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Monday, October 10, 2005

Big Week For Apple

As we all wait to see what happens tomorrow, the buzz over the net is crazy and not stop.
As to what we can expect, the consensus is that we’ll get new iPods and/or new Power Macs, but details about either are still sketchy at best at this point.

While some seem to think that Steve tipped his hand in a Febuary 2004 article with MacWorld quoting one section
"Well, [computers and televisions] want to link sometimes. Like, when you make a movie, you burn a DVD and you take it to your DVD player. Someday that could happen over AirPort, so you don’t have to burn a DVD — you can just watch it right off your computer on your television set."

Others have a different view, saying
"the October 12 event will see the [2] updated iPods debut but feature changes will be much less significant than the video capabilities some have expected. Sources have said the iPods will sport smaller enclosures while the $399 iPod will very likely see a bump to 80GB. The $299 iPod may also see its storage capacity double from 20GB to 40GB. The color options are expected to mirror the iPod nano, white and black."

Going on to say "to expect at least four new Mac configurations on Wednesday, although further details were not specified."

And lets not even get into the pink Madonna-edition iPod nano that a Madonna fan-site said is gonna debut and that it will come with her entire catalog. Come buy your "Like A Virgin" iPod!

But in truth iPods are what's raking in the money for Apple these days. I mean Piper Jaffray according to Forbes expects Apple to ship 858,000 iPod nano units in the fourth quarter and 5 million units in the first quarter. I mean right now Piper Jaffray rates Apple at "outperform" with a $60 price target.

But with that much growth comes what Steve Jobs calls "the Greedy ones". The Japan's record firms are seeking a "iPod tax". The proposed fee is supposed to to reimburse artists, writers and musicians for the duplication of music, books, films and pictures. But most people see the fee for what it really is, a "iPod tax." A way to take a part of the profit out of the dominate mp3 market share that Apple has.

Apple finally opened a Japanese version of iTunes in August, two years after its introduction in the United States, and without the songs of major Japanese labels like Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Japan, which still have not signed licensing agreements, the service got a very warm welcome from Japanese consumers who bought one million songs in the first four days.

But now artists are getting pissed at the small percentage they get from each 99¢ download, because the majority of the money is going to the labels, and the labels are trying to justify this by saying "they have had to invest in anti-piracy initiatives." What a joke that is! what anti-piracy you need when the music is on the iTunes music store?, plus no CD cases and lables to make, no shipping, but you still want your same size cut. What a rip off!!!

Lets just face it, the iPod/iTunes Music store is a giant hit. Even Yahoo is getting in it. They introduced Yahoo! Podcasts. It’s a new podcast download, search, rating and review service.

The Podcasts are broken up by main categories like arts, business, comedy and more, along with lists of most popular and highly rated podcasts. You can also search Yahoo! Podcasts for specific content you want to listen to. Users have the option of listening to the content through their Web browser or subscribing and downloading the content.

With everybody jumping on the iPod/iTunes Music store bandwagon, you can see why those who would have said in the past "Apple? that company's still around?" Is now saying "Man I want a "bite" of what that awesome company has to offer!"

Other Notes
The Southern California MacFair is set for Fri & Sat November 4 & 5 2005. Single day admission for the Vendor Expo and Seminar Presentations is just $15 with Advance Registration, $20 at the door.

Hands-On Workshops and Professional Training Classes prices begin as low as just $89.00 for three hours of world class instruction.

A major update is coming for the Open sourse app called GIMP. It's updating to version 2.4.
GIMP (GNU Image Maniplation Program) is a free app but a worthy competitor to Photoshop CS.
To run GIMP you will need an X Windows System on your Mac. It's easy to install and the addtional software is also free. Just install x11 open it's disk image, drag the app icon into your application folder, and double click to install. once it's finished, GIMP opens in x11.
You can take a first look at the next update here.


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