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Friday, October 07, 2005

Game Time

Well today I was going to post more about Apples Oct. 12 announcment, but said screw that. There's enough web sites out there now just guessing and blowing hot air on why their reasons make them right. so with that I say

Game Time!
It's Friday so let me give you some gaming news

1)Aspyr Media today announced Sims 2 University for Mac, the first expansion pack to EA's popular The Sims 2, is now live on their Web site and available for pre-order. You can pre-order this game here

2)A look at, Blizzard's multiplayer service for their games, reveals the date 10-7-05 or October 7, 2005 in front of WarCraft and StarCraft images. Click here to check it out.

3) If you have not brought Doom 3 for your mac beacuse you think it may not play well, Download the demo and try it out. You can get it here

4) If your ready to get wacked in Unreal Tournament 2004 in CTF mode, hop on the Darkside Battlegrounds server at IP great maps with great players.


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