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Friday, November 04, 2005

Thank God It's Friday!

I say that because it seems some people do and say the dumbest things. Now yesterday I had a few words to say about a website called The Guardian. Now I started this blog to give information to Mac users and PC users (windows OS) wanting more insight on Apple and why people like using Apple products.

I wanted this page not to be bias, or a whine and bitch page. But it seems some websites can't help themselves from talking out the side of their neck, so it forces me pull their card.

So I point out this dumbass website called the OSX 86 project, where they say on their main page:
"Welcome to the OSx86 Project, where you can get the latest news about OS X on x86 hardware. We're not about hacking - we're here to discuss the world's most advanced OS on x86 hardware."

So on october 30, 2005 they posted this:
"We've received reports that the rather creative OSx86 hacking community has created another release, this time to update existing 10.4.1 installations to many of the new features introduced in 10.4.3. Sources indicate that the new security features implemented in 10.4.3 have prevented a full release and that this update is in lieu of that release.

This packaged, dubbed a "10.4.1 Update", reportedly installs many of the 10.4.3 files including an updated Safari & Webkit, the x86 unibin of Flash, a Quicktime 7.0.4 patch and other speed enhancements.

As of this writing, the 600 mb torrent was being actively seeded and had been posted to the usual suspects."

Hmm, so you tell all the PC hackers out there go click to your nearest torrent website and download the latest version of the Intel version of OSX. Of coarse you have been looking yourself and downloading from these sites or you would not know the exact size of the file.

So in the end to cover your asses you write:
"As always, The OSx86 Project does not condone piracy. Downloading these files is a crime. We have not and will not be a party to illegal activities. This information, like all our news, is to keep you up-to-date on the latest news. Please don’t steal."
As always? How many stolen files are you guys always posting about with great anticipation and enthusiasm? The whole website is based on files that are stolen (you call them leaked).

Any Devoloper who was found leaking this information would find Apple's legal department at their front door. But that's not you right? So lets look at your latest article:
"Hot on the heels of a 10.4.1“update” which pulled parts from an uncracked 10.4.3 OSx86 to improve the already cracked version, we’ve received confirmed reports that the full OS X 10.4.3 installation DVD has been leaked via bittorrent. Although the TPM restrictions are still protecting the OS as of this writing, the word on the street is that hackers have already begun dissecting Apple’s new security measures. We are told that the TPM protections in 10.4.3 are significantly stronger, indicating that Apple has used the previous two releases to refine their mechanism for hardware control."

"We are told that the TPM protections in 10.4.3 are significantly stronger", Um ya think?? With A-holes like these guys and their fellow buddy hackers out there Apple has to step it up.

but again to cover the asses they leave you with a little note that makes them look legit:
"Oh... and... don't steal."
Give me a break, all this website is trying to do is find a way that they can hack OSX to windows based computer..... for free.

Wish the same energy was used to find ways early in OS X days to get other hardware like windows based videocards and soundcards to work on a Mac. But that would mean you really where doing this to drive Apple and the Mac platform forward, and I really doubt that is your intention.

But then there are others out there that seem to be on your side but it seems all they want is your money,and hide behind a Mac name.

This is what seems to be a shady Mac Company. This is a place called The Mac Support which seems to be doing some shady things. According to Jack Whispers blog, the page has a few things that make it seems like shady operation.

Like the posting of a notice on the bottom of the website to give an appearance of integrity and a false security.
"Apple products may only be purchased at an Authorized Apple Reseller Location. The Mac Support Store enables up to date anti-fraud safeguards, and will prosceute all fraudulent orders to the fullest extent of both national and international law. Additionally, we report any fraudulent activity to the FBI Internet Fraud Complaint Center at"
The article gets your blood flowing when he adds the CEO Jeff Graber (who is also a contributing editor for Macsimum News) in to the mix.

The site claims to be Apple Authorized, but Jack nor I could find them here on Apple's offical reseller locator. Also the gif with the "Authorized reseller" logo leads nowhere.

You can read the full article here. I would say until more information is found out about this website, stay away!

Well it seems somebody is watching what some people are doing and saying. Ventrilo yesterday was released for the first time on OS X. The Mac client is a functional prototype, so it does not have all of the features that are currently available on the Windows version. Minimum system requirements are listed as OS X 10.3 or later, and a 1.0 Ghz or faster processor.

According to the Macologist website:
"This client is compatible with all Version 2.3.x servers and is 100% interoperable with all 2.3.x Windows clients."
The one thing I found intresting was a message on the bottom of the Ventrilo webpage we they write:
"Since the Mac client is developed by the same company that created the Ventrilo product line, there is no need to worry about legal ambiguities or if the Mac client will continue to be developed and supported."
Seems somebody has been reading from the TeamSpeex, Macologist, TeamSpeak websites and/or this blog.

QuickTime Code Execution Holes?
Multipul reports of security flaws in Apple's QuickTime media player that could put users at risk of code execution attacks, Apple confirmed in an advisory issued late Thursday.

The vulnerabilities could give malicious hackers an open door to take over a vulnerable system or to launch denial-of-service attacks.

Affected software include QuickTime 6.x through 7.x. Apple recommends that QuickTime users upgrade to version 7.0.3 immediately.

A Final Good Note
According to CNET , Stanford University is using iTunes to take lectures global.

According to the article
"Stanford on iTunes' debut, in late October, marked the first time a university made audio content from lectures, interviews, commencement speeches and the like publicly available through a system like the iTunes Music Store."

When they launched the service they had around 400 audio programs available for download through a branded iTunes Music Store site.

They quote Stanford alumni relations officer David Vargas as saying that "the number will grow exponentially over time and will soon include video content as well."

Content from the Stanford program is accessible to anyone free of charge.


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