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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Team Speex Controversy

Well, well, ever since my last post on the subject of TeamSpeex, I see the folks at Macologist had some questions answered they submitted to the guys at TeamSpeak Communications Systems regarding the unofficial Mac client.

"Question List:

* What are the legal issues from your point of view that you would like to protect yourselves against, when dealing with an unofficial client?

First, let us explain that we will refrain from making any comments with regard to our legal position on the Teamspeex matter. The Mac community should know that we have made several attempts to offer our assistance to Mr. Hu, including but not limited to, offering a Teamspeex discussion section in our forums where he would be granted moderator privi, hosting the latest release version of Teamspeex granted that he sign a simple waiver that frees us of any support obligations or liability with Teamspeex, and even the possibility of further discussing the Teamspeak protocol itself to improve upon his application. At no point has he requested, nor accepted our help, and at no point were we even made aware of the Teamspeex project until it exploded into the community last week. Despite all of this, we hope to hear back from Mr. Hu and make something positive of this mess.

* Is Teamspeak for Windows & Linux a commercial or free product? Under what license is it distributed?

The Teamspeak client has always been, and always will be, a free product. Licensing occurs from use of the SERVER in a commercial environment, not the
client. Most common questions with regard to licensing can be answered by visiting our FAQ and pricing pages at

* Is it true that Teamspeak Communications Systems is threatening potential legal action against Yun Zheng Hu?

Once again, we will refrain from making any comments with regard to our legal position on the Teamspeex matter. "

The full Q & A can be found Here

But I still have some questions of my own. I was reading through the posts in the TeamSpeak forums which I'm still banned from posting (see here), and still don't completly understand TeamSpeak's position.

I read Civic's post in their forums where he states
" I got many rather positive answers from "R. Ludwig" and then they posted the official statement a bit later that day. "

But I still don't understand the some what childish and defensive reply by "R. Ludwig" in the first place.
"IF we wanted to sue anyone, it would be happened a long time ago
IF we wanted to sue the mac client developer, do you think we would post a news on our homepage ?
IF we wanted to sue him, do you think we would offer him help ?"

I'm sorry but misunderstandings are gonna happen when a person from TeamSpeak blurts out comments of this sort to the public no matter what was said properly and/or positivly behind closed doors (private e-mail).

What tension comes out from any consumer/user of a product is when they feel they are ignored. As a high profile company in the gaming arena this should have been handled in a more professional manner.
Plus "Mugendai" did have a point in this post:

"The difficulty in TS, has got to be handling of the network connections, and dealing with the sound systems of varying OSes(something that can be extreamly simplified by using a library like wxWidgets), and compiling and making proper use of all of those codecs. But still, an entire year? Thats a long time to not have anything to show. For instance a concice list of features planned for 3.0 sure would be nice. And a lil checklist that shows progress could be great."

PC and Mac users had very few progress reports really, and to top it off, Mac users had no TeamSpeak to use to keep us occupied while waiting for the latest version to come out with Mac compatibilty. Plus you can get pretty pissed reading through these posts in the TeamSpeak fourms.

I'm not here to start a flame war, just to point out to the TeamSpeak Team, don't act like Bill Gates and think because a lot of people like and use your product you can ignore them, because just like friends, you ignore them long enough, they will leave you.

Intel Mac Games
On Apples developer connection page, they talk about Aspyr's work behind bringing their games to Intel based Macs. But is that all that is getting worked on?, Some think that Apple is out to unseat the OS selling (not best OS by any means) King Microsoft.

In a quote from NewsFactor online:
"Apple Computer executives have said that the company will not license out its OS for Intel-based PCs, but that has not stopped speculation that Apple will pursue that strategy to go after the Microsoft Windows empire.
If Apple does -- and it would not be the first time the company has voiced denials all the way up to a product launch or a new direction -- it could make for quite a battle in the OS world."

Well just because Steve makes the cover of Time magazine, puts out new iPods, G5's and new software (Aperture) which from what I see in it's present form does not pose any threat, but is a tool that complements Adobe Photoshop.

Just because he has a awesome team does not mean that he's ready for a coup.
but just like Phil Schadler said:
"Apple will keep doing what it's doing, and most likely that means they hope Windows users will make the switch on their own," said Schadler. "But they're not going to tear down what they've built to try to conquer the OS world."

But Like Steve says, there is always "One More thing"....


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