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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Games, Games, Games!!!

O.K. I'm a First person shooter type of player. So I like games like Halo, Ghost Recon, Doom 3 and of coarse Unreal Tournament.

So with that said, it's nice to that Aspyer will be bringing out Quake 4 for the Mac.

Quake 4 is expected to be released in early 2006. Quake 4 is the sequel to Quake II,

(Quake III Arena emphasized arena-based gameplay and it didn’t continue the Quake storyline.)

Quake 4 is built on the same engine that powers Doom 3. Quake 4 begins only moments after the events of Quake II, with the Earth’s fleet launching a massive offensive to the planet Stroggos. You play the role of Matthew Kane, a member of the legendary Rhino Squad, which is sent to penetrate deep into the heart of the Strogg war machine and engage in a series of heroic
missions to destroy the barbaric alien race.

According to Glenda Adems, Director of Development, Aspyr Media, they are building a Universal Binary of Quake 4 from the start. So it will run on upcoming Intel Macs.

Still sad not to hear any anouncements of Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil for the mac yet.

Unreal Tournament 2007 Pics!
Shack News has these Screen shots of UT 2007

This is a game that I know I will need a ATI X800 or Nvidia 6800GT in my DP1.8 G5 to play it well. but I'm sure those who get a Intel Mac (tower) will have a lot of options to choose from which will cost less then the $400 cards I mentioned.

Other News
While there was a lot of iTunes/iPod news out there, I was tired of reporting these things because it seems that it is saturating the net. All you hear now is about iPod & iPod accesssorys, new music stores trying to battle Apple/iTunes and Apple stock.
It's almost seems like it's sweep week for net news writers and they are using Apple/iPod as bait.

So I'll just mention a post up from where they write about Apple being featured as a full-fledged category on Jeopardy.

"The episode that aired on December 13, 2005 offered a category called "The Apple of my eye" to contestants, featuring the following answers and questions:

An Asian feline that shares a name with the latest Mac OS X version: What is Tiger?
The type of computers the iBook and PowerBook are: What are laptops?
This man has a salary of $1: Who is Steve Jobs?
This product shares its name with a place where aircraft take flight: What is Airport?
A “speedy” product that works on the Mac or PC: What is QuickTime?"
Go Apple!!


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