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Monday, November 21, 2005

Black Friday

Well Apple again is having a a very special one-day shopping event called "The Feast after the Feast", a after thanksgiving day sale. Previous events offered free stocking-stuffers, special extra savings off Apple hardware and software, and other products plus a chance to win products from the store. Specific deals will not be known until the day of the event.

Of coarse you will be shopping at (according to Consumer Reports) the #1 rated store for "manufacturer direct" online stores that offer computer customization.

Apple was rated No. 1 with an overall score of 93. The closest challenger was IBM, which scored an 86, followed by Dell with 84, Compaq/HP with 83, Toshiba and Sony both with 82, and Gateway with 80.

Consumer Reports awarded with its top Quick Pick for customized computer buys, while noting that Apple does not allow returns of custom or refurbished computers.

The complete survey results will be published in the December issue of Consumer Reports magazine according to The Apple Insider. Plus Apple also is the 7th largest music retailer.

Well whither your in a Apple store or shopping online to get you new video iPod you may want to think about TiVo, yes TiVo, the companys TiVoToGo service will soon allow users who recorded video through the system be able to convert that video, to video formatted for the video-capable Apple iPod and Sony’s PlayStation Portable.

TiVoToGo for now is Windows PCs only, The company claims that it is “working hard to enable TiVoToGo features available on TiVo Desktop for Mac.”

TiVo plans to begin testing its iPod and PSP service in the next few weeks, looking forward into making the feature available to all its subscribers by early next year.

While TiVoToGo is currently free for subscribers, it seems customers who wish to use TiVo formatted video for their iPods and PSPs will need to buy additional software to enable the content transfer.

They say it will be available to subscribers for a one-time, $15 to $30 fee - and is being made without Apple's approval according to The Wall street journal. Some like ZDNet seem to think it will bring out Apple's lawyers.

This thought may be right seeing that this could cut into Apple's profits of the iTunes store which lets you buy TV shows formatted for your iPod for $1.99(U.S.).

Russell Shaw from ZDNet writes:
"when I read about deals that use Apple's technology without their approval, not only am I seeing a direct, in your face challenge to a deal that has been heavily vetted, but I am starting to envision meetings between one Mr. Jobs and Apple's corporate counsel. Not to mention meetings between one Mr. Iger (Disney CEO Robert Iger) and his legal eagles."
We will have to keep a eye on this to see how progresses.

Meanwhile the guys at Joystiq show us a iPod working just fine with the XBox 360 as it shows the music list on your TV.

10.4.3 X86 Hacked?
Well according to "Hack in the Box" a Hacker known as "Maxxuss" the so called "hacking God of the OS X x86 world" has cracked the TPM implementation in OS X 10.4.3 allowing it to run on non-Apple hardware, and also has been able to make the OS available to those who don’t have the most cutting edge hardware available.

This of coarse is unconfirmed, but according to the site expect to show "a full review on the OS X x86 10.4.3 experience" in their next e-zine release slated for the 1st week of December.

Well continuing with Apple security, it seems eEye Digital Security has updated their warning about a bug in Quicktime that allows anyone logged in to your Mac or PC, to those logged into you PC(windows) to run any program they wish, regardless of permission settings.

High (Remote Code Execution)

Software Affected:
Various Apple Quicktime versions

Operating Systems Affected:
All windows

Dell & AMD?
It seems Dell is gonna make a switch and start offering notebooks, desktops, and servers with AMD prosessors.

Seems like the guys at ARS Technica wanna know why as much as I do:
"one wonders why, with Merom/Conroe just on the horizon, they seem to be ready to try AMD now. It's the timing of this thing that's the most odd, and this brings me to my second possible motivation for Dell's move. It could be that Dell is hedging their bets against some kind of Apple commodity PC play. Apple will be stepping into more direct competition with Dell once The Switch gets up and going, so perhaps Dell wants to open up their options in order to give themselves more room to maneuver against a rival that will be tied solely to Intel.

Dell might not have Apple's industrial design prowess, and they certainly won't have anything like OS X and related Apple software, but what they will have if they open up to AMD is the very good possibility of beating an Intel-only shop like Apple in price/performance."

First I see Gates using G5's for his Xbox 360, now Dell stepping on to AMD for their computers and servers computer chips.

It just seems to me like some people always wanna do things opposite of Apple. Which seems like the wrong thing to do now a days.


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