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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Where is Apple Going??

Here we are, 13 days away from the keynote, the day all Mac users wait for. The 2006 MacWorld is very special. New chip/architecture, new OS, new computers.

The speculation is off the charts and everybody has their thoughts on what they will be able to do with the new Intel-based Macs. Notice I didn't say "MacTel" because Intel does not own Apple and no previous Apple computer has ever used the chip makers name as part of what the computer is called. So lets's get over this MacTel nonsense.

Second, I was going through my Mac news when I came across the CIO website with a article by Steven Warren called Mac OS X on Intel?!?. After reading and saving the link to write about it here I ran across MDN writers had also seen and written about this same article yesterday.

but here's where MDN and my views differ slightly. In the article by Steven, he say's:
"In June 2005, Apple announced a brilliant strategy. They decided to abandon the IBM PowerPC processors to move to the Intel engine. Can you imagine the possibilities? We could live in a world where you could now buy a brand- name computer or clone and load Apple OS X Tiger on it or dual-boot your computer with OS X and Windows. You may even be able to run Windows on an Apple computer. Seriously."
Brilliant is a matter of opinion, IBM makes awesome chips, but the heat factor, speed upgrades, and not being able to bring a laptop version of the G5 plus the fact that Apple was not on IBM's top list of to do's was a big factor on changing chip makers. But what does make me think is how Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are now using IBM G5 chips in their next generation gaming consoles. Even how Microsoft at E3 2005 used 2 G5's to show off their XBox games.

*pictures from AnandTech
Microsoft is not a hardware maker but it does make you think about the reasons Companys like MS and Apple give for using a particular chip, and what the real reasons behind them are.

but lets get back to this quote. He's dreaming of the cloning era coming back. Didn't do so well last time for Apple, I just don't think Steve want's to take this chance at this point and time. So guess what "Seriously", NOT!

He goes on to say:
"Why the sudden change of heart? It is a known fact the IBM chips Apple is using are lagging in the ability to keep the processors cool. Combine this with Apple having trouble matching the lightning speed of x86 (Intel) competitors and you can see why they need to make a change."

Here's where the battles between Windows and Mac users collide. "Apple having trouble matching the lightning speed of x86 (Intel) competitors" Hmm, so what are we talking about here? graphics?, word processing, video?, games?

When it comes to speed, lots of things come into factor, so a 3.2 AMD or Intel chip may not be the "lightning speed" chip that Steven makes it out to be. One place( for now) that the x86 chips do come out on top all of the time is gaming. And with so many windows users out there manufacturers make also many great graphics cards and sell them at lowers prices.

Now with Intel-based mac coming, Apple using PCI-Express slots these same video cards may be availible for these new Macs hopfully bringing down the price of your next Mac. Hopefully bringing more computer users sick of windows problems to the Mac platform.

Now the one worry for me is the thought or reasoning behind having the windows OS on a Mac. Lets look at the Pro's and Con's.

Able to have a larger software library to choose from.
Being able to connect smoothly over PC networks and with other windows users
Cheaper (in price) hardware and software

Crashes of Windows OS

Am I destined to look at a screen similar to this if Apple does make XP or Vista a bootable OS on a Intel-based Mac????

Something about windows being on my computer just makes me feel vulnerable. Because I don't see "Windows within the secure Mac OS X environment". I see a Windows environment that has had many years of hackers breaking in. I see layers of protection taken away having the windows OS on my Mac.

Now these are my personal opinions, but how safe a person feels is a factor on how they work and do business online. This same feelings are why some don't use Virtual PC on their Mac and rather find a Mac alternative. These feelings of insecurity are the reasons some computer users (Windows and Mac) don't use credit cards online.

And until windows finds a way to patch all these holes, I will feel insecure with a windows OS on my Mac. Having "Windows within the secure Mac OS X environment" means Apple has to have some hardware or part of OSX running in the backround protecting my computer, and the hope that that layer is not the weakness hackers concentrate on breaking through.

I'll just hope for the lower prices and availiblity of hardware and software for the Mac OS in 2006 and beyond and let Microsoft keep it's B.S. OS.

Other News
John Kheit, a writer for The Mac Observer writes a article called The Devil's Advocate - Spotlight: Is Your Mac Going To Rat On You?. A article every Mac user should read.
"Spotlight the File System Snitch
For example, when you download files from Safari or transfer them via iChat, and you select the file and "Get Info" from the File menu in the Finder, you will see a "Where from" entry that shows the file source.As you can see, the Get Info panel shows not only the mode of the transfer, i.e., iChat, but it also shows the full name and contact information of the person that provided the file. When you download files via Safari, the source Web address is stored. If I were a content/media company executive, I know I would ask Apple "pretty please with sugar on top" for such file tracking."

You can read the whole article here.

The Apple Insider say's they have inside info saying
"In a move that may surprise some Apple watchers, reliable sources tell AppleInsider the Mac maker has contracted the design duties for its next-generation Power Mac motherboard over to industry heavyweight Intel Corp."

And lastly a link to a blog called Writers Block live getting lots of hits. The writer is a former director of product marketing (Mike Evangelist who is also writing a book called "Mike's Book - Jobs I've Known.") from April 2000 to July 2002 responsible for Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, iDVD and few others. who went from "merely being a fan of Appleā€™s products, living far away from Cupertino, to actually working for the company and for Steve Jobs himself".


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