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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Apple A New Gold Standard?

Is Apple's new iMac G5 the gold standard for PC's? Walter Mossberg and Katherine Boehret writers of the Wall street Journal think so.

For me the iMac and Mac mini are best for the PC(windows) user to get when switching to the mac platform.

But the iMac G5 does have a advantage by being a all-in-one computer in one slim, slick unit.

Mossberg and Boehret had this to say:
"We've been testing this new iMac, and our verdict is that it's the gold standard of desktop PCs. To put it simply: No desktop offered by Dell or Hewlett-Packard or Sony or Gateway can match the new iMac G5's combination of power, elegance, simplicity, ease of use, built-in software, stability and security. From setup to performing the most intense tasks, it's a pleasure to use. And, contrary to common misconceptions, this Mac is competitively priced, when compared with comparably equipped midrange Windows PCs; and it handles all common Windows files, as well as the Internet and email, with aplomb."
aplomb- noun- self-confidance or assurance, especially when in a demanding position

Ya, I had to look that one up, I'm a N.Y Daily News type of reader. But it does completly define what the iMac is. With all it's features, built in web cam, nice size hard drive, DVD burner and great software like Front row, and the whole iLife collection does make this Mac a great buy for any user.

Lot's of PC buyers are waiting for the new intel based Macs. Some who think may have a laptop by January. And with new builds of OS 10.4.3 (build 8F1111)for Intel going to developers, these new computers may be shown by Steve on January 10, 2006 (9a.m.PST). But I don't think they will be on sale till a few months afterward.

Some think the next Mac Mini will have a DVR functionality and a new version of Front row, and others like Ken Fisher of ARS Technica don't.

"Apple's power in the market can be described as this: leveraging their influence and the iPod to build a big catalog of music that is made easily accessible for purchase online, with moderately "fair" DRM. The plans for the video market, so far, have mimicked this. The question, then, is where does the "record TV shows with your DVR and transport them to your iPod for free" plan fit in with the "pay us $1.99 for a show, while we build our catalog" plan? In short, it doesn't."
Fisher thinks "a Mac mini-based DVR will fizzle if it's announced this coming January". Hmm, somebody thought that about the original iMac and iPod. People are funny on what they like, and as much as the media tries to influance people's decisions you just never know.

Personally I think Apple needs to push more then just iPod ads. iMac and Mac mini ads with or without the iPod included in the ad would be a plus also.

Showing both of them together and showing a few features in the ads would be great! We know people love the iPod, Just look at Iops, the fifth largest MP3 player seller in South Korea and their Jock and Z3 mp3 players.
Do you see a lawsuit coming? just woundering if Veoh's new software will let you download the 3000+ videos and work on this rip off player which looks like a mini iPod with video.

BTW if you don't know yesterday Apple put out a iPod updater (2005-11-17) that has some big fixes. Apple notes that iTunes versions earlier than 4.7.1 are not supported and will not sync music properly with iPod shuffle. Mac OS X versions 10.3 through 10.3.3 are not supported.
So download it through software update or the 37MB standalone at the link provided.

Skype Update
Skype today atleast for windows users have updated there internet phone service to include video calls. But just don't have a need to call 911, because according to CNet "The deadline for Net phone providers to have their customers outfitted with enhanced 911 capabilities has come and gone". So far they say the FCC hasn't taken action against specific companies like Vonage, 8X8 or Skype which include also incudes a option to call phones on traditional landlines or to mobile phones.

According to CNet these VoIP Companies say they plan to continue marketing to prospective customers and signing them up for their service, but in doing so the companies risk racking up heavy fines.
"The FCC told VoIP operators that if they didn't comply with the rule by the deadline they would be forced to stop offering service to customers. But earlier this month, amid complaints from the industry, the FCC revised its position. Instead of being shut down, VoIP providers that don't comply will be unable to market their services to new customers in areas where E911 isn't yet available."

Other News
MacWorld has posted their second part of their 2005 Game Hall of Fame.

Best end to a series
Myst V: End of Ages

Best use of the Force
Star Wars Battlefront

Best example of art imitating life
The Sims 2

Best long-term investment
World of Warcraft

Best absurdly enormous trackball
X-Arcade Trackball

O.K. I'm done, It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!


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