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Monday, January 30, 2006

Who's Right?

Well we have all seen and read about Macworld review (first look) at the iMac cure duo's. But Mac Speed Zone has a couple of questions about MacWorlds tests.
"In the first test, where there was just one file being encoded, the Intel iMac, on average, was using 87% of its processing capacity ... 13% was sitting around with nothing to do

On the other hand the Quad G5 Power Mac was using less than half its capacity, 42%. A full 58% was waiting for its dance card to be filled.

When we ran the two QuickTime encodes at the same time, processor usage moved to 87% for the Power Mac, and 100% for the Intel iMac. In other words the iMac was maxed out, and the Power Mac had 13% capacity left before it would really start to sweat.

This is where the Macworld "First Lab Tests" article falls a little flat ... obscuring the processor capacity vs processor usage problem inherent with mutiprocessor machines (or multi-core ... same difference). Using Macworld's logic we could argue, given the data above, the Quad G5 Power Mac is only 14% faster when running some of Apple's own applications. We think that this is misleading, as we pointed out."

The differance between a 1.8% faster and 194% in certain tests
"Below you will find our results of a comparison between an iMac G5/1.8GHz and the iMac Intel Core Duo 2.0GHz. Times are in seconds (except where noted), and the processor usage of each machine, for each test, is also given. Scores in dark orange are from applications that run natively on both Intel Macs and G5 Macs. The processor clock-speed difference between these two machines is 11%. The processor capacity difference is 122%."

All you World of Warcaft fan can read a article by New York times Seth Schiesel about Blizzards upcoming level called Naxxramas. Before the release of the expansion pack.
"Q. What can you tell me about Naxxramas?

A. Naxxramas is going to be the most difficult thing in the game until the expansion pack comes out. It will be the pinnacle, and it's absolutely massive. You'll see this big necropolis floating above Eastern Plaguelands. It's a 40-man raid zone, and it's bigger than the Undercity [one of the main cities in the game]. Things could change, but we're up to something like 18 bosses in there, and they are really cool, too. But it's going to be hard. Really hard. We're hoping to release it in the spring."

More Sports On iTunes!
There isnew programming from ESPN and ABC Sports. The new additions featured include Best of the X Games, featuring highlights from Winter X Games 9 in Aspen, Sports Century Shorts, featuring short clips about Andy Roddick, Andre Agassi, Jeff Gordon and Dan Marino, some of the commercials from ESPN’s “This Is SportsCenter” campaign, and five episodes of Street Ball. This also gives a new home for the four BCS bowl game highlight videos that were added earlier this month.

I won't be online to post any updates for atleast 4-5 days, I'm moving (new home). So next monday I should be back with all your Mac news to give, with a little attitude!! See You Soon!!! Dont forget to Vote for my blog!! look to right top of the page and click that button!!

Friday, January 27, 2006

It's Friday Baby!!!!

O.K. I was looking for new news in the Mac world when I came accross this by eweek called "Apple's Switch to Intel Could Allow OS X Exploits News Analysis". A news analysis?? Does this guy have a combination of "Stockholm Syndrome" and "cognitive dissonance? I was just ready to dig deep into Paul F. Roberts a-hole because even windows users know how Macs can save your ass when your in a pinch. But then I came across Tera Patricks (from mac360) article called Oprah winfrey needs to challenge eweek it spared me the ulser. Read it ya'll, good article!

O.K. like I said in the title, it's Friday baby, lets get on with some gaming news!
With "The average "gamer parent" spend(ing) 19 hours a month playing video games, and spend(ing) roughly half that time playing alongside kids," Macs taking 9 of the 10 spots on Amazon's Top Sellers list, (looked at 8am and 10am 1/27/06) UK's biggest retailer setting aside an area of its superstores for selling Macs, iPods and accessories. It's Nice to see software game makers making a grand move on making universal binaries of their games.

Also if your a Unreal Tournament 2004 player like myself, but have just brought a Intel based iMac, a universal binary version of ut2004 is on the way.
From Ryan Gordon website:
"Stop emailing me for a Universal Binary version of iMac will be
arriving soon, and I'll be finishing up the Intel version from there. So
if everything goes smoothly, you'll have it in a few days.

