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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Apple like News On the Web

So, I look today on the web and if I skip the iPod articles where they talk about iPod Interfaces for autos to reach 73 million worldwide by 2011, or how the 2005 is the year of the iPod in Japen or even how where they talk about how Apple seems to be doing a better job of providing iPod supply for the Apple specialist stores than they would have expected.

You can get to some news Aperture users have been waiting for. A update to the software that can help to address some issues with the software.

Key areas addressed by this update include:

•White balance adjustment accuracy and performance

•Image export quality

•Book and print ordering reliability

•Auto-stacking performance

•Custom paper size handling

The Aperture 1.0.1 update “addresses a number of issues related to reliability and performance. It also delivers improved image export quality and metadata handling,” according to Apple.

We all know no company can go with out having a flaw or two. Even so in seems some look for flaws in Apple hardware or software more and more lately.

We as Mac users know that Apple is not perfect. That's where sites like Macfixit help us along the way. Talk about Macfixit they are reporting about
"some PowerBook G4 Double-Layer SuperDrive models may be shipping with problematic Mac OS X installation media (and the copy of Mac OS X installed at the time of shipment) that can make the units more susceptible to system-wide freezes."
"It now appears that this issue may actually be caused by a flaw in the copy of Mac OS X shipped with these systems -- both the included Mac OS X disc and the system software that comes pre-installed."
according to the site.

but it seems even with these small flaws it hasn't stopped some Linux users from switching to OS X.

Low End Mac is saying
"something unpredictable happened. Even before Windows users started switching to Macs, Linux users were coming to OS X in masses."
But not all users are just switching OS's. Some like the guys in my clan {RA} which used to be a awesome UT CTF clan have been sucked in to World of Warcraft like a bunch of crack users. Of coarse they are like the other 5 million who also addicted.


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