jump to the Google search box: ⌘+Option+F
Mark page to return to later: ⌘+Option+K
Return to marked page: ⌘+Option+P
View page source: ⌘+Option+V

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Think Different

Well it was great to see another "think differnt" picture. But it was awesome and classy for Apple to give tribute to this awesome women.

Rosa Parks, who's arrest resulted in a bus boycott of the city’s bus line that lasted 381 days and started a larger movment that was led by another major player in movement towards race equality, a Dr. Martin Luther King jr.

G5 Graphics
Well Apple now shows on their in the store and tech page the addition of the GeForce 7800 GT.
What I found intresting was that it was no longer posted as 512mb card as previously described in their tech page before the card became availible in the store.

Also new is Apple showing game results on their graphic section of the tech page, and in that graphic include a workstation videocard (which is a $1,650 upgrade) in those results.

The GeForce 7800GT will be a $400 upgrade to the 2.0 Duel-core, and a $350 upgrade for the 2.3 and Quad 2.5 G5. It's nice to know that the 7800GT will only take one PCIe slot instead of two like his big brother the Quadro FX 4500 or the AGP brother the 6800GT.

Well later in the day yesterday Apple released Final Cut Pro 5 Updates, aimed at all applications included with Final Cut Pro 5 — Final Cut Pro 5 itself, Cinema Tools 3, LiveType 2 and Compressor 2. The 85MB download is available through software update or from Apple’s Download Web page.

Users of the VOIP program Skype can find a new update to the program, version (damn that's a long version number). You can get here from Version Tracker or from the Skype web page.

Well talk about updates, it seems the next update to 10.4 (10.4.3) will not have a fix for an issue where single-processor 1.8 GHz Power Mac G5 (late 2004) exhibit a number of strange issues, including an inability to fall asleep, sudden lack of system responsiveness, especially when running full screen video or processor intensive applications, or constant fan running while asleep. According to MacFixit , developers (who wish to remain anonymous) say "a separate firmware update will likely be required."

It seems Intel has made some changes to their CPU road map. It seems Intel has announced several changes to its road map for server processors, delaying its first dual-core Itanium 2 processor and replacing a future multicore Xeon processor with a new design that eliminates the performance penalty of shared connections to a chipset. The Chip maker said it was because of problems with the quality of the product.

The server chip, which is being developed under the code name Montecito, was scheduled for release in early 2006, the company said, but will now be shipped in "mid-2006." Intel would not provide details.

What this means for Intel Macs and servers to come? we will have to play a wait and see.

Today, the first episode of Adobe Photoshop TV went on the air. Photoshop TV is a new weekly video podcast from the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), featuring "The Photoshop Guys:" Scott Kelby, Dave Cross and Matt Kloskowski. Using iTunes podcast technology recently introduced by Apple, Photoshop TV delivers tips, step-by-step tutorials, and the latest Photoshop and digital imaging news.

ArsTechnica has a in-depth article on "Getting video onto your iPod".

The Feature Presentations for Macworld 2006 in San Francisco have been announced, and they are now open to all expo attendees.

The presentation list includes:

“Droidmaker,” presented by Michael Rubin, author of Droidmaker: George Lucas and the Digital Revolution, discusses how the tools on every Mac were revolutionary notions in the 1960s

“Macworld Live! with David Pogue,” presented by David Pogue, author and New York Times technology columnist, is a lively talk show that includes the news of the day, exciting guests, David’s famous song parodies and plenty of surprises.

“The Russell Brown Power Hour,” presented by Photoshop expert Russell Brown, will show off some new features in Photoshop CS2, along with tips and tricks.

“The Podcast Economy,” 1/13/06 at 10:00 a.m. Industry luminary Chris Pirillo presents his insights on the rise of the Podcasting phenomenon: the societal impact and the economic opportunities that have arisen in its wake. From his unique vantage point as one of the pioneers of RSS-based business models, Chris brings a wealth of insight and practical advice with him that will inspire you, challenge your perceptions and shed reality on where Podcasting is today and where it can go tomorrow.

“MacBrainiac Challenge,” 1/12/06 at 9:30 a.m. Macworld’s geek trivia game. Who will dethrone Jason Snell’s Macworld Magazine team – the winner of the past two events? Hosted by Chris Breen, with teams comprised of Mac personalities.

I Finally found the graveyard where all windows running PC's end up.

Last but not least, don't forget to watch Your Mac life you can access the live video stream during the Your Mac Life broadcast here.
Or you can listen in to the plain old audio feed.

You can also join one of the two Chat Rooms that run during the live show - on the World Without Borders site or on the dedicated IRC Server at in the #yourmaclife Channel. Tonight show is about "Aperture and iPods with video".
Show starts from 5:30pm to 8pm PT or from 8:30pm to 11pm ET.
"For the most fun you'll have listening to your Mac."

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Did Apple know??

Well had no power at my house for like 6 hours, thank God it was a slow news day. Anyway lets get on with it!!

**Update** More news on the Apple/Nano lawsuit, it seems the lawfirm (Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro) have posted a statement on their website stating:
Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro has filed on behalf of consumers a nationwide class-action lawsuit today against Apple Computer, alleging the company’s new iPod Nano is defectively designed, allowing the screen to quickly become scratched with normal use. The suit claims that the excessive, rapid wear renders the device unusable.

The suit, filed in US District Court in San Jose California, seeks to represent millions of purchasers of the iPod Nano since its introduction in September of this year. The suit charges that Apple violated implied and expressed warranties when it began selling what plaintiffs claim are defective devices, and violated aspects of state consumer protection laws. The suit seeks compensation for purchasers of the devices.

As a part of the proposed class action law suit, Mr. Tomczak is requesting restitution for damages, including refunds for nanos and the $25 return fee, along with attorney's and legal fees.
Hmm, seems like the lawsuit got toned down from last time we read up. It went from saying "they want their money back plus a share of the company’s profits on the music player’s sales." to "requesting restitution for damages, including refunds for nanos and the $25 return fee, along with attorney's and legal fees."
Maybe there's somebody like "Shirley Schmidt" to knock a little sense to other lawyers filing this BS lawsuit. Of coarse the suit contends that Apple was fully aware of problems with the so called " defectively designed" Nano before it was launched but decided to go ahead anyway.
In the filing Tomczak points out that advertising for the Nano featured Apple chief executive Steve Jobs carrying the media player in his pocket.

