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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What Will Apple Do?

Well yesterday I did some holiday shopping (that's why there was no post) and found out what's out there and what's not.

Thanksgiving has not even come and some things are in low supply or are not there at all.

iPods..., low supply but you can still find them,

Xbox 360..., forget about it. Most stores were all saying they have no idea when they are getting more, and some say not till after Christmas.

Then I came home and read a article from ARS Technica where there headline is "Xbox 360: shortages no joke".

where they say
"The overwhelming majority of people in line were actually people who had pre-ordered units from other stores, most notably Gamestop and Electronics Boutique. One individual, Dennis, had two pre-orders, and was still in the (hopeless) line. Why? It's a common story: Dennis got a call from his pre-order stores. "Sorry," they said, "but we cannot fill your order, and will not be able to do so until after Christmas." Dennis claims that he placed both of his orders in July."

So I think to myself, what will Apple be doing? Will Apple be able to keep up with demand? The iPod did make it on Oprah's Fovorite Things List, and you know what it did for the bra industry. Their sales went up 200%!!

Maybe it's a good thing Apple has made long-term supply agreements with Hynix, Intel, Micron, Samsung Electronics and Toshiba to secure the supply of NAND flash memory through the year 2010.

With Apple's great new products (nano, video iPod, new PowerMacs) and shares hitting all time highs ($67.70 as of 10:11am pst) what is Apple's plans for the future?

While some think Mac mini's and/or Powerbooks may be announced or released as soon as January. Seth Jayson writer on the Motley Fool web site has a thought of maybe Powerbooks coming with no hard drive, just flash memory.

He says "I think Apple is going to be offering "instant-on computers" in the very near future." He does pose a good question , does Apple plan on using "all" that flash memory just for iPods?.

We know Apple had to have gotten a great substantial discount for buying all that memory for the next 5 years.

Could some of that be used to make a flash memory laptop?

Jayson say's
"Apple's already working with Intel for Macintosh processing chips. And Apple also just happens to have paid Intel's joint venture a $500 million advance to start making flash chips."
Could some of that be used to make a all flash Mac Mini? With Apple wanting to bring you closer to using your Mac for all you media needs, people won't wanna wait while the OS loads to watch something. People want a "turn on and work now" type of speed.

Guys at C|Net are saying
"Apple, which has been rumored to be working on a new home entertainment product focused on delivering video from the computer onto the TV. In typical Apple fashion, the company has been tight-lipped about its plans, but analysts like Albert Lin believe Apple is pulling the pieces together to introduce a product as early the first quarter of 2006.
Hmm a media center with a flash memory Mac mini and upgraded Front row software?
Even Intel has started a Apple group comprised of engineers and sales staff.

According to the article Mark Margevicius, a research director at the industry analysis firm Gartner Inc. said "Apple feels the pressure of the market and needs to deliver low-cost, high-performance products".

So ponder this, a duel core processor Mac mini or laptop using flash memory. Powerbooks would have longer battery life, and both system would be smaller and boot mega fast.

Also gamers imagine a mac mini with a top of the line graphics card being able to load your favorite game faster then your playstation 2.

Just food for thought.

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