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Thursday, November 03, 2005

I Wanna Get High,.....So High!

Well it seems that Apple shares is doing just that. Getting high, a new high that is.
Apple Computer Inc. (AAPL) continued its year-long rise, climbing another $1.79, or 2.8%, to a 52-week high of $61.74. Today opening at $60.26 and going as high as $62.32 as of 11:06am PST.

Well now you ask why should you care? Well if you don't own any Apple shares you might not, but it does make you wonder how some "reporters" (I use that word lightly) keep their jobs with articles like this.

The Guardian a online newspaper from the U.K. just starts rambling on and talking out of it's ass from the gate.
"Apple has stunned everyone with its latest product: beautifully designed, streets ahead of the competition and threatening to revolutionise the market all by itself. We're talking about the iPod digital music player, of course. But that intro could just as easily have been written about the Macintosh computer in 1984. Or the Newton handheld in 1993. Or even the Apple II in 1977.
You've heard of the Mac, you say, but the what and the what?

This is not the first time Apple has found itself with the best product in a market it has almost single-handedly created. "

Hold on, you not comparing the iPod and iTunes to the Newton and the Apple II are you?
First of all the iPod works with Macs and windows unlike any other online music store.
Second, You don't even need an iPod to enjoy iTunes and the iTunes Music Store. Many people buy music and listen to it on their computers or use iTunes to burn CDs.

McCarthy also writes.
"But, as more people start downloading music, Apple risks losing the market by insisting everyone do it its way. It has its preferred format - AAC - and it makes sure the iTunes software and the iPod hardware speak only to one another. It will only take one company to produce and license a sharper piece of software for Apple's products to become just one among the compatible many."

The iPod and iTunes are not Mac computers and you Kieren McCarthy should stop trying to compare them. I just don't see how you come up an analogy between Mac Computer and OS and the iPod/iTunes symbiotic relationships. This simply highlights how ignorant, bias, and how much of a plain dumb ass you are. You need to read up more about the the application, who can use it, and what it does. You seemed to have just skipped through the system requirements.

The iPod is not the Lisa, or the QuickTake 100. Mac sales growth now far outpaces PC growth.
And from what I have read people should not listen to ANYTHING the UK press has to say about Apple. It seems the anti-Apple brigade are deeply entrenched in the U.K., and you can in no way get an impartial comment.

Mac market share is rising in the UK, but you wouldn't think it by reading the Guardian.
Yes, "Apple has enjoyed success before - only to see it vanish…." But the iPod and iTunes are in a whole different era and category and are parts of a larger plan to have people switch back or over to the Mac platform. Which if I may add seems to be working because you can read about it all over the web, It's called the "Halo Effect".

but lets see what other areas Apple is trying. hmmm, according to it seems

"Apple has agreed to give 50 state-of-the-art iPods to Gracemount High School to be used in lessons by pupils and teachers.

A second-year class was chosen to take part in the project, and every pupil will receive their own iPod, as will each subject teacher, all of whom have undergone special training.

The iPod can be used to record lessons, allowing pupils to study them at home, listen to audio books, keep an up-to-date record of their homework assignments and download video lessons directly from the internet."

But that can't be right, iPods can only be used with macs right Kieren? and it's just a short success right?, "It will only take one company to produce and license a sharper piece of software for Apple's products to become just one among the compatible many."

Well lets see hows Napster doing?, their sharp and call themselfs "the biggest brand in digital music", lets see how thay are doing. Hmmm, seems like they reported financial results for their fiscal second quarter ending September 30, 2005.

Looks like they posted a net loss of US$13.6 million, or 32 US cents a share, compared with a net loss of US$15.3 million, or 44 US cents per share in the year-ago quarter. Revenues of US$23.4 million compared with US$9.3 million.

Well lets compare those to Apple, On October 11th, Apple announced their earnings results for the quarter ended September 24, 2005. Apple reported revenue of $3.68 billion and net income of $430 million.

Apple's music revenue totaled $1.477 billion for the quarter. In the last quarter, Apple matched Napster's total quarterly music revenue of $23.4 million sometime during the 34th hour of their quarter. Now who's "the biggest brand in digital music"?

But hold on, Apple can't be gaining right? Something else most be happening. Well yes it is, some companys are losing ground. Like Dell, who has now missed expectations for two consecutive quarters.

As BusinessWeek put it
"Projected sales and earnings shortfalls are the latest signs that Dell's days of domination over its PC-industry peers may be coming to an end[....] companies with more innovative products and better support, such as Apple, are growing at a faster pace."

Hmm, seems like Apple is not a "one trick pony". Even Apple's browser (Safari) has become he world's third-most popular Web browser. It also looks like browser users of Internet Explorer for Mac are switching to Safari because the global usage share is still growing. One Mac user being my wife who no longer needs to use it to get her web mail from Pepperdine or Chaffey College every since the 10.4.3 update.

Apple's Safari Web browser also became the first browser to pass the Acid2 test. For those who don't know, Acid2 is a test page written to help browser vendors ensure proper support for Web standards in their products. Safari's lead was followed by internal builds of iCab and Konqueror, which both passed the test. Currently, Safari is the only publicly available browser to pass Acid2. The latest preview of Opera reportedly comes close to meeting the strict standards, with only one outstanding bug.

By the way Modzilla updated their Firefox browser to v1.5rc1 on Tuesday.

but Apple's not that great right Kieren?, I mean Apple's retail stores are only continuing to be a driving force behind the company's recent success.

I mean in the most recent quarter, the stores only turned a profit of $35 million in revenue of $663 million, up 19 and 21 percent, respectively, from the previous quarter. Over the last five years Apple's retail store revenue has nearly doubled year-over-year. Apple is also is number one in customer service.

But sure, keep Kieren McCarthy on your staff, shooting her mouth off without turning on her brain first. I'm sure with people like that on board, The Guardian will continue to be a crap bias paper.

Apple releases Airport Update 2005-001

Apple yesterday released Airport Update 2005-001 via Mac OS X's Software Update utility. According to the release notes, this update "fixes reliability and resolves AirPort compatibility issues with certain third party 802.11 cards and access points for Mac OS X v10.4.3 and later."

You can get the standalone download here 776 kb

Paul Taylor's November issue of Mac Hints & Tips is now available for viewing and
downloading at here. Twelve pages of great info!


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