The filing also states that even carrying the Nano in the same pocket as the earphones quickly renders the screen so scratched that it becomes unusable.
Umm, did you guys have all you change in that pocket also?? But all this seems way off and makes the nano look wimpy, things opposite of what I read and saw on the tests done by Ars Technica. That why I don't believe what some people in the media say "that no other media player had ever become so scratched so quickly."

But still, Apple rolls on, now you can get your iPod across the U.S. from Zoom Systems robotic product delivery systems. From these machines you can walk up and buy and iPod in about 20 seconds. But the Zoom machines take only credit and debit cards, not cash.

Plus now if your down under, you can now download music from the iTunes music store, Monday Apple started offering songs and videos for (AUS) $1.69 and $3.39, respectively. Albums fetch a respectable $16.99 including GST.

Unsettled licensing agreements between Apple and Sony BMG Australia have reportedly forced the iPod maker to launch without the Sony BMG music catalog, which accounts for an approximate 25% of the world's commercially available music.

10.4.3 Soon?
Seems like the runor sites are buzzing, Seems like both the AppleInsider and Think Secret seem to believe that 10.4.3 is coming very soon. they say Mac OS X 10.4.3 will weigh in at around 100MB and include more than 550 fixes and improvements.

Man, Apple to me is doing a lot better the Microsoft when it comes to software updates and fixing potential problems.

According to Apple, there are "close to 16 million Mac OS X users" in the world and there are still zero viruses. According to CNET, the Windows Vista Beta was released "to about 10,000 testers" at the time the first Windows Vista virus arrived.

While some give their reasons why this is so, others just can't wait till the new quad G5 come out in november. that's only because some people know
"Don't let the sub-$5K price tag trick you into calling this an "entry workstation." If you go comparison shopping for other vendors' four-core, 64-bit Unix RISC workstations, you won't find anything close to Power Mac G5 Quad under $5,000. You get a bargain hunter's merit badge if you find a quad-core workstation worth a damn (meaning that it does real work right out of the box) for under $10,000."
a quote from Tom Yager.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Lawsuit against Apple over iPod nano scratches?

Man now I have heard everything, Jason Tomczak has filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple Computer on behalf of all iPod nano owners, demanding that customers get their money back as well as a share of the company’s profits on the music player’s sales states a article by Red Herring. According to the site:
The lawsuit charges screens on the tiny flash-based digital audio players “scratch excessively during normal usage, rendering the screen on the Nanos unreadable, and violating state consumer protection statutes… and causing Plaintiff class members to incur loss of use and monetary damages.”
O.K. let me get this straight, because you say that the iPod scratches easily, you feel you should get your money back plus a share of the company's profits on the iPod Nano sales?

O.k. who's been drinking moonshine with their coffee? You know for a stretch I can see the lawsuit asking for their money back, or even a new Nano with free protective cover, but also profits from sales?.

These 2 law firms (Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro and David P. Meyer & Associates) representing the plaintiffs must watch and takes notes from Boston Legal with at least one of them thinking he's "Denny Crane", and saying his name out loud over and over again with his side kick "Alan Shore" besides him.

Bottom line of this lawsuit is just media attention, the lawyers will take the lawsuit even if they think the lawsuit is Bullshit because they know the media attention will bring them in lots of new clients. See I watch Boston Legal also.

The Plaintiffs may walk off at best with their money back or a new Nano.

I'll keep a eye and ear on this.

But while we are taking about iPods, it seems the folks at Mac360 where right when it come to their Oct. 14 article about "Video Dating, Porn, Sex To Be Huge On iPod Video".

It seems the porn industry could not wait for the video iPod to come out, and are embracing it with open arms. Playboy's decision last year to release an image gallery of some of its models for the iPod photo proves this, and now many other sites are gearing up.

The Suicide Girls adult website, HellHouse Video, and Sin City has made selections of trailers for their movies available in an iPod-compatible format. I'll let the guys at Apple X give you the Adult( 18 and over) links.

But then again I'm sure most buyers of the new *Billy Graham Special Edition GodPod will not click those links. Those links are for sinners.

This iPod is available for just $349, it comes with an exclusive Billy Graham poster and, as an extra special treat, it includes an iTunes Music Store coupon you can use to get $50 off your purchase of “Billy Graham: Crusade.” As unique as the iPod itself, this digital boxed set brings you inside the stadium for a unique Billy Graham Crusade experience.
*this is not real look at the page ip address

Also new are Griffin's new innovative iTrip for the iPod nano.
Griffin says
"The iTrip now uses the iPod's high resolution LCD for optimal viewing of station information. Additionally the sled design and minimalist controls make this the thinnest FM transmitter for the slimmest iPod to date"
"iPod nano slides into iTrip and securely connects via the iPod's dock and headphone connectors. iTrip accomplishes all this without adding bulk to the slim, sexy iPod nano. To stay securely attached it uses patented micro grip technology. This technology uses microscopic material to provide a secure grip without ever losing its holding properties."
The company is accepting pre-orders now and the device is expected to ship in November for an introductory price of $50.

Now for all of you who want a complete review which includes the in's and out's, hop over to ARS Technica, where they do a complete tear down (literally) of the new Video iPod

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Apple Updaters

Apple today updated iTunes as well as support for their Pro applications:

iTunes 6.0.1:
features several stability improvements over iTunes 6.

Pro Application Support v3.1:
This update improves general user interface reliability for Apple's professional applications and is recommended for all users of Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Soundtrack, Logic Pro and Logic Express.

Pro Applications Update 2005-02:
This update addresses several issues with underlying frameworks and shared components for Apple's professional applications and is strongly recommended for all users of Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Pro 5, Motion 2, Soundtrack Pro, DVD Studio Pro 4, Shake 4 , LiveType 2, Compressor 2, Apple Qmaster 2 and Final Cut Express HD.

**All can be downloaded and installed through Software Update or fromApple's support page**

Team Speex Controversy

Well, well, ever since my last post on the subject of TeamSpeex, I see the folks at Macologist had some questions answered they submitted to the guys at TeamSpeak Communications Systems regarding the unofficial Mac client.

"Question List:

* What are the legal issues from your point of view that you would like to protect yourselves against, when dealing with an unofficial client?

First, let us explain that we will refrain from making any comments with regard to our legal position on the Teamspeex matter. The Mac community should know that we have made several attempts to offer our assistance to Mr. Hu, including but not limited to, offering a Teamspeex discussion section in our forums where he would be granted moderator privi, hosting the latest release version of Teamspeex granted that he sign a simple waiver that frees us of any support obligations or liability with Teamspeex, and even the possibility of further discussing the Teamspeak protocol itself to improve upon his application. At no point has he requested, nor accepted our help, and at no point were we even made aware of the Teamspeex project until it exploded into the community last week. Despite all of this, we hope to hear back from Mr. Hu and make something positive of this mess.

