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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

It's All About Apple Today

Yes today at 10am pst the curtain will open and "it's all about Apple". The media will set down recorders running ready to post on their website and/or blog what's new from Apple.

Of coarse the people at Think Secret have flipped and flopped on what their inside sources say is coming out.

Still after yesterday's great fourth quarter and fiscal year 2005 earnings revenue of US$3.68 billion for the quarter and a net quarterly profit of $430 million, compared to $2.35 billion and net profit of $106 million for the same quarter a year ago we are looking for something awesome, and hopefully Apple will deliver.

It seems that they will because it seems Tim Cook, Apple's Executive Vice-President of Worldwide Sales and Operations, confirmed that Intel Macs are still on target for shipping by next June. In addition, he said: "I will tell you that we have some very cool PowerPCs in the pipeline, and we are very focused on our current line-up."
Was that a hint??

Even tho Apple's stock price took a nose dive after the closing bell yesterday sliding almost 11 percent to $46.15 in after-hours trading on the Inet electronic brokerage system.
but it also closed on Nasdaq at $51.59, up 2.4 percent.

but even with all that Apple seems to be in step with and Intel is keeping in step with their processors.
According to CNET Yonah, a new notebook chip coming from Intel early next year, will run slightly faster than expected, but may also consume more power than chips coming around the same time.

Gaming Updates
Running With Scissors has released Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend for the Mac and Linux, following the expansion pack’s release for Windows earlier this year. Apocalypse Weekend costs US$19.95.

Team Speex
Mac users who have been waiting for a VoIP chat client may want to check out a program called TeamSpeex. Currently in beta testing. It is fully compatible with existing TeamSpeak servers, and with PC and Linux users.
more info here


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