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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

iPod, iPod, iPod,iPod, iPod, iPod, iPod, iPod

Man, what the hell is going on lately?? It seems some people are doing anything to get hits on their websites. I used the keyword "iPod" as a headline to make a point.

O.k., made it as a top website of selling products (along with Walmart & Amazon). And yesterday Apple also nabbed top spot in the Nielsen//NetRatings as the fastest growing Web site among the top 10 Web brands for November 2005.

But does that mean you have to put "iPod", "Steve Jobs" or "Security flaws in Apple(insert product here)" in your headlines, or write a negative article about Apple, iPod or iTunes like this is sweeps week for the net, just so you can get more hits on your site?? I see more and more as the holidays drew near, and more as the holidays are here.

Case No.1-, reporter ( I use that word reporter loosely) John Matarese who's headline is in Large letters CHEAPER IPOD?. Then goes on to write a real dumb article which only at some point, points out the obvious.
"Here at hh gregg's Florence store... Digital music expert Chris Benzinger says if you can live without the iPod name ...You'll find lots of cheaper alternatives.
Chris says this imitation iPod from Toshiba has the same bells and whistles for a lot less."
The same bells and whisles huh?? I love the use of imitation in his qoute, lol. Does anybody also think?, I can buy a Kia Spectra instead of a BMW 760Li, they both have 4 wheels and a motor. They both have a radio and a steering wheel. But which one is better? And while I maybe able to get to my destination with maps printed by map quest, A built in navagation is better.

My overall experiance will be better, and all-n-all I know I will have a better product. Better product, that's the obvious point right there in a nut shell. Better product.

So save your line of "They're just not as cool. As I always say, consider the Pros and Cons of every product, and "Don't Waste Your Money." for some dumb ass who doesn't see what your really after, "hits" for your website, not to be the protector of consumers your article clams to portray.

Case No.2- USA Today's "2006 could be year that Apple CEO Jobs falls off pedestal"
Big headline, draws in the anybody who types in "Apple" in Google, and starts the article with nothing more then "Sometime in 2006, Steve Jobs will probably get hosed". Wow did that get your attention?? Wanna read more?

Lets's see, he talks about cellphone with camera's and their usefulness, wow, big news there. RSS becoming a big thing, hmm safari already has RSS, so what's this part all about?.

The digital living room, O.k. still waiting for the part Steve jobs falls off. Google will help Microsoft get its groove back. Hmm, just gives some banter there.

then add's:

"New game plan in Silicon Valley: launch start-up in the morning, work through lunch, sell company before happy hour, retire."

"Entrepreneurs stand to make just as much money in a near-term $30 million acquisition as they might in a much larger acquisition after three-plus years and substantial VC dilution," (Steve) Hall says."
O.K. and this has what to do with Apple?? Does he think Steve Jobs will sell Appleor will be taken over in 2006??

Then we get to the very end of the article
"And finally, there is Apple's Jobs — tech's celebrity superstar. He seems due. Maybe he'll humiliate a bumbling underling on stage at Macworld, unleashing a torrent of stories saying Jobs is the Lord Voldemort of managers. Or someone will discover malicious spyware hidden deep inside iTunes.

The only sure thing is that society, as if striving for equilibrium, will then knock Jobs as far down as we boosted him up. It's just what we do, no?"
O.K. does this article really deserve such a headline as "2006 could be the year Steve Jobs falls off pedestal"? I don't think so. To much egg nogg at the office party while writing, with a pinch of "I need hits".

Case No. 3- Apple Seen Moving Away From Mac, Building On IPod Now really I expected better from You quote a analyst about how well Apple is doing
"2006 will undoubtedly mark another major year in Apple's transformation, but its new markets bring together tougher competition".
O.K. competition is always there in the Tech industry, tell me some thing new, I came here because of that Google attracting headline.

O.K. so you go on to say
"The analyst (Goldman Sachs research analyst David C. Bailey)believes Apple could announce its first real move into the digital entertainment hub market as early as Steve Jobs' keynote address at MacWorld on Jan. 10, in the form of an updated Mac mini that includes a remote control and Front Row software. Front Row is an interface for music, video, photos and DVDs."
O.K., one guys opinion thinks that the bottom line is, Apple is going to drop the Xserve, PowerMac, and iMac line just because everybody is buying iPods? Does this analyst not know that the who Hub connection was to help sell Macs to work with TV's and your iPod.