* Is Teamspeak for Windows & Linux a commercial or free product? Under what license is it distributed?

The Teamspeak client has always been, and always will be, a free product. Licensing occurs from use of the SERVER in a commercial environment, not the
client. Most common questions with regard to licensing can be answered by visiting our FAQ and pricing pages at

* Is it true that Teamspeak Communications Systems is threatening potential legal action against Yun Zheng Hu?

Once again, we will refrain from making any comments with regard to our legal position on the Teamspeex matter. "

The full Q & A can be found Here

But I still have some questions of my own. I was reading through the posts in the TeamSpeak forums which I'm still banned from posting (see here), and still don't completly understand TeamSpeak's position.

I read Civic's post in their forums where he states
" I got many rather positive answers from "R. Ludwig" and then they posted the official statement a bit later that day. "

But I still don't understand the some what childish and defensive reply by "R. Ludwig" in the first place.
"IF we wanted to sue anyone, it would be happened a long time ago
IF we wanted to sue the mac client developer, do you think we would post a news on our homepage ?
IF we wanted to sue him, do you think we would offer him help ?"

I'm sorry but misunderstandings are gonna happen when a person from TeamSpeak blurts out comments of this sort to the public no matter what was said properly and/or positivly behind closed doors (private e-mail).

What tension comes out from any consumer/user of a product is when they feel they are ignored. As a high profile company in the gaming arena this should have been handled in a more professional manner.
Plus "Mugendai" did have a point in this post:

"The difficulty in TS, has got to be handling of the network connections, and dealing with the sound systems of varying OSes(something that can be extreamly simplified by using a library like wxWidgets), and compiling and making proper use of all of those codecs. But still, an entire year? Thats a long time to not have anything to show. For instance a concice list of features planned for 3.0 sure would be nice. And a lil checklist that shows progress could be great."

PC and Mac users had very few progress reports really, and to top it off, Mac users had no TeamSpeak to use to keep us occupied while waiting for the latest version to come out with Mac compatibilty. Plus you can get pretty pissed reading through these posts in the TeamSpeak fourms.

I'm not here to start a flame war, just to point out to the TeamSpeak Team, don't act like Bill Gates and think because a lot of people like and use your product you can ignore them, because just like friends, you ignore them long enough, they will leave you.

Intel Mac Games
On Apples developer connection page, they talk about Aspyr's work behind bringing their games to Intel based Macs. But is that all that is getting worked on?, Some think that Apple is out to unseat the OS selling (not best OS by any means) King Microsoft.

In a quote from NewsFactor online:
"Apple Computer executives have said that the company will not license out its OS for Intel-based PCs, but that has not stopped speculation that Apple will pursue that strategy to go after the Microsoft Windows empire.
If Apple does -- and it would not be the first time the company has voiced denials all the way up to a product launch or a new direction -- it could make for quite a battle in the OS world."

Well just because Steve makes the cover of Time magazine, puts out new iPods, G5's and new software (Aperture) which from what I see in it's present form does not pose any threat, but is a tool that complements Adobe Photoshop.

Just because he has a awesome team does not mean that he's ready for a coup.
but just like Phil Schadler said:
"Apple will keep doing what it's doing, and most likely that means they hope Windows users will make the switch on their own," said Schadler. "But they're not going to tear down what they've built to try to conquer the OS world."

But Like Steve says, there is always "One More thing"....

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

New PowerMacs & PowerBooks & Photo App!!

Well the Power Mac G5's got a upgrade, "Featuring dual-core PowerPC processors, a modern PCI Express architecture and wicked-fast workstation graphics" according to Apple.
the 3 models are:

Dual-core 2GHz PowerPC G5 processor
1GHz frontside bus per processor

1MB L2 cache per core
512MB of 533MHz DDR2 SDRAM (PC2-4200)
160GB Serial ATA hard drive
16x SuperDrive (double-layer)
Three open PCI-Express expansion slots
NVIDIA GeForce 6600 LE with 128MB GDDR SDRAM ($1,999 US)

Dual-core 2.3GHz PowerPC G5 processor
1.15GHz frontside bus per processor
1MB L2 cache per core
512MB of 533MHz DDR2 SDRAM (PC2-4200)
250GB Serial ATA hard drive
16x SuperDrive (double-layer)
Three open PCI-Express expansion slots
NVIDIA GeForce 6600 with 256MB GDDR SDRAM ($2,499 US)

Last but not least the "Quad"
Two dual-core 2.5GHz PowerPC G5 processors
1.25GHz frontside bus per processor
1MB L2 cache per core
512MB of 533MHz DDR2 SDRAM (PC2-4200)
250GB Serial ATA hard drive
16x SuperDrive (double-layer)
Three open PCI-Express expansion slots
NVIDIA GeForce 6600 with 256MB GDDR SDRAM ($3,299US)

You can upgrade to NVIDIA's Quadro FX 4500 (512mb SDRAM)workstation graphics card for
$1,650 more)
can also upgrade to 2 500gb (7200rpm) Hard drives for $875U.S.
and if your crazy enough, upgrade through Apple to 16gb of ram for only $11,900U.S.
The new systems also ship with the Mighty Mouse.

New Power Books
The 15-inch model now features a screen with 1440 x 900 resolution, the same as the previous generation 17-inch model. The 17-inch model now features a 1680 x 1050 pixel display — the same resolution as Apple’s 20-inch Cinema Display.

The new PowerBooks sport 22 percent greater battery life, standard DVD-RW “SuperDrives” and built-in support for Apple’s 30-inch Cinema HD Display.
Prices start at $1,499 for the 12-inch model, $1,999 for the 15-inch model and $2,499 for the 17-inch model. All systems are shipping today.

15" spec's:
15.2-inch TFT widescreen display with 1440x960 resolution
1.67GHz PowerPC G4 processor
512MB memory (PC2-4200 DDR)
80GB 5400rpm hard drive
Slot-load 8x SuperDrive (DVD+R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 graphics card with 128MB DDR memory

17" Spec's:
17-inch TFT widescreen display with 1680x1050 resolution
1.67GHz PowerPC G4 processor
512MB memory (PC2-4200 DDR)
120GB 5400rpm hard drive
Slot-load 8x SuperDrive (DVD+R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 graphics card with 128MB DDR memory

Both offering Full-size, backlit keyboard, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0 and FireWire 400 & 800, and memory is upgradable to 2gb.