I love your enthusiasm, but please, stop emailing to ask for preview builds.
The answer is no.

But when it's available, this will be the first place I post news. Soon,


Sorry for a lot of link reading today, but it's Friday! So don't forget to join me on The Darkside Server! Frag On Baby!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Who The Hell Are You??

That's what I kept saying out load everytime I read the commentary by Wired's Leander Kahney in their Cult of Mac section. Let me start by saying
1) I hate the word cult used for everybody who uses a Mac, and
2) I for am not a I bow down before you kind of guy. So if your sons not named Jesus Christ, it ain't... sorry Donna (my wife the professor) "is not" happening.

So forget the "Steve Jobs is my god" view you think you see because I love Apple products. But this "commentary" had me a little pissed with someone telling another how they should live their life and spend their money. I think that anyone who holds some lucritive job has the right to run his business and his personal life the way he sees fit. If they want to keep all their wealth, pour honey all over their body and jump into a pool full of $100 dollar bills that's just fine. They made it, "who the hell are you" to say what he should do with it??

But then again your "commentary" doesn't know which way to go does it?
"Of course, Jobs and his wife may be giving enormous sums of money to charity anonymously. If they are funneling cash to various causes in private, their names wouldn't show up on any lists, regardless of the size of their gifts.

For a person as private as Jobs, who shuns any publicity about his family life, this seems credible. If so, however, this would make Jobs virtually unique among moguls. Richard Jolly, chairman of Giving USA Foundation, said not all billionaires give their money away, but a lot do, and most do not do it quietly."

Hmm, is the thought of one billionaire who does not need to show off to the world how rich he is that hard to believe? Or that he may give enormous sums of money to charity anonymously. For you even say yourself that he "shuns any publicity about his family life". But your commentary is like every other gossip tabloid writer who wants to poke and prod into people's personal business and tell them what you think they should do with their life and money.

You say Steve "skates away away from the responsibilities that come with great wealth and power." But I ask you Mr.Kahney, where were you this past Christmas? Were you helping feed the needy? Did you give up a week from Starbucks and donate that money to a needy charity?? Most likly not. So get off your humanitarian high horse.

Oh and by the way, you say "On the evidence, he's nothing more than a greedy capitalist who's amassed an obscene fortune. It's shameful. In almost every way, Gates is much more deserving of Jobs' rock star exaltation."

Gates is much more deserving? Sure, Bill Gates gives a lot of money away, and that's a good thing, but that doesn't change his "bad guy" tag because he is only known throughout the world for selling bad buggy software in a new box year after year, robbing the public blind. But it's all o.k. because he gave away some of that money he stole from you and gave it to a charity. Sounds like a person covering all his bad deeds by doing a few good ones. Is that money to help the needy or to help wash away the guilt?

Gates and Jobs are the same in the way that they are both just capitalist's, don't let the fact that Gates gives you roses with one hand and robs you blind with the other fool you.

just wanted to post a link to a more balanced view of the subject by a non MacAddict, ARSTechnica.

New TV shows on iTunes!
Apple and MTV Networks on Thursday announced the availability of television programming from MTV, MTV2, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and The N are now available for purchase and download from the iTunes Music Store.

New video content available for download includes shows like “Punk’d,” “South Park,” “Dora the Explorer,” “SpongeBob SquarePants,” and “Laguna Beach.” Stand up comedy performances are available for purchase and download, as are episodes of Comedy Central’s animated series “Drawn Together.” Man, Drawn Together on a iPod, that show is so funny, can't wait to download it.

And talk about iPod's, MacOSX hints has a tip to help police get your iPod back. Since they will ask for the serial number. Wanna know where to find it even if you don't have your iPod? Find out here.

Both The Apple Insider and Think Secret say that Apple has began distributing the first external builds of Mac OS X 10.4.5 Update. While the Apple insider says "the specific fixes and enhancements planned for the update are unknown, Apple is reportedly asking that its developers and partners put weight on Safari, Core Graphics intensive applications, Quartz Composer, and the Mac OS X Dock."

They also say "(Apple) reportedly asked that developers test networking, the Mac OS X crash report, File Sync, Software Update and the MSDOS File System." And the size of the file so far? 15mb.

