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Thursday, October 06, 2005

What Will It Be Damn It??!!

Man, I'm going crazy reading all these different reports about what Apple is gonna announce on Oct 12. From Video iPods to new Airport to New Powerbooks to new duel core PowerMacs to Video content on the iTunes store to a Mac mini tricked out to be a TiVo.
I like this quote:
"Hmmm. Now, if Apple CEO Steve Jobs knows we know about an iPod with video and music videos from the iTunes Music Store, then he’ll pull a switcheroo on us, and announce something else, like new PowerBooks and PowerMacs.

However, if we know that he knows we know about the PowerBooks and PowerMacs, will he announce something else entirely? Yes. But if we know that he knows that we know he knows what we know, he’ll almost certainly go back to the original idea and introduce iPods with video, and music videos from iTMS."

Are you confused?? Good, then your like everybody else. From the Mac Daily News to the Apple Insider to Forbes to Think Secret have all different views.

Matter of fact Think Secret seems to want to throw out facts behind why they think it's not a video iPod. Seems they read peoples comments on the web on how many times they maybe wrong on Apple predections after Apple wanting to sue them.

A quote form Think Secret:

"While a video-capable iPod remains in development, without the agreements nor infrastructure in place to deliver movies to customers through a store-like interface, Apple sees little value in releasing such an iPod at this time. Apple insiders have also said executives see consumers needing the capability to easily import the DVD movies they own to a usable format (similar to the encoding functionality provided for audio CDs with iTunes) in order for a video iPod to be truly successful. The complexity to date of accomplishing such a feat has meant only a minority of computer users have dabbled with watching full-length movies on their computer, with most of those having acquired the content through file sharing services."

While I seem to agree with this logic because the video would be so small on the display, that you’d need a magnifying glass to view it. Watching Angelina Jolie in the shower scene in Tomb Raider would lose it's effect.

Further, unless the video iPod shipped with a massive hard drive, the footage would have to be re-encoded to make the file size lower or the Video iPod would have to have massive hard drive.

Of coarse the Apple Insider has a differnt view.


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