Introducing what Apple calls "the first all-in-one post-production tool for photographers." Built specifically for pro photographers, Aperture features and end-to-end RAW workflow, and makes RAW as easy to work with as JPEG.

A feature called Stacks lets photographers group sequences of shots together based on the time between shutter clicks. The software features a full-screen workspace and a completely editable environment that can span multi-image displays.

A multi-image viewer lets you check images side-by side, up to 10 or 12 on a side, at magnifications up to 800 percent.

Aperture also sports essential tools like red-eye reduction, cropping, straightening and more, and features a non-destructive workflow and versioning capabilities.

Aperture’s flexible, project-based structure features extensive metadata support, hierarchical keywording and powerful search capabilities.

Aperture users can quickly create and print comp layouts, and can customize proof sheets and contact sheets. You can also order prints online and publish online or to .Mac.
Aperture is $499US and will ship in November.

Apple's Minimum system requirements are:

Power Mac G5 with 1.8GHz or faster PowerPC G5; 17- or 20-inch iMac G5 with 1.8GHz or faster PowerPC G5; or 15- or 17-inch PowerBook G4 with 1.25GHz or faster PowerPC G4 processor
1GB of RAM
One of the following graphics cards: ATI Radeon X800 XT Mac Edition; ATI Radeon X850 XT; ATI Radeon 9800 XT or 9800 Pro; ATI Radeon 9700 Pro; ATI Radeon 9600 XT, 9600 Pro, or 9650; ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 or 9600; NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL or 6800 GT DDL; NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT; NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500
5GB of disk space for application, templates and tutorial
DVD drive for installation

Apple's Recommended system is:

Dual 2GHz Power Mac G5 or faster
2GB of RAM
One of the following graphics cards: ATI Radeon X800 XT Mac Edition; ATI Radeon 9800 XT or 9800 Pro; NVIDIA GeForce 6800 Ultra DDL or 6800 GT DDL; NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT; NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500
5GB of disk space for application, templates, and tutorial
DVD drive for installation

More Announcements From Apple!

Apple has invited the media to a special event today, the third to be held in about a month's time, to be held in New York City and starts at noon Eastern. Think Secret is has runors for an updated PowerBook and Power Mac lineup, as well as a Photo Pro application. I did find out that Apple will have the largest vendor presence at the PhotoPlus Expo. More Later!

iPod Updater

Apple has posted iPod Updater 2005-10-12, the latest update to its iPod software to support the new iPod video.

The Apple webpage says the update:
Includes new iPod Software 1.0 for iPod. iPod Updater 2005-10-12 contains the same software versions as iPod Updater 2005-09-23 for all other iPod models.

Don't forget to watch or listen to Your Mac Life Tonight 5:30pm to 8pm PT or from 8:30pm to 11pm ET in Video or audio streams.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Team Speex beta Released!

That's right today my headline is about a VOIP program. I talk about this because for mac gamers (yes we're out there) there has been none for gaming. Team Speak developers for TS1 and TS2 have ignored Mac users.

Funny thing is I posted in the team Speak forums on Sunday on my opinion on why they took so long on even tring to make a Mac version (they say TS3 will have a Mac version) even tho they where given 2 macs from Apple over 2 years ago, and even noted all the excuses given from forum users why it took so long like: "Macs Suck", to replys from the TS team themselves like "requires a complete compile and we do this on our free time". Then showing them that one man did it in his free time. Also after this one man made this all the TS team could do is send threatening e-mail to him like this:

they told me I had two options:

Based on my actions they may either choose to take legal action on me,
Or I can choose to cooperate and work together with them so that I may make my client available as an unsupported client for Mac OS X.
I have told I choose the latter, which is to cooperate but i’m not sure what that means from their end. I’m still waiting for their reply…
What I got for posting my opinion in their forum was banned from the forum and had the post removed. Even worse was that the developer of team Speex web page has been under a DDoS attack. He's working with his ISP and hopefully will be able to restart the server today or tomorrow. Me I personally think one of the Mac haters/Teamspeak lovers is behind this attack. Which goes to show how low some people will go.

But even with all that, Mac users are resourceful on getting this program out to users.
My buddies at Macologist have put up two download mirrors while the main site comes back online.


Showing why Mac users are smarter.

Another intresting thing was Monday the TS team posted this on their Front news page:
Unofficial Teamspeex Mac Client in Beta - (Normal Priority)
Posted By:florence on Mon Oct 17, 2005 @ 22:26 CEST

It has come to our attention that an unofficial, 3rd party Macintosh client application for Teamspeak 2, known as "Teamspeex", has been made available to the public. We have confirmed through various sources that this Mac client does indeed work well with Teamspeak 2 servers. Further feedback indicates that Teamspeex itself is not quite as feature-rich as its Windows counterpart and that it only supports the Speex codec. However, it does allow you to connect to a Teamspeak 2 server, switch between channels, and contains a push-to-talk option for speaking with other Teamspeak users.

DISCLAIMER: At this time we are trying to work with the author of Teamspeex to determine where this application can be obtained or downloaded. We also have not yet confirmed whether Teamspeex will eventually have its own forum for technical support or open discussion. Hence, in an effort to avoid confusion and negative feedback in our own forums, we have begun (and will continue) to delete any forums topics related to Teamspeex until we have fully assessed the direction upon which the Teamspeex author wants to go. It is our understanding that Teamspeex was briefly made available to the public last week and since then we have received massive traffic and inquiries on the application. Please note that our official position at this time is that clearly, we are acknowledging the existence of Teamspeex, that it is an unofficial 3rd party Teamspeak 2 client application for the Mac, and that in no way are we affiliated with Teamspeex. Please also note that we cannot be held liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages that may arise from the use of the Teamspeex application.

So now that you find out the program works well you want sound like your on his side?? Give me a break.

BTW: Team Speex is a beta (version 1.0) Some Mac users where having problem talking to other mac users. I am currently with others from Macologist testing a update 1.0 v255 that may solve this problem. A 2 day turn over, faster then anything the whole team at TS ever did for there PC brothern.

If you want to keep updated while the developer gets his page up, click over to this page or post bugs here, both at the Macologist website.

Apple's Computer Market Share Climbs to 4.3% in U.S.

Apple Computer's market share in the U.S. computer market climbed to 4.3% in the September quarter, according to market research firm IDC.

Apple saw a 44.6% increase year-over-year and was the number five vendor in the U.S. market, behind Dell, HP, Gateway, and Lenova (formerly IBM's PC division), and the company showed a steeper climb in U.S. unit sales.