This one guys opinion is the reason for this headline? because he thinks Apple will drop the growing money coming from education, the growing income from people switching and buying Macs to match the great "ease of use" product they see in the iPod they got?

One guys opinion about the growing sales of iPods and what he thinks is the reason Apple will drop these computers that power users, and also news writers buy, all for a all one media center? All of the work into OSX for what he sounds like he's describing as a TiVo like system that plays DVD's? Give me a break....
" he said he would reassess his valuation if Apple announced new products over the next few months that could shift its center of gravity further into the consumer electronics realm. "

I bet he would. but does this deserve such a headline? Or is it just to have the "Apple" and "iPod" keywords in you headline?

Case No.4-iPod earbuds can cause hearing loss
Now I put this in here because I wanted to show I was not bias to mac news sites, plus this type of news is as old as reporting about Sony coming out with a portable CD player.

the article starts with:

"A Northwestern University professor and audiologist claims that the earbud-style headphones which ship with Apple's iPod and other MP3 players can cause serious, permanent hearing loss."
Let me get this striaght, playing music loud will cause hearing loss. Well duh...
"the professor, (Dean Garstecki) says the large storage capacity of iPods also contributes to problems: "not only do you have a signal that is likely to be more intense, you're likely to be using this device longer than people have been using CD players and Walkmans in the past. This increases the likelihood of hearing loss down the road."
What about the youth who have 1000 watts in their car stereos with 2 to 4 15" sub-woofers in their cars playing at high decibels? I can feel that bass a block away, what does that do to a users ears or anybody else around them??

This playing music too loud will damage your ear drums has been reported on when I was in high school, (I'm 40 now). Let me add, when you turn off your music, if your ears are ringing, you where playing the music too loud!! Can somebody quote that on their webpage?.

Let me point out, I still play my music loud and I know the risks.

"The professor said that rock and rap music are the most dangerous, since they're typically played at a higher volume than other genres"
I guess they have not heard my dad play salsa music.

Bottom line, does this deserve a page and headline? I think not. put it next to the other million things I hear that will harm or kill you. Shit all these doctors almost had me at point where I could not eat or drink sanything because it would harm me or shorten my life.

Let me say I'd rather die with a smile on my face happy with tasty foods I ate then die a paranoid-worried person reading every nutrition label. Doctors have yet to agree, and when they do, 5 years later they find out they are wrong and want you to follow new findings they want to pushing on the public as scientific proof.

About the only thing here I agree on is exessive load noise will cause hearing loss. And that can come from many things. but does this deserve a headline, I think not.

Cases 5 & 6- Apple QuickTime 7.0.3 & iTunes 6.0.1 Heap Overflow two sites Security Protocols and Secunia both reporting on a flaw that is
"A heap overflow vulnerability exists within Apple QuickTime 7.0.3 and iTunes 6.0.1 which allows for an attacker to cause the application to crash, and or to execute arbitrary code on the targeted host."
it also says
"The vulnerability is caused due to an error in handling malformed ".mov" files. This can be exploited to cause memory corruption, which causes the program to crash. It has been reported that arbitrary code execution may be possible. However, this has not been confirmed."
"this has not been confirmed" nuff said, post the article when you have confirmed it, not before. Using this headline just scare people and get hits on your site using the "Apple" and "iTunes" keywords in the headline is B.S.

O.K. enough of that, JackWhispers has a couple of articles to really help you not become a victum this holiday season.

One is called "Stupidity Is Not Invisible ..." and the other is called "MP3 Shuffle: 99.7% Pure Copycat". Both have some very useful information.

MacNewsworld is reporting about audio and video search engine Blinkx yesterday introducing a new service that allows its users to sync video blogs and podcast with portable devices.

The Mac Observer reports about Apple introducing
"a new look for its support site on Tuesday. The pop-up menus are gone, replaced by boxes with links to the company's various product lines. iPod support features even more prominently than before, and most product support sections include a form for checking the status of repairs near the top of the Web page."

Talking about support, Apple updated SoundTrack Pro to version 1.0.2 which you can also get through software update.

Roxio has announced the release of Toast Titanium 7.0.2 a update to the company's popular CD/DVD authoring software.

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