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Friday, December 09, 2005

What IS Apple News???

As, you may or may not know, I'm a one man crew here. So I surf the web looking for Mac news, updates, and rumors and add my opinion with a little of my flava to it. The list is long of the news I find compaired to what I publish on this blog.

But as I surf and save, then read the news, then I ask myself "is this news"? Most of the product releases I leave for other Mac news sites to post. I try my best at posting the latest news and updates that I think is important to my readers.

But what is news and what is hype? I look at a lot of sites and the most news lately is about the iPod, it's accessories, and anything to do with iTunes or competition with the iPod or iTunes.
BTW: Griffen came out with a iTrip that fits the new iPods and nano's and comes in black. :)
hmm, I wounder if they will fit in my iBoxer underwear?

Anyway, there are two web sites that are a ugly thorn to real Mac news sites, be it normal sites or blogs. They are a pain in the ass like that piece of popcorn stuck between your teeth you can't get out.

One you all ready know if you have been ready this blog is the OSx86 Project. This site to me is just a bunch thieves and hackers trying to get OSX to run on there own PC's with the help of other thieves and hackers.

The thing is most people out there are willing to buy a Intel based Mac then go through all that BS these guys are up to. No support, no warrenty these hacks they put together are nothing but PC users at their lowest level. But what the hell, all they have to say is they like OSX and it's all good right? NOT!!

There getting developers copies how? You think these guys shelled out the cash to get a intel developer Mac? Ya right. Their just Bit Torrent watchers, downloading software illegally and trying to hack it to get it to work.

Then there's a website, a Mac website called Macsimum News..... Well what can I say, these guys are patent watchers. The site caught my eye a while back, but then as I read more and more, they think every little patent Apple goes after is headline news.

Every time I look these guys seem like guys looking through my trash to find a piece of paper that tells them what I brought from the store yesterday. Just hoping they can find out what my wife is making for Christmas dinner. Take these 4 links for example ( 1, 2, 3, 4) while they have some type of news value, they are not headline news worthy.

A new patent does not mean that next month or even next year Apple will use this technology. It just makes sure nobody else will use it in this exact form. So how is it news? Who and what determines what is news?

Well according to Trent Lapinski (writer for AppleXnet) not the writers at Macsimum News.
On his blog he writes:
"Since I'm naming names lets not forgot about They employee two fired AppleXnet employees, one of them being Pourhadi because we didn't want to run one of his articles about how technology apparently hates him, and the other the infamous "Neo." Neo's real name is Jack, we fired him after we suspected his motivation was to publish articles loaded with buzzwords and technical jargon to try and get investors interested in Apple to try and personally profit off of Apple's stock, for he admits he owns stock in the company. Our biggest issue with him however was the plethora of anonymous comments he would post on his own articles in an attempt to spur interest and hype in his articles. He literally would post anywhere from 10-50 fake comments having conversations with himself, coming up with fake names and everything. Hell at first we thought it was a glitch in our website code but realized it was no coincidence all these comments were actually from Jack...erhm, "Neo" himself. We contacted Dennis Sellers, owner of Macsiminmnunim and told him about "Neo" but he still continues to publish his articles to this day, of which "Neo" still posts fake comments to (just pick any of his articles and the writing style is clearly of the same person for many of the comments). This of course checks Sellers off my list of the ethical. I don't believe in misleading my audience."

Who is the writer of all these patent articles posting as headline news? None other then "Neo".

Now you want some real news and info and help with your mac and what is going on in the mac world? check out this MacFixit article. That's news. The MacDailyNews website, that's a news website. There are many more, but Macsimum is not one of them.

"Hey CG5Addict, don't you think your being kinda harsh?? You only write for a small blog, these guys get plenty of hits on their sites."

Ya, and shit smells and lots of people can smell that also. You want to write about mac stuff, don't be like those 2 websites. Do news the right way, and you will be seen in the right light as a real reporter of news.

In Other News
According to ARS Technica Intel wants to move rootkit detection to the hardware.
"(Intel)has begun research on the possibility of hardware-level rootkit detection. Known as the OS Independent Run-time System Integrity Services project, the rootkit detections system would consist of a small chip on the PC's motherboard that would be dedicated to monitoring active processes."
They say the technology is a couple years away, but Intel hopes to be shipping systems with OS Independent Run-time System Integrity Services by 2008 or 2009.

While a new study released Wednesday by America Online and the National Cyber Security Alliance saying that 80 percent of PC users are exposed to common Internet threats, and 81 percent lacked at least one of three critical types of security. Wow that a surprise! (sarcasm)

But it seems help may be on the way as Symantec hopes to supply its consumer applications such as Norton Antivirus and Norton Utilities as a service according to ZDNet.

Lastly a Tip
TwisterMc has a tip on "How To Tell Firefox to Open a DMG". He goes step by step, so check it out if FireFox is your browser of choice.


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