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Thursday, November 17, 2005

AMD and Quad CPU's

Well, well, I started to read about AMD preparing to release quad-core CPUs in 2007 and it just brings a smile to my face.

I keep thnking of this Intel switch and I also see a lot of new openings for AMD in the CPU market for Apple. Sure Intel seems like it's gonna be Apple's primary CPU supplier, but there's nothing wrong with having a 2nd supplier, and AMD is a great one.

My personal thought was why Apple didn't go with with them in the first place, could of been AMD might not have been able to do the PC (windows) market and Apple at the same time.

We may never know, but seeing AMD doing the quad-core cpu looks good to me especially after AMD has risen in recent months, moving up to 17.8 percent of x86 CPU shipments, from 16.2 in the second quarter and 15.9 percent in the same quarter a year ago, as well as beating Intel to dual-core CPUs. In addition, the chip maker says that they will be switching to a new internal architecture for their x86 CPUs in 2008 or 2009.

As one way of growing, AMD aims to double the number of computer platforms available from top-tier manufacturers that use its chips.

Marty Seyer, AMD's general manager for commercial business and performance computing said "We're going to be the preeminent server supplier."

I think that AMD will Apple's next CPU supplier.

Popular Science honors Apple's Mac OS X Spotlight

Popular Science has honored Apple's Mac OS X Spotlight search technology in its 'Best of What's New' roundup for 2005.

According to their article:

"Most desktop search tools are perpetually a step behind, periodically snooping your machine to find new and changed files. But Spotlight, the search function in Apple's new Tiger operating system, updates the instant anything changes because it's built into the core of the OS. That integration also means that the search function is available in the Save and Open dialog boxes of other applications. And Spotlight searches more metadata—the information about a file, such as who created it or what camera it was taken with—than ever before, so as long as you sort of know what you're looking for, you'll probably find it. $130 (for the entire OS)"
Other News
Think Secret is saying that "highly reliable sources" have confirmed that Apple is planning to release its first entry-level iBook laptops with Intel processors next January at Macworld Expo in San Francisco.

A qoute form the site:
"It is not known exactly what processors or price points the new models will debut at, but it is thought Apple will expand the iBook line with one additional model and will lower prices—in some cases possibly $200 or more—to entice current Windows users and prove to the market it will be more competitive with the likes of Dell, Gateway, HP and Sony."
Quad Review
Computer World has a review on their page and the say "for anyone in the broadcast, sciences, music, print and photography industries, I have some advice: Place your orders now!" "The Power Mac G5 Quad: Seat belt not included!"

Red Orchestra 3.3 Released
Macologist on the 14th released Red Orchestra 3.3 for mac users.

This updated release includes the following features:

•A unique player momentum system, giving an ever-more lifelike feel to movement within the game. The player doesn't just stop and start instantly, but takes a moment to get moving, or to stop.

•An item that has long been on the request list: different speeds depending on the direction of movement. The player now slows when strafing or moving backwards, for added realism.

•Improved AI for the bots operating vehicles: the driver will stop and go when ordered - and you can order the bots out of the vehicle if you want it all to yourself!

•One beautiful new map, never seen before: Baksan Valley!

•With full access to the UT engine, they have been able to throw in some major rendering optimizations. This is showing an improvement of up to 40% in frame-rates on lower-end CPUs. Additionally, a number of the maps have been further optimized for improved performance.

•Vehicle movement has been improved: the brakes on tanks now hold the tank from rolling down shallow hills - and they won't "spin" so easily!


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