Apple continues to experience a halo effect from its popular iPod portable music players.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Can't Get Enough of Apple??

Sorry for not posting yesterday, had a lot of blood drawn yesterday and was really tired afterwerd. But todays a new day so here we go!

Well it seems everybody is enjoying something from Apple' recent news of new iMacs and video iPods as you can see from this funny comic from The Joy of Tech there will be new uses for the new video iPod. But others seem to want to ponder what is going to be downloaded to the new iPods. Like the possibilty of porn. this quote from Mac360:
"Video dating, porn, and sex will be huge on the new iPods with video. Huge."[....]"Now, with the iPod sporting video, there’s a way to get your jollies and take them with you. QuickTIme and H.264 will get hotter than Peter North and Jenna Jameson in Debbie Does Dallas and goes North to Alaska."

As much as this may evolve, the last thing I want to think about right now is some guy getting a boner while sitting next to me on a plane, train, or automobile because the guy is watching his all time classic of "Debbie does Dallas".

But lets move on, ever since the release of the video iPod many minds have been grinding the wheels in overtime trying to figure out how they can get a piece of Apple's pie.

With TV shows now being able to downloaded the day after their showing on television now hollywood wants a little of the action.

"As the representatives for the creative community we embrace new technologies that expand distribution of material featuring the work of our members," read the statement. "The announcement [October 12th] unveiling the Apple iPod represents the latest chapter in the ongoing technological evolution of our industry. We have not yet heard from the responsible employers of our members, but we look forward to a dialogue that ensures that our members are properly compensated for this exploitation of their work."

This seems like a lot of somebodys who want a piece of a small pie.

"the very small price Apple is so far charging per episode, US$1.99 per episode with the inaugural five episodes at iTunes, will be enough to satisfy all parties concerned. Between bandwidth, iTunes infrastructure, credit card fees, the studio's cut, and the royalties paid to the unions' members, there isn't a lot to go around at that price."

But hey, you never know what Apple has up their sleeves. look at this move. Tim Cook(top pic), Apple’s executive vice president of Worldwide Sales and Operations since 2002, has been named the company’s chief operating officer.

Jon Rubinstein, Apple’s senior vice president of the iPod Division will retire on March 31 and be succeeded Tony Fadell.
Fadell (bottom pic) will take over all aspects of iPod engineering. Fadell joined Apple's iPod Engineering team in 2001 and was promoted to vice president of iPod engineering in 2004.

But why stop there? lets keep this hot press rolling. It seems Apple has a lot of things to bring and doesn't want it all showed at one time, so.....

On Oct 19, 2005 Apple is having another invitation-only event which will be held in New York City on the eve of PhotoPlus Expo. It seems the invitations sent out to the media asks to join them as “we unveil Apple’s latest pro innovations.”

Now with this latest invitation comes continuing rumors of PowerMac & powerbook Upgrades and releases of Apples latest update to "Tiger" version 10.4.3. While some sites talk about dual dual-core PowerPC 970MP processors, DDR2 memory and PCI-Express video cards for the Powermacs. The Apple insider says
"Apple plans to unveil the new 15-inch and 17-inch PowerBook systems on October 19th through its website"

Bottom line is, just like the 12th of this month, we will have to play the waiting game as the rumor sites get plenty of hits playing the guessing game.


Well if you play WoW, UnrealTournament, or any other game on a Mac that needs players to be able to talk to each other and also need to be able to talk to our PC users, You know how long the wait has been for the folks at TeamSpeak to get their head out of their asses and make a Mac version. Well one guy got tired of waiting.
Developer Yun Zheng has come up with TeamSpeex and is currently in late beta-testing. TeamSpeex is a client for the Voice over IP (VoIP) application TeamSpeak which is popular with gamers, especially those involved in clans. The client uses the Speex codec, hence the name.
Now after all the talk about "they would have to build their program from the ground up" and "it's really hard", and "we do this in our spare time" now that somebody showed them they where just lazy asses who didn't really want to port the program for the Mac OS, now he get's a e-mail saying:

they told me I had two options:

Based on my actions they may either choose to take legal action on me,
Or I can choose to cooperate and work together with them so that I may make my client available as an unsupported client for Mac OS X.
I have told I choose the latter, which is to cooperate but i’m not sure what that means from their end. I’m still waiting for their reply…

But this letter did not stop him as he said in his blog the release will be "before the end of the weekend (before Mon 17 Oct 2005)." Keep in mind this will be a beta, so there may/will be some bugs.
I just can't count how many topics where locked in the TeamSpeak forums when Mac users asked about a Mac version.

I give Yun Zheng two thumbs up for taking the time to help his fellow Mac users.

The Pubic Beta will be available for download here

Thursday, October 13, 2005

iPod Video & New iMac with Built in iSight

Well yesterday I was gonna post here about the new releases, but with every .com site posting it up I thought I would wait.

Let's start with the Video iPod:

Has a 2.5-inch screen

$299 for 30 gigabytes
$399 for 60 gigabytes

Apple says the larger player can hold 15,000 songs, 25,000 photos or 150 hours of video

are 30% slimmer than their predecessors

The new iPod features real-time decoding of MPEG 4 and H.264 video at 30 frames per second (FPS).

Optional accessories designed for the new iPod include:

Universal Dock for $39 (US)

Apple Remote for $29 (US), providing wireless integration to the Universal Dock and quick and easy access to controls from across the room

Apple iPod AV cable for $19 (US)

the iPod Camera Connector for $29 (US)

Apple Socks for $29 (US) six color socks to dress up and protect your iPod.

With the interduction of the new Video iPod came iTunes 6 which of coarse now has a video section for all you downloaded video. I'm guessing people will soon be buying larger hard drives for all those music video's and TV shows you can download from the iTunes music store for $1.99(US)
But one thing you will need to do is also update/or Upgrade to Quicktime 7.0.3 none of the previews of the videos on the itunes store will work without it.

Talk about video, Apple (as of this post) has apparently pulled its new iPod commercial featuring rap star Eminem. No reason was given for the withdrawal. The ad was well-received by the audience at the keynote, and Jobs even played it twice. You can watch the new replacement ad here.

Also Apple better watch what they post as a video preview, It seems the guys over at AppleXnet caught this pic

During the preview of She's Crafty by the Beasty boys, At 16 seconds into the 20 second preview clip a woman is seen clearly flashing the camera. This can be big trouble if Apple does not pay close attention. A Mature content warning will need to be addressed for this sort of content or a lot of parents are gonna get upset.

