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Monday, December 26, 2005

Apple In Top 3

Before I start I would like to hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas and got everything you wanted.

Most it seemed wished for a iPod and got it. It seems "iPods ruled the holiday season in Electronics, owning the top three slots- the Apple 3 GB iPod Nano (Black), the Apple 30 GB iPod with Video Playback (Black), and the Apple 512 MB iPod Shuffle were the top sellers."

"Holiday sales worldwide set a record this year on demand for Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod music players, video games and jewelry." (For

"Shoppers bought more than 108 million items between Nov. 1 and Christmas, the Seattle-based retailer said today in a statement. The company did not provide revenue figures. The busiest single day was Monday, Dec. 12, when customers ordered 3.6 million items," Bloomberg reports. "iPods were one of the top three-selling items in electronics for Overall, online sales in the U.S. are expected to jump 24 percent to about $19 billion in November and December as the convenience of Internet shopping and free shipping lures consumers, according to ComScore Networks Inc. The most popular goods on the Web include clothing, electronics and toys." according to Bloomberg reports.

So if your one of the ones who recived a iPod, but want to add a little more flare, it seems Gucci and Emilio Pucci have something for you. According to The Birmingham News
"Luxury-goods merchants Neiman Marcus and Coach are getting a boost from Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod music player by offering designer covers costing as much as $840.

Neiman's "Christmas Book" catalog features seven iPod cases made by designers such as Gucci and Emilio Pucci. The retailer's Valentino Swarovski crystal-studded cover is more than double the $399 price tag of most expensive iPod."

I'm pretty sure you might see one of these covers on a star during a catwalk of some award show.

This year even PC (windows) writers could not avoid the popularity of the iPod. PC World even named the iPod the 2nd most greatest gadget (out of 50) of the past 50 years!

With all this good news for Apple, the iPod and increased sales of Apple computers, Some try hard to make themselves look good using Apples iPod as part of their prop.

It seems a anonymous email sent to Jack Whispers on friday about a site called iPod Garage.
Here's the e-mail-
"Hi [Jackwhispers],

Wow, this Palmer guy is outrageous. Now he's claiming that his iPod nano PDF was downloaded over 100,000 times in 1 week. That is a total lie... it's not possible. His site doesn't even get the traffic to warrant it.

Someone needs to stop this guy with the lies and deceptions."

This is post from bill Palmer from his site.

Feel free to post in this comments section how full of BS he is. I have to agree with Jack here, 100,000 downloads in a week?!! If Jack's stats are right and iPod Garage "barely pushes more than 600,000 unique page viewers a month", There is no way he got 100,000 downloads unless he had a computer set up to continuously download and re-download the 7.1mb PDF file. Which I would have to say the ones from iLounge are so much better.

But I have to say, thanks for the laugh Jack, I love the end of the article
"Just remember ... this is the guy who claimed he pioneered transferring songs from your computer to your iPod!"
(Laughing Out Loud) Pioneered transferring songs from your computer to your iPod, (Rolling On the Floor Laughing) that's priceless.

Then I started to read may I say, another virus threat story. But this had a odd twist. Symantec on 12/19/05 admitted that all versions of Norton Anti-Virus (NAV) contain a security vulnerability that could allow a malicious user to remotely take control of the computer.

What?! a Anti-Virus software with a security flaw?? Hold on, if I buy this product that is designed to protect me from threats that do not seem to exist, (execpt for company's like Symantec or Secunia who seem to post these vulnerability's but usually post that they are not confirmed or post the risk higher then they really are. It's almost like hearing about vaporware) I am at risk?? What the hell is going on!

Is it better to just take precautions like being behind a firewall and staying up to date with all Apple's patches? I mean when my Anti Virus software (which is Nortons) catches a trojan and I look at the file, it ends up just being a .exe file (windows) which would do nothing expect take up hard drive space.

But this section of the article made me think
"But how long will the OS X platform remain safe? That is a question nobody seems willing or able to predict."

Predicting is one thing, scaring people is another. But then again who is behind all this?? Well Aladdin Knowledge Systems had a theory, which MacNewsWorld choose to write about. Alladin says according to their studies the mob is involed.
"A separate study points out that hacking is evolving from a mischievous hobby into a full-time criminal venture, meaning that Apple will no longer get a pass because it is perceived among many in the computing community as a white hat company, battling Microsoft on behalf of the rest of us. The study, by Aladdin Knowledge Systems, found that 70 percent of virus writers work under contract for organized crime syndicates."
O.K. I thought I heard it all, so are they saying some top exec is paying the mob to have a hacker make a virus?? I laugh when I think of some geek getting paid by a mob strong arm to make a virus so companys like Symantac can sell more software. How can this be?? Does the Casso or Russo Family have shares in Symantec??

Because according to the article the rise of common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) has pushed the cost of the hacking problem, costing corporate America a wopping $100 billion (U.S.)last year, according to the CERT & Mi2g Intelligence unit.

That's big money for the mob. Sorry I can't stop snickering, I just can't get a picture of
<--Lucky Luciano and John W. Thompson -->
doing business together. It just makes me laugh. But in this world you never know. Peope do come up with new ideas to make money and the mob is no exception.

But this kind of story makes for a good made for TV movie, or a Discovery Channel story "Inside the back rooms of Symantec: The Mob Story".

Sorry still snickering.

In Other News
Think Secert talks about a report by the Wall Street Journal on Spitzer investigating online music pricing.

MacFixit has a report on a permanent "fix for problems with text input boxes" for FireFox version 1.5. It now appears that this issue can be permanently fixed by installing an updated version of the JEP (Java Embedding Plug-in) and deleting the old Java-related plug-ins that come with Firefox 1.5.

Click here for the fix.


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