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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Who's Afraid Apple?

While I sat at my computer reading a article about the federal judge overseeing Microsoft Corp.'s business practices scolding the company Wednesday over a proposal to force manufacturers to tether iPod-like devices to Microsoft's own music player software. I could not help and think to myself, "who's afraid of who"?.

Is Bill Gates seeing a trend of losing ground in the computer market? Is their strategy of marketing beginning to lose it's punch? Are people getting tired of waiting for version 3, 4, or 5 with security patch 237.6 revision889 to get a stable program from Mirosoft, while still having to update virus protection hourly?( o.k. so i'm exaggerating how often)

But people are wanting the software to be easy to use and done right the first time with minimal worries.

I think if Apple continues in the path they are going, giving consumers easy to use, great looking products Apple could become one of the most important, if not the most powerful computer eletronics(CE) company someday. And while Microsoft should still be feared by the CE folks, Apple could be the one company that gives them the most problems in the future. And I think Mr.Gates see's this happening, that's why he tries stuff like this. Because even with dumb ass lawsuits happening, Apple still steps up.

According to the Apple Insider:
"In an effort to improve both customer satisfaction and the quality of its music players, Apple in some countries will replace any fifth-generation iPod (video) player that exhibit signs of hardware failure, with little-to-no questions asked."

Also as a result of problems with the nano, Apple now ships a standard soft protective sleeve with each fifth-generation iPod video player that it sells. The company is also expected to include a standard protective casing with future revisions to the iPod nano.

But because of the lawsuits Apple nor the iPod are going anywhere, People are finding many was of using this great product for more then just music.

Osman Ratib, professor and chief of nuclear medicine at the University Hospital of Geneva, has co-created a computer software program called Osirix. It enables medical professionals to view medical images on their iPods, saving them and the hospitals they work for thousands of dollars in expensive equipment.

The medical images which are stored in a format called Diacom (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) so they created a function on the software that allowed the format to be modified so they could be visible on the iPod.

The software also incorporates Apple's instant messaging system, iChat, so that other users of the system can see what you have on your screen, which means you can show images to colleagues remotely.

Apple Updates Backup 3.0
Apple has released Backup 3.0.1 to its Software Update servers.

Apple says the new release addresses file restoration and other issues and is highly recommended for all users of Backup 3.0.

Enhancements were made in the following areas:
Restoring files to alternate location
Accuracy of iDisk progress bar when uploading files

Need A iChat Boost?
Ecamm Network has released PowerBoost, a new shareware add-on for iChat AV 3 that makes multi-party conferences possible from any Mac. PowerBoost allows users to use any G4-based Mac to both participate in and initiate multi-party video conferences, PowerBoost is available as a seven-day demo.

Cost is $8.00 for one user
3 user pack for $18.95

Other News
An independent team of Finnish over-clockers has made world history by over-clocking a graphics processor to engine clock levels above 1 GHz. The record was set on the recently-announced Radeon® X1800 XT graphics processor from ATI Technologies Inc.

According to CCNMatthews
"Noted Finnish over-clockers Sampsa Kurri and Ville Suvanto achieved graphics engine clocks of 1.003 GHz and a memory speed of 1.881 GHz (940.50 MHz DDR (dual data-rate) memory clocks) with maximum system stability and no visual artifacts.

The team, optimistic that higher speeds could ultimately be achieved with the Radeon X1800 XT, attained the record speeds using a custom-built liquid nitrogen cooling system that cooled the graphics processor to minus-80 degrees Celsius."
You can find a screen shot here

Safari Shortcuts

Decided to post a few Safari shortcuts to make your life a little easier.

Block pop-up window: ⌘+K
Open a new window: ⌘+N
Open a new tab: ⌘+T
Close current tab: ⌘+W
Make text bigger: ⌘+ Plus(+)
Make text smaller: ⌘+Minus (-)
Open Link in a New window or tab: ⌘+Click
Apple autofill to open web form: ⌘+Shift+A
Add current page to bookmarks menu: ⌘+Shift+D
Open bookmarks library: ⌘+Option+B
Empty the cache: ⌘+Option+E
Jump to the Google search box: ⌘+Option+F
Mark page to return to later: ⌘+Option+K
Return to marked page: ⌘+Option+P
View page source: ⌘+Option+V


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