I'm also wondering if with the ability now of the new iPod to play Disney video content holds a renewed relationship between Apple, Pixar, and Disney.

On to the new iMac G5

The new 17-inch 1.9 GHz iMac G5 retail price of $ 1,299(US):

1.9 GHz PowerPC G5 processor

512MB of 533 MHz DDR2 SDRAM expandable to 2.5GB

8x SuperDrive with double-layer support (DVD+R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)

ATI Radeon X600 Pro with 128MB DDR memory

built-in iSight video camera

built-in AirPort Extreme wireless networking and Bluetooth 2.0+EDR

160GB Serial ATA hard drive running at 7200 rpm

built-in stereo speakers and microphone

ships with infrared Apple Remote, Mighty Mouse and Apple Keyboard.

The new 20-inch 2.1 GHz iMac G5 retail price of $ 1,699(US):

2.1 GHz PowerPC G5 processor

512MB of 533 MHz DDR2 SDRAM expandable to 2.5GB

8x SuperDrive with double-layer support (DVD+R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)

ATI Radeon X600 XT with 128MB DDR memory

built-in iSight video camera

built-in AirPort Extreme wireless networking and Bluetooth 2.0+EDR

250GB Serial ATA hard drive running at 7200 rpm

built-in stereo speakers and microphone

ships with infrared Apple Remote, Mighty Mouse and Apple Keyboard.

if you notice the Mighty Mouse now comes with your iMac, First 2 button to come with a mac.

Also the new iMacs do not (like most other models) ship with an internal modem. You will have to buy this one which specs are:

Speed: Data up to 56kbps, fax at 14.4kbps
Supports caller ID, wake on ring, telephone answering (V.253), modem on hold
V.92 software support

Also if you want to see the Apple Special Event with the Eminem ad you can see it here

last but not least Aduim came out with a update(version 0.85) to their free instant messaging application for Mac OS X that can connect to AIM, MSN, Jabber, Yahoo, and more.
you can get that update here

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

It's All About Apple Today

Yes today at 10am pst the curtain will open and "it's all about Apple". The media will set down recorders running ready to post on their website and/or blog what's new from Apple.

Of coarse the people at Think Secret have flipped and flopped on what their inside sources say is coming out.

Still after yesterday's great fourth quarter and fiscal year 2005 earnings revenue of US$3.68 billion for the quarter and a net quarterly profit of $430 million, compared to $2.35 billion and net profit of $106 million for the same quarter a year ago we are looking for something awesome, and hopefully Apple will deliver.

It seems that they will because it seems Tim Cook, Apple's Executive Vice-President of Worldwide Sales and Operations, confirmed that Intel Macs are still on target for shipping by next June. In addition, he said: "I will tell you that we have some very cool PowerPCs in the pipeline, and we are very focused on our current line-up."
Was that a hint??

Even tho Apple's stock price took a nose dive after the closing bell yesterday sliding almost 11 percent to $46.15 in after-hours trading on the Inet electronic brokerage system.
but it also closed on Nasdaq at $51.59, up 2.4 percent.

but even with all that Apple seems to be in step with and Intel is keeping in step with their processors.
According to CNET Yonah, a new notebook chip coming from Intel early next year, will run slightly faster than expected, but may also consume more power than chips coming around the same time.

Gaming Updates
Running With Scissors has released Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend for the Mac and Linux, following the expansion pack’s release for Windows earlier this year. Apocalypse Weekend costs US$19.95.

Team Speex
Mac users who have been waiting for a VoIP chat client may want to check out a program called TeamSpeex. Currently in beta testing. It is fully compatible with existing TeamSpeak servers, and with PC and Linux users.
more info here

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Brief News

Today you will be able to hear Apple's 4th quarter earnings here at 2pm PST/5PM EST.
Apple executives will be on-hand to speak about the company's results, and take questions from the financial press.
Apple(AAPL) is expected to have earned $0.36 per share on revenue of $3.68 billion.

Apple is expected to open another Apple store in N.Y.C.(their 9th) on Staten Island on Saturday, October 15

One more thing..... also as you all know about the special event scheduled for 10:00 a.m. October 12 at the California Theater in San Jose. All of the Apple lovers and haters will be listening to broadcasts and web blogs news programs, to find out what Apple is releasing.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Big Week For Apple

As we all wait to see what happens tomorrow, the buzz over the net is crazy and not stop.
As to what we can expect, the consensus is that we’ll get new iPods and/or new Power Macs, but details about either are still sketchy at best at this point.

While some seem to think that Steve tipped his hand in a Febuary 2004 article with MacWorld quoting one section
"Well, [computers and televisions] want to link sometimes. Like, when you make a movie, you burn a DVD and you take it to your DVD player. Someday that could happen over AirPort, so you don’t have to burn a DVD — you can just watch it right off your computer on your television set."

Others have a different view, saying
"the October 12 event will see the [2] updated iPods debut but feature changes will be much less significant than the video capabilities some have expected. Sources have said the iPods will sport smaller enclosures while the $399 iPod will very likely see a bump to 80GB. The $299 iPod may also see its storage capacity double from 20GB to 40GB. The color options are expected to mirror the iPod nano, white and black."

Going on to say "to expect at least four new Mac configurations on Wednesday, although further details were not specified."

And lets not even get into the pink Madonna-edition iPod nano that a Madonna fan-site said is gonna debut and that it will come with her entire catalog. Come buy your "Like A Virgin" iPod!

But in truth iPods are what's raking in the money for Apple these days. I mean Piper Jaffray according to Forbes expects Apple to ship 858,000 iPod nano units in the fourth quarter and 5 million units in the first quarter. I mean right now Piper Jaffray rates Apple at "outperform" with a $60 price target.

But with that much growth comes what Steve Jobs calls "the Greedy ones". The Japan's record firms are seeking a "iPod tax". The proposed fee is supposed to to reimburse artists, writers and musicians for the duplication of music, books, films and pictures. But most people see the fee for what it really is, a "iPod tax." A way to take a part of the profit out of the dominate mp3 market share that Apple has.

Apple finally opened a Japanese version of iTunes in August, two years after its introduction in the United States, and without the songs of major Japanese labels like Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Japan, which still have not signed licensing agreements, the service got a very warm welcome from Japanese consumers who bought one million songs in the first four days.

But now artists are getting pissed at the small percentage they get from each 99¢ download, because the majority of the money is going to the labels, and the labels are trying to justify this by saying "they have had to invest in anti-piracy initiatives." What a joke that is! what anti-piracy you need when the music is on the iTunes music store?, plus no CD cases and lables to make, no shipping, but you still want your same size cut. What a rip off!!!

