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Friday, November 11, 2005

Laughing on Friday

Well After posting here yesterday I got 2 guys who disagreed with me in a forum.

what I say to that is this

And if that comic from PC Weenies is not funny enough, then how bout this from Crazy Apples Rumors site

Or even this article called "The story of Shufflicious - making an ipod case to sell"

Some need to laugh once in a while.

Some lead, some follow, some wait to see what is popular before they follow.And The Emmy for Best Actor on iPods Goes to ..., Just goes to show how everybody moves to what is popular, and the iPod and PlayStation Portable are hot.

Apple Sleeves Nano's
Apple has quietly added a protective fabric sleeve to the packages of all iPod nanos. As first noted in the iLounge forums, the slip cases are identical to the ones included with fifth-generation iPods.

As you all know by now about the suit against Apple. So is this damage control or Apple saying
"Here you go you cheap asses who where to cheap to buy a cover for your Nano!"

I'll go with the Latter.

Apple Xmas Gifts?
The Apple insider has two articles here and here about how Apple may bring some gifts out out before xmas.

First on is about Apple possibly bringing out 10.4.4.

A quote from the website says:
"Apple has historically completed and released to the public a maintenance update to its Mac OS X operating system just prior the Christmas holiday and the company's short winter vacation.

Last year Apple released Mac OS X 10.3.7 on December 15th and the year before issued Mac OS X 10.3.2 on December 17th. Back in 2002, the Mac maker posted to its website Mac OS X 10.2.3 on December 19th, just days before the holidays. "

As for the second link, they talk about a rumored pink Madonna iPod and/or dual-core versions of Apple's Xserve enterprise servers.
"So far there isn't much to go on, but rumblings indicate that Apple is gearing up to make some form of final hardware-related announcement as early as next Monday. With seemingly all of its holiday-focused consumer products already on the market, sources speculate that the announcement could range anywhere from the externally-rumored pink Madonna iPod (her new album is due on Tuesday) to dual-core versions of Apple's Xserve enterprise servers. In somewhat related news, Apple this week dropped the price on its Xserve Apple Drive Module 74GB Serial ATA 10K RPM and also added Bell Micro as a distributor of its Xserve and Xserve RAID products in the US. Bell Micro joins two existing US-based Apple distributors: Tech Data and Ingram Micro."
There's some talk about the uphill battle Apple may have locking OSX for their intel computers.
I guess that's better then getting sued over a dumb DRM for CD's especially since there are bots spotted for it.

A update to FireFox v 1.5 Release Candidate 2 is out. you can get it here.
Downloading proved to be a probelm, as clicking the link caused a web page full of text rather than downloading the file.

Clicking while holding the "Option" key forced a download but I had to delete the ".html" file extension then it mounted just fine. They need to fix this on the Firefox Web site.


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