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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Did Apple know??

Well had no power at my house for like 6 hours, thank God it was a slow news day. Anyway lets get on with it!!

**Update** More news on the Apple/Nano lawsuit, it seems the lawfirm (Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro) have posted a statement on their website stating:
Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro has filed on behalf of consumers a nationwide class-action lawsuit today against Apple Computer, alleging the company’s new iPod Nano is defectively designed, allowing the screen to quickly become scratched with normal use. The suit claims that the excessive, rapid wear renders the device unusable.

The suit, filed in US District Court in San Jose California, seeks to represent millions of purchasers of the iPod Nano since its introduction in September of this year. The suit charges that Apple violated implied and expressed warranties when it began selling what plaintiffs claim are defective devices, and violated aspects of state consumer protection laws. The suit seeks compensation for purchasers of the devices.

As a part of the proposed class action law suit, Mr. Tomczak is requesting restitution for damages, including refunds for nanos and the $25 return fee, along with attorney's and legal fees.
Hmm, seems like the lawsuit got toned down from last time we read up. It went from saying "they want their money back plus a share of the company’s profits on the music player’s sales." to "requesting restitution for damages, including refunds for nanos and the $25 return fee, along with attorney's and legal fees."
Maybe there's somebody like "Shirley Schmidt" to knock a little sense to other lawyers filing this BS lawsuit. Of coarse the suit contends that Apple was fully aware of problems with the so called " defectively designed" Nano before it was launched but decided to go ahead anyway.
In the filing Tomczak points out that advertising for the Nano featured Apple chief executive Steve Jobs carrying the media player in his pocket.

The filing also states that even carrying the Nano in the same pocket as the earphones quickly renders the screen so scratched that it becomes unusable.
Umm, did you guys have all you change in that pocket also?? But all this seems way off and makes the nano look wimpy, things opposite of what I read and saw on the tests done by Ars Technica. That why I don't believe what some people in the media say "that no other media player had ever become so scratched so quickly."

But still, Apple rolls on, now you can get your iPod across the U.S. from Zoom Systems robotic product delivery systems. From these machines you can walk up and buy and iPod in about 20 seconds. But the Zoom machines take only credit and debit cards, not cash.

Plus now if your down under, you can now download music from the iTunes music store, Monday Apple started offering songs and videos for (AUS) $1.69 and $3.39, respectively. Albums fetch a respectable $16.99 including GST.

Unsettled licensing agreements between Apple and Sony BMG Australia have reportedly forced the iPod maker to launch without the Sony BMG music catalog, which accounts for an approximate 25% of the world's commercially available music.

10.4.3 Soon?
Seems like the runor sites are buzzing, Seems like both the AppleInsider and Think Secret seem to believe that 10.4.3 is coming very soon. they say Mac OS X 10.4.3 will weigh in at around 100MB and include more than 550 fixes and improvements.

Man, Apple to me is doing a lot better the Microsoft when it comes to software updates and fixing potential problems.

According to Apple, there are "close to 16 million Mac OS X users" in the world and there are still zero viruses. According to CNET, the Windows Vista Beta was released "to about 10,000 testers" at the time the first Windows Vista virus arrived.

While some give their reasons why this is so, others just can't wait till the new quad G5 come out in november. that's only because some people know
"Don't let the sub-$5K price tag trick you into calling this an "entry workstation." If you go comparison shopping for other vendors' four-core, 64-bit Unix RISC workstations, you won't find anything close to Power Mac G5 Quad under $5,000. You get a bargain hunter's merit badge if you find a quad-core workstation worth a damn (meaning that it does real work right out of the box) for under $10,000."
a quote from Tom Yager.


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