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Saturday, October 01, 2005

10.4.3 Getting Ready for Release

Well seems Apple this week offered its developers a variety of new pre-release software updates. According to The Apple Insider there was another pre-release build of Mac OS X 10.4.3 Now at build 8F31.

This third maintenance release of Tiger is approaching 110MB in size and includes well over 500 minor fixes and enhancements. The article goes on to say that the "update indicates that a release is on tap for the first half of October."

5.0.2 iTunes?
The article also says- "According to several reader reports, Apple may also be preparing to released its third update to iTunes in four weeks. Shortly after midnight on Friday, users of iTunes 5.0.1 reported receiving notices that they could update to iTunes 5.0.2."

"Users who followed the download link were only offered the option of downloading the current iTunes 5.0.1 release."

You can read the full story Here

Apple vs. Dell's New XPS.
Well it seems that the people at Dell are trying to stop looking like the Hyundai of computer makers. According to The Inquirer "The new XPS brand will start at $2,700 for the laptop and $1,100 for entry-priced units of three desktop models....Hints from Nvidia seem to suggest some of the range will have its nVidia Go 7800 GTX card."

Also it seems starting on Oct. 10, Dell's free shipping offer on basic models will apply only to people willing to pick up their computers at the post office, said Jennifer Davis, spokeswoman for Dell's U.S. consumer business. Customers will have to pay extra for home delivery.

But if you wanna read a great story about what By Jack D. Miller thinks about this, read Luxury vs. 'Made That Way.' Apple vs. Dell's New XPS.
At the Mac360 website.

Well it seems Computer & Video Games has posted an interview with Epic VP Mark Rein.
How are things over at Epic right now?

Mark Rein: Well we're growing like crazy. We need people, you need to work at Epic! Currently we've got 14 positions available, and that's only the ones we're advertising for. If somebody great came to us and they're really fantastic, we'd still hire them. We announced lots of great guys are using Unreal Engine 3: NCSoft, Namco and a few others have come forward.

The technology is coming along really well. We did the deal with Sony for instance. If people want to work in games and not work in a stuffy office for a big corporation, if they want to work in games either on the games side, or the technology side and they want to make industry-leading money and work with the best people, they really need to send us their resume.
You can look at jobs Epic has posted in my previous article here

Which of your games are you most excited about? What about Unreal 2007? What's your favourite part of development there?

Mark Rein: I think the big strides we're making are in AI and the ability to communicate with your team-mates, be they AI or human. The seamless background loading is going to be a huge feature and not just because of our new Conquest feature (that name's still work-in-progress), but it'll enable us to have these unlimited seamless maps. When you play online and you're in a lobby, the ability to keep these people together through their experience will really enhance the community quite a bit.

Unreal Tournament, the original, is still our biggest-selling game ever. Because we sell our games now in instalments, no single instalment is going to sell in the same way as a single game across multiple formats. We're really recapturing a lot of the original, with less jumping around - it went a little crazy with the double and triple jumps. It'll be toned down and a little more skill-based.

The new game modes are pretty cool. If you took Unreal 2004, put it in Unreal Engine 3, upgraded all the artwork, I'd be the first one to buy it anyway. Clearly the visual improvements are exciting. That alone justifies the purchase, but there's a whole lot more. Also, there's Gears of War on Xbox 360. There's not really much more to say on that right now, but it's going great. It's going to be a flagship game.
You can read the full story here
I wanna thank Macologist for the heads up.

Google, Yahoo and MSN sites get Spoofed!
Cnet news is reporting "Security experts have discovered a malicious program aimed at tricking users into clicking on phony search results on fake Google, Yahoo and MSN sites. People with infected machines who try to visit those popular search sites are redirected to spoof versions, antivirus company Panda Software said Friday."

"The spoof sites serve up bogus search results intended to generate traffic and revenue for other sites that are presumed to be in on the scheme, said Patrick Hinojosa, Panda's chief technology officer."
You can read the whole story here.


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