Lets just face it, the iPod/iTunes Music store is a giant hit. Even Yahoo is getting in it. They introduced Yahoo! Podcasts. It’s a new podcast download, search, rating and review service.

The Podcasts are broken up by main categories like arts, business, comedy and more, along with lists of most popular and highly rated podcasts. You can also search Yahoo! Podcasts for specific content you want to listen to. Users have the option of listening to the content through their Web browser or subscribing and downloading the content.

With everybody jumping on the iPod/iTunes Music store bandwagon, you can see why those who would have said in the past "Apple? that company's still around?" Is now saying "Man I want a "bite" of what that awesome company has to offer!"

Other Notes
The Southern California MacFair is set for Fri & Sat November 4 & 5 2005. Single day admission for the Vendor Expo and Seminar Presentations is just $15 with Advance Registration, $20 at the door.

Hands-On Workshops and Professional Training Classes prices begin as low as just $89.00 for three hours of world class instruction.

A major update is coming for the Open sourse app called GIMP. It's updating to version 2.4.
GIMP (GNU Image Maniplation Program) is a free app but a worthy competitor to Photoshop CS.
To run GIMP you will need an X Windows System on your Mac. It's easy to install and the addtional software is also free. Just install x11 open it's disk image, drag the app icon into your application folder, and double click to install. once it's finished, GIMP opens in x11.
You can take a first look at the next update here.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Game Time

Well today I was going to post more about Apples Oct. 12 announcment, but said screw that. There's enough web sites out there now just guessing and blowing hot air on why their reasons make them right. so with that I say

Game Time!
It's Friday so let me give you some gaming news

1)Aspyr Media today announced Sims 2 University for Mac, the first expansion pack to EA's popular The Sims 2, is now live on their Web site and available for pre-order. You can pre-order this game here

2)A look at, Blizzard's multiplayer service for their games, reveals the date 10-7-05 or October 7, 2005 in front of WarCraft and StarCraft images. Click here to check it out.

3) If you have not brought Doom 3 for your mac beacuse you think it may not play well, Download the demo and try it out. You can get it here

4) If your ready to get wacked in Unreal Tournament 2004 in CTF mode, hop on the Darkside Battlegrounds server at IP great maps with great players.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

What Will It Be Damn It??!!

Man, I'm going crazy reading all these different reports about what Apple is gonna announce on Oct 12. From Video iPods to new Airport to New Powerbooks to new duel core PowerMacs to Video content on the iTunes store to a Mac mini tricked out to be a TiVo.
I like this quote:
"Hmmm. Now, if Apple CEO Steve Jobs knows we know about an iPod with video and music videos from the iTunes Music Store, then he’ll pull a switcheroo on us, and announce something else, like new PowerBooks and PowerMacs.

However, if we know that he knows we know about the PowerBooks and PowerMacs, will he announce something else entirely? Yes. But if we know that he knows that we know he knows what we know, he’ll almost certainly go back to the original idea and introduce iPods with video, and music videos from iTMS."

Are you confused?? Good, then your like everybody else. From the Mac Daily News to the Apple Insider to Forbes to Think Secret have all different views.

Matter of fact Think Secret seems to want to throw out facts behind why they think it's not a video iPod. Seems they read peoples comments on the web on how many times they maybe wrong on Apple predections after Apple wanting to sue them.

A quote form Think Secret:

"While a video-capable iPod remains in development, without the agreements nor infrastructure in place to deliver movies to customers through a store-like interface, Apple sees little value in releasing such an iPod at this time. Apple insiders have also said executives see consumers needing the capability to easily import the DVD movies they own to a usable format (similar to the encoding functionality provided for audio CDs with iTunes) in order for a video iPod to be truly successful. The complexity to date of accomplishing such a feat has meant only a minority of computer users have dabbled with watching full-length movies on their computer, with most of those having acquired the content through file sharing services."

While I seem to agree with this logic because the video would be so small on the display, that you’d need a magnifying glass to view it. Watching Angelina Jolie in the shower scene in Tomb Raider would lose it's effect.

Further, unless the video iPod shipped with a massive hard drive, the footage would have to be re-encoded to make the file size lower or the Video iPod would have to have massive hard drive.

Of coarse the Apple Insider has a differnt view.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Video iPod Rumors

Seems like Rumors are running wild on a Video iPod, iTunes store changes and more.
I'll just give you the links:
Mac 360

The October issue of Paul Taylor's Mac Hints & Tips is now available for viewing and

It seems that it may be a Powerbook and/or PowerMac update on the 12th.
Of coarse these are all just rumors.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

One More Thing.....

Well On Tuesday the Apple began distributing invitations to analysts and members of the media for a special event scheduled for 10:00 a.m. October 12 at the California Theater in San Jose.

The invitations simply read "One more thing...
that being Steve's line of a special surprise.

But that and with the Apple Insider sources saying "Apple Computer has begun production of a new version of its iPod digital music player that will be capable of playing videos".

Could mean a big surprise on the 12th.

It goes on to say "Reliable sources believe the iPod could be introduced as early as next week, possibly around the time Apple releases results from its fourth fiscal quarter of 2005"...."The release of the iPod video is expected to be accompanied by a "major update" to Apple's iTunes music store that will include a significant number of music videos and other short video content."
you can read the full story here

How Tough Is Your MP3 Player??

People always have little "mishaps" that happen with wallets,phones, PDA's, and MP3 players. But I could not believe what I was reading on Mac360 on what had happened to this guys new nano! His nano had gone through a complete wash and survived! Read the complete story with pictures Here.

Safari Problems
Well it seems the newest update to Safari is having problems with web sites for "The Gap," "Banana Republic," and "Old Navy" . The sites attempt to reload seemingly endlessly with no content being displayed.

Gap, Inc. sites affected:
The Gap
Banana Republic
Old Navy

But if you click over to MacFixit they have a work around for the time being.

Talk about Safari Mac OSX Hints has a tip on how to make bookmarks speakable.

UnDoing a Protected CD Problem

Question:What do you do when you buy a CD and find out you can't import to iTunes to put it on your iPod?

Answer: Complain!
That's what people are doing, and artist and even Sony BMG are giving you ways around there CD DRM (digital rights management).

As of now, the copy-protected discs work only with software and devices compatible with Microsoft Windows Media technology. Apple's software do not, and Apple has resisted appeals from the labels to license its FairPlay DRM for use on the copy-protected discs.

