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Friday, October 28, 2005

Bring the Noise!!!

Besides this beinging a name to a Public Enemy song, there are a lot of people who think to themselves or say out loud "why doesn't Apple advertise?" why doesn't Apple "Bring the Noise?". This question has been pondered, answered, re-asked, and answered again.

Some have answers like
" But, if Apple advertised the Mac, people might buy more Macs! People might actually understand that their insipid Word documents will work fine on a Mac. People might figure out that, yes, Virginia, "Macs have the Internet and can do email." People might even get a glimpse of GarageBand or Dashboard or Front Row or something equally cool. They might see something that's refined and elegant inside and out instead of dull and mediocre through and through. Can't have that sort of stuff, now can we?"

I have heard answers like "why should they?, the media watches and posts and reviews everthing Apple does, why pay when you can loads of it for free?". But Apple does have a chain of brick & mortor stores that doesn't get advertised, and just like any store should advertise to bring people to these stores, if even to tell people to come to the stores and check stuff out.

We need to get people in the store and let a Apple salesperson show them stuff I know would make them say "damn, that's cool!". The iPod ads should not be the only advertisement Apple has for ammunition. they need a simple and/or funny ad that makes you remember the ad, which will have you remember the product or place.

I also truly believe that if Apple would just show to the mass TV audiences how great OS X looks and how easy it is to use, they’d increase the foot traffic in Apple retail stores with curious personal computer users tired of viruses, crashes and hassles of the windows os. One of my funny examples of this, is this video. Of coarse a video of this sort is not a good pick at this day and age. But being that the last Compter ad was of the G5 which just spoke about power of the computer, Apple needs to step up and show how easy it is to use a Mac and about the great stores in a simple 30sec ad.

What's your thought?


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