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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Team Speex beta Released!

That's right today my headline is about a VOIP program. I talk about this because for mac gamers (yes we're out there) there has been none for gaming. Team Speak developers for TS1 and TS2 have ignored Mac users.

Funny thing is I posted in the team Speak forums on Sunday on my opinion on why they took so long on even tring to make a Mac version (they say TS3 will have a Mac version) even tho they where given 2 macs from Apple over 2 years ago, and even noted all the excuses given from forum users why it took so long like: "Macs Suck", to replys from the TS team themselves like "requires a complete compile and we do this on our free time". Then showing them that one man did it in his free time. Also after this one man made this all the TS team could do is send threatening e-mail to him like this:

they told me I had two options:

Based on my actions they may either choose to take legal action on me,
Or I can choose to cooperate and work together with them so that I may make my client available as an unsupported client for Mac OS X.
I have told I choose the latter, which is to cooperate but i’m not sure what that means from their end. I’m still waiting for their reply…
What I got for posting my opinion in their forum was banned from the forum and had the post removed. Even worse was that the developer of team Speex web page has been under a DDoS attack. He's working with his ISP and hopefully will be able to restart the server today or tomorrow. Me I personally think one of the Mac haters/Teamspeak lovers is behind this attack. Which goes to show how low some people will go.

But even with all that, Mac users are resourceful on getting this program out to users.
My buddies at Macologist have put up two download mirrors while the main site comes back online.


Showing why Mac users are smarter.

Another intresting thing was Monday the TS team posted this on their Front news page:
Unofficial Teamspeex Mac Client in Beta - (Normal Priority)
Posted By:florence on Mon Oct 17, 2005 @ 22:26 CEST

It has come to our attention that an unofficial, 3rd party Macintosh client application for Teamspeak 2, known as "Teamspeex", has been made available to the public. We have confirmed through various sources that this Mac client does indeed work well with Teamspeak 2 servers. Further feedback indicates that Teamspeex itself is not quite as feature-rich as its Windows counterpart and that it only supports the Speex codec. However, it does allow you to connect to a Teamspeak 2 server, switch between channels, and contains a push-to-talk option for speaking with other Teamspeak users.

DISCLAIMER: At this time we are trying to work with the author of Teamspeex to determine where this application can be obtained or downloaded. We also have not yet confirmed whether Teamspeex will eventually have its own forum for technical support or open discussion. Hence, in an effort to avoid confusion and negative feedback in our own forums, we have begun (and will continue) to delete any forums topics related to Teamspeex until we have fully assessed the direction upon which the Teamspeex author wants to go. It is our understanding that Teamspeex was briefly made available to the public last week and since then we have received massive traffic and inquiries on the application. Please note that our official position at this time is that clearly, we are acknowledging the existence of Teamspeex, that it is an unofficial 3rd party Teamspeak 2 client application for the Mac, and that in no way are we affiliated with Teamspeex. Please also note that we cannot be held liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages that may arise from the use of the Teamspeex application.

So now that you find out the program works well you want sound like your on his side?? Give me a break.

BTW: Team Speex is a beta (version 1.0) Some Mac users where having problem talking to other mac users. I am currently with others from Macologist testing a update 1.0 v255 that may solve this problem. A 2 day turn over, faster then anything the whole team at TS ever did for there PC brothern.

If you want to keep updated while the developer gets his page up, click over to this page or post bugs here, both at the Macologist website.

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  • At 10/19/2005 09:03:00 PM, Anonymous boolean said…

    Yo Cg5! Glad you've got your TeamSpeex on. Installation was pretty painless for me. Hopefully Savvy gets back up-and-running real soon so we can all partake of his patches as they are published.

    nice work. :)

  • At 10/20/2005 08:50:00 AM, Blogger CG5Addict said…

    Ya Team Speex is a awesome app for OSX and look foward to chatting with all you guys.



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