According to CNN,"The DRM initiatives are generating complaints from fans, many of whom own iPods. The message boards of artist fan sites and online retailers are filled with complaints from angry consumers who did not realize they were buying a copy-protected title until they tried to create music files on their home computers."

"One solution artists offer to iPod users is to rip the CD into a Windows Media file, burn the tracks onto a blank CD (without copy protection) and then rip that CD back into iTunes."

"The bad thing is that you are almost promoting what you are trying to protect against. You are upsetting the fan that went out and purchased the record."
-- Jason Brown, whose agency represents an artist whose album in among those in copy-protection suit.

Read the full story here

Monday, October 03, 2005

Money and Music, Music and Money

Well it seems nowadays when it comes to music, some people are complains and want more money. Some are paying out because of it, some are paying out for it, and some really just need to be cut off.

Case in point, music managers according to Times Online UK "will today wade into the row over online royalties with the claim that bands and solo artists are being unfairly squeezed in the digital era."
They are " unhappy that artists typically receive a royalty of 4.5p on every 79p track sold on Apples iTunes, a proportion of less than 6 per cent. On a £2.99 single, the performers royalty is 35p, or 12 per cent."

Of coarse the are picking on the top dog of downloads Apple. All I have to say is cut off the middle men and artists will make more money.

Then we some who want to stop the illegal downloads, but they have a problem, they are finding out by do illegal things themselves.

According to the blog Recording Industry vs The People the RIAA it seems one of the charges included that "Entering a persons personal computer without their authorization to snoop around, steal information, or remove files is a violation of the common law prohibition against trespass to chattels."

Anderson says the RIAA used another company to do the spying and information stealing and strong arming, and The record company plaintiffs employed MediaSentry as their agent to bypass Ms. Andersen's computer security systems and break into her personal computer to secretly spy and steal or remove private information. MediaSentry did not have her permission to inspect, copy, or remove her private computer files. It gained access secretly and illegally.

You can read the full story Here

10.4.3 Development Moves Forward
"Recent information indicates that a bigger priority for Mac OS X engineers involves correcting recently acknowledged issues with 1.8GHz Power Mac G5 (late 2004) systems. Apple is hoping to eliminate the issue and satiate frustrated owners of such systems with Mac OS X 10.4.3." reports Think Secret.

They go on to say that "Any forthcoming Apple systems, including the previously reported Power Mac G5 revision, are also expected to rely on Mac OS X 10.4.3, although the recently upgraded Mac mini systems have been shipping with a modified version of Mac OS X 10.4.2, build 8D40. Ordinary Mac OS X 10.4.2 installations (that is, those copies of Tiger updated with Apple's Mac OS X 10.4.2 update) include build 8C46."

A advanced movie editing system is in development using Apples QuickTime... more

Mac360 has "3 Free Mac Utilities To Make Life Worth Living"

Saturday, October 01, 2005

10.4.3 Getting Ready for Release

Well seems Apple this week offered its developers a variety of new pre-release software updates. According to The Apple Insider there was another pre-release build of Mac OS X 10.4.3 Now at build 8F31.

This third maintenance release of Tiger is approaching 110MB in size and includes well over 500 minor fixes and enhancements. The article goes on to say that the "update indicates that a release is on tap for the first half of October."

5.0.2 iTunes?
The article also says- "According to several reader reports, Apple may also be preparing to released its third update to iTunes in four weeks. Shortly after midnight on Friday, users of iTunes 5.0.1 reported receiving notices that they could update to iTunes 5.0.2."

"Users who followed the download link were only offered the option of downloading the current iTunes 5.0.1 release."

You can read the full story Here

Apple vs. Dell's New XPS.
Well it seems that the people at Dell are trying to stop looking like the Hyundai of computer makers. According to The Inquirer "The new XPS brand will start at $2,700 for the laptop and $1,100 for entry-priced units of three desktop models....Hints from Nvidia seem to suggest some of the range will have its nVidia Go 7800 GTX card."

Also it seems starting on Oct. 10, Dell's free shipping offer on basic models will apply only to people willing to pick up their computers at the post office, said Jennifer Davis, spokeswoman for Dell's U.S. consumer business. Customers will have to pay extra for home delivery.

But if you wanna read a great story about what By Jack D. Miller thinks about this, read Luxury vs. 'Made That Way.' Apple vs. Dell's New XPS.
At the Mac360 website.

Well it seems Computer & Video Games has posted an interview with Epic VP Mark Rein.
How are things over at Epic right now?

Mark Rein: Well we're growing like crazy. We need people, you need to work at Epic! Currently we've got 14 positions available, and that's only the ones we're advertising for. If somebody great came to us and they're really fantastic, we'd still hire them. We announced lots of great guys are using Unreal Engine 3: NCSoft, Namco and a few others have come forward.

The technology is coming along really well. We did the deal with Sony for instance. If people want to work in games and not work in a stuffy office for a big corporation, if they want to work in games either on the games side, or the technology side and they want to make industry-leading money and work with the best people, they really need to send us their resume.
You can look at jobs Epic has posted in my previous article here

Which of your games are you most excited about? What about Unreal 2007? What's your favourite part of development there?

Mark Rein: I think the big strides we're making are in AI and the ability to communicate with your team-mates, be they AI or human. The seamless background loading is going to be a huge feature and not just because of our new Conquest feature (that name's still work-in-progress), but it'll enable us to have these unlimited seamless maps. When you play online and you're in a lobby, the ability to keep these people together through their experience will really enhance the community quite a bit.

Unreal Tournament, the original, is still our biggest-selling game ever. Because we sell our games now in instalments, no single instalment is going to sell in the same way as a single game across multiple formats. We're really recapturing a lot of the original, with less jumping around - it went a little crazy with the double and triple jumps. It'll be toned down and a little more skill-based.

The new game modes are pretty cool. If you took Unreal 2004, put it in Unreal Engine 3, upgraded all the artwork, I'd be the first one to buy it anyway. Clearly the visual improvements are exciting. That alone justifies the purchase, but there's a whole lot more. Also, there's Gears of War on Xbox 360. There's not really much more to say on that right now, but it's going great. It's going to be a flagship game.
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Google, Yahoo and MSN sites get Spoofed!
Cnet news is reporting "Security experts have discovered a malicious program aimed at tricking users into clicking on phony search results on fake Google, Yahoo and MSN sites. People with infected machines who try to visit those popular search sites are redirected to spoof versions, antivirus company Panda Software said Friday."

"The spoof sites serve up bogus search results intended to generate traffic and revenue for other sites that are presumed to be in on the scheme, said Patrick Hinojosa, Panda's chief technology officer."
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