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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Not So happy With Verizon Yahoo!

Why do some companys do stuff to piss you off. Let me start from the beginning,
A month back, I was reading in a fourm about a guy who had a problem with Safari and Yahoo when updating to a new plan with Verizon.

Well I got a mail from them but through away the letter without opening it after reading that post.

Well me and bad memory just screwed the pooch this time. I got a new letter on Saturday about a free upgrade (a $200 value according to verzion) to their Verizon Yahoo! fo DSL.

According to the letter I get

•Award-winning protection with comprehensive security suite featuring PC anti-virus, anti-spyware, pop-up blocker and parental controls.

•The #1 email service in the U.S.* Multiple email accounts for family members, each with virtually unlimited 2GB of storage.

•A customized web experience. Personalize your home page with over 250,000 content choices such as weather, sports scores, stock prices-- plus exclusive on demand video news and entertainment.

•Your favorite music right on your computer with the Web's largest libary of music videos. Buy downloads, rip and burn CD's, listen to thousands of radio stations, or create your own.

•An award-winning instant messaging service that makes it fun and easy to share text, photos and files.

Bottom line: you'll get richer and more enjoyable internet experence.

To get this free upgrade, simply vist today.

That's word for word on what's in the letter.

Now let me tell you, I didn't initially download this for the protection software (which when you down it you find out afterward there is none for the Mac anyway) Or for music part of it eaither.

I did want to find out how this would make my web experience better. so I went to the web page and downloaded the installer.

I click on the installer and let it run. I see the installer open a few apps, including entourage and internet explorer both which I don't use.

When it's done, it asks if I want to customize my home page. I click yes and Safari opens. When it opens it first loads this page

which as you can see at the bottome says
"CD Bookmark Application Error
The bookmark or custom link you've requested cannot be found. Either the location of this page has changed or there is a temporary server problem.

Try again later or use the search bar below to search for your page."

Hold on, bookmark error??!! I look at my bookmarks and bookmarks bar and it's empty!!! Nothing, nada. All my bookmarks that I have collected over the years are gone. Even the folders that came with Safari where gone. Also I now could not get mail through Apple's mail program or Entourage any more (password error). WTF????

Now on my desk top there was a icon that said rezume install. When I clicked that I got this

WTH??? Is this my "richer and more enjoyable experience"?? when I do get to the Yahoo home page it's nothing more then a homepage which I can remove or add what I want.. big f***ing deal. Scene it before. Music?, when I launch the radio player I find it won't work with Safari.

Well, so far let's see what it has done to me:
•Erased all my bookmarks
•Blocked me from being able to use my mail app in OSX

What it has given me
• A damn headache
•Stopped me from writing this blog yesterday.

My bottom line is, don't touch it with a ten foot pole!!.
Unless you want a "headache and less enjoyable experience"!

Unreal Tournament update 3369.1
O.K. for all of you Unreal Tournament 2004 players still using 10.2.8 and found out UT does not load after update 3369. Well here's update 3396.1. The update fixes it so the game will now run on Mac OS X 10.2.8 ("Jaguar") again and also 3D audio now correctly spatializes, and other OpenAL fixes.

Don't forget to jump on

The Darkside battlegrounds for some Great CTF games!!

Selfish plug :P

Other News
Think Secret says A 13.3" wide screen Intel-based iBook appears to be on track to deliver by early next year.

Think Secret and the Apple Insider are saying that 10.4.4 progress is going smoothly.
"Sources and reports already present on the Internet say Apple this week released to developers build 8G17 of Mac OS X 10.4.4 Update -- a forthcoming maintenance release to the company's Tiger operating system."

American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu said
the PowerBook, iBook, Mac mini and Xserve will likely be the first models to go Intel because they are "weaker members" of Apple's product line that "would benefit moving to Intel."

Based on similar reasoning, Wu said he doesn't foresee the iMac being one of the first Intel Macs because "its current PowerPC G5 configurations already offers industry-leading price-performance."


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