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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

10.4.3 Released!

O.K. Finally what all the rumors sites have been saying was coming soon finally came out yesterday afternoon. You can get it through software update.

As always it's good to repair premissions before and after the update.

Me I always:
1)Boot from the Tiger DVD (holding "C" button while computer restarts) and Repair the disk and Repair disk permissions
2) Restart and repair disk permissions again (not from DVD but from disk utility on hard drive)
3) I boot from DiskWarrior CD (v3.03) holding the "C' button again, and I rebuild the directory then restart.
4)I run disk utilities again repairing permissions.
5)Run software Update and install OS X update and restart.
*note this restart will be very slow be patient*
6)Repair permissions once more and restart.

This is my routine, seems like a lot to do, but I have not once (so far) have had a problem with my computer with any OS X update.

MacFixit has steps they call taking it "one step further" where you:

1)First create a backup of your startup volume.
2)Drag the folder located in /Library/Caches (the Library folder at the root level of your hard drive) to the trash.
3)Download the standalone version of Mac OS X 10.4.3 and save it for later.
4)Startup (restart) your Mac using a drive other than your usual startup drive as the boot volume. This can include an eDrive created by TechTool Pro, or better, an external FireWire. Make sure that this drive includes a copy of Disk Utility (which can simply be copied from your normal startup volume).
5)Launch Disk Utility from the temporary startup drive. Perform a "Repair Disk" operation on your normal startup drive (which should now appear as another mounted volume in the Finder)
6)Again restart, this time booting from your normal startup volume, while holding the "Shift" key to boot in Safe Mode.
7)Apply Mac OS X 10.4.3 and restart when prompted, this time without holding the "Shift" key.
8)Again, repair permissions using Disk Utility

You can get the Standalone Delta Update here 97mb
or the Combo Update here 109mb

Problems that I see that may arise are with shareware or add-ons to your system that need to be updated.

So far the only application my wife is having a problem with is Internet Explorer which she used to get mail from Pepperdine College mail server( would not work with Firefox or Safari). IE would stall when first starting up and loading the homepage, forcing me to quit the program as it showed up as "not responding".

Well after the 10.4.3 update, Safari now works with the website, so now the only reason I keep it, is to make sure this blog looks good to those who still insist on using IE.

The MacFixit webpage also has a list of what's updated in 10.4.3 plas a link where you can send e-mail and find help with your update problems.

Also Updated was Apple Motion (v2.0.1)
The new release provides improved reliability and compatibility with Apple's PCI-Express based PowerMac G5 hardware.

Of coarse sometimes some companys take advantage of some updates. According to Jack Whispers blog Alsoft wants to charge you $12.95 plus S&H to update DiskWarrior to 3.03 version 39, which according to Jack Whispers all Alsoft did was "added was a few boot files".

Well he does have one good point, the revision number didn't change. So this should have been made available as a downloadable update. Pushing for more cash is greed at it's worst.

iPod & iTunes
Well today iLounge released it's Holiday Buyers' Guide 2005-2006 packed with all sorts of new and amazing iPod goodies, plus ratings of over 650 accessories and iPods and exclusive new reviews, previews, and features.

But while Apple celebrates selling over 1 million videos in less the 20 days, others debate whither Should Apple leave the iPod and iTunes Music Store as they are? Or, open the iPod to other online stores?.

But that's not the only debate, Cornell University has it's own internal debate on whither to continue using Napsters lame music program. Apparently Napster campus representatives held Napster Night yesterday evening in the Carl E. Becker House dining hall. The event was designed to promote Napster to Cornell students as the Student Assembly will need to vote on whether to fund the program again next year as part of the student activities fee.

But why use Napster?, over 92% of mp3 players out there are iPods. Students with iPods would be able to listen to Napster songs on their computers, but would not be able to transfer the Napster songs from the computer to their iPods. And if they own a Mac would need Virtual PC ($250). All this just to use a weak program called Napster? Give me a break!

Apple has their own iTunes on Campus program which "provides an institutional site license for the iTunes application, materials you can use for student communications, and the ability to purchase songs for your students at a discount. The program is easy-to-administer and the institutional license is free." Also guess what?? works on Macs and PC (windows) computers.
Choosing a service that is incompatible with majority of MP3 players the students on campus are using is just plan dumb.

Also why continue pushing this PC program?, Apple is gaining in a lot of areas now a days, while others like Dell are losing ground.

Also there are so many great products out there for iPods, ArsTechica has a complete review of Harman/Kardon Drive + Play.

They give their Pros and Cons:

Great iPod integration
Well-designed components
Easy to use
Multiple installation configurations

UI flaws
Not-so-simple installation
Navigation differences from iPod

And it ends up with a 9 out of 10.

This and That's
The Mac Observer posted a article yesterday saying
"Front Row, Apple's new media management software, will work with Macs other than the new iMac on which it ships, according to reports submitted by TMO readers. According to those reports, the software worked when installed on a Power Mac G5 along with Apple's Universal Dock, which has a built-in infrared receiver, or Xkeys, software that allows you to customize your function keys."
We will see how this pans out, and if Apple will make this availible to all mac users.

Aspyr today announced that it will release this December Call of Duty Deluxe, a bundle including Call of Duty and the Call of Duty: United Offensive expansion pack.

10.4 Finder Shortcuts
Here are a few shortcuts for your finder

Display all open windows- F9
Show all windows in the active application -F10
Move all open windows out of view- F11
Show all loaded widgets -F12
Start an advanced file search- ⌘+F
Get information about a selected file- ⌘+I
Create an alias of the selected file or folder- ⌘+L
Open a new Finder window -⌘+N
Add selected item to the sidebar- ⌘+T
Move the selected item to the trash- ⌘+Delete
Stop the current process -⌘+. (period)
Switch to previous Application -⌘+Tab
Open the Applications folder -⌘+Shift+A
Open your home folder -⌘+Shift+H
Open Network Browser -⌘+Shift+K
Create a new folder -⌘+Shift+N
Empty the Trash -⌘+Shift+Delete
Force a dtalled application to quit- ⌘+Option+ESC
Empty trash without warning -⌘+Option+Delete


  • At 11/01/2005 02:36:00 PM, Blogger Sleye said…

    If you check out "The Unofficial Apple Weblog" Podcast on iTunes their 4th episode labeled "Reader Video: Front Row on a Mac Mini" actually shows a video of just that. It even shows the guy using his cell to activate it.

  • At 11/01/2005 04:18:00 PM, Blogger CG5Addict said…

    My point was in hopes that Apple makes this availible to all Mac computers.


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