But Think Secret thinks big, real big. They say
Build 8H5 delivers more than a dozen documented improvements for Mac OS X 10.4, including improvements to the Crash Reporter and XInstall Framework, and fixes for issues with CoreGraphics and Widgets, RSS Visualizer and background columns, WebCore, Quartz composer, and FileSync and PHD. The update also improved iDisk synchronization and corrects a problem where Mac OS X would fail to connect to a Cisco server if NAT was not used."

The also say it's currently only available as a combo update, and get this, it's 120.2MB! You pick on who wanna believe.

While I'm on rumor patrol, LoopRumors says Apple maybe planning a special media event. They say they have
"Sources close to Apple have informed LoopRumors that Apple is planning a Special Media Event in the next few weeks. It is unknown at this time what will be unveiled, but there was speculation that a last minute change was made to the keynote address given by Steve Jobs on January 10th. Rumors of newere iPods, a boombox, an in-home media center have all been candidates for this upcoming announcement."

We shall see.

Other News
Only a month into the core duo, Intel has announced it has become the first company to reach an important milestone in the development of 45 nanometer (nm) logic technology. Intel has produced what are believed to be the first fully functional SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) chips using 45nm process technology, its next– generation, high–volume semiconductor manufacturing process.

Intel’s 45nm process technology will allow chips with more than five times less leakage power than those made today. This will improve battery life for mobile devices and increase opportunities for building smaller, more powerful platforms.
The 45nm SRAM chip is said to have more than 1 billion transistors.

If your one of the critics that just don't get what Apple's Aperture is all about. Then you may want to read this article.

Scott Bourne says " Right on the heels of its release, nearly a dozen reviewers gave Apple a pretty good thrashing over Aperture, Apple's new professional photography software. Not all of the reviews are bad. Some offer very positive insights. But many focus on perceived problems. After delving into Aperture, I've come to some conclusions about where many of the critics went wrong."

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Happy 22nd Birthday Macintosh!!!

Well Today's the 22nd anniversary that Apple Computer unveiled its much-anticipated Macintosh computer. That January 24, 1984 was the day Apple introduced the computer that changed everything forever. A ad that played during the 3rd quarter of the 1984 super bowl. A ad that in 1999 TV Guide ran a cover story on the "50 Greatest Commercials of All Time." Apple's "1984" ad was #1 on the list. I mean even someone PC users know had something positive to say about Apple in 1984.

At launch the suggested retail price for this Mac was $2,495. I'm also sure there was a grand sales pitch.

But lets advance to the year 2006. The news media sometimes seems to use words to make things worse then they actually are, and look to use your own words to bring you down.

Example: Steve said at Macworld that the new iMacs where 2x faster. I'm sure some reporters filed those words in the "we will see" file. Some filed them in the "ya right" file and others in the "I'm gonna make you eat those words" file.

Well if you look at this review you will see that it's not 2x faster. Really 1.1-1.3 times faster. O.K. so Steve exaggerated, what sales person doesn't? Shoot Bill Gates says Vista will be a more secure OS. We know that's a lie. Remember this quote I posted here on the 17th?
"A Microsoft spokesperson told eWEEK that the Vista patches address the same vulnerability that led to the WMF (Windows Metafile) malware attacks earlier this month," Naraine reports. "Microsoft's out-of-cycle security update for the WMF vulnerability makes no mention of Windows Vista being vulnerable, but with the release of this weekend's patches it is clear that the poorly designed "SetAbortProc," the function that allows printing jobs to be cancelled, was ported over to Vista."

What about the Toyata TV ad where a giant meteor falls from the sky hitting the ground with earth shattering force lands on the truck and the truck comes out without a scratch?, the announcer says "Toyota Tundra, Meteor proof"!. Ya right, where are the reporters bashing Toyota? I don't even wanna get into all the slicing and dicing does it all products that say they do it all 10 times faster.

I mean as a Mac user I knew Steve might make it sound faster then it is, He's a salesmen, he will do that. He's there to "sell" the product. but performance benchmarks can be tricky anyway, many times companies use programs that are designed to test chip throughput using approximations of how applications behave rather than using benchmarks from running the actual software. They will display what looks best for the company. They are true benchmarks, just not benchmarks that really show how that computer will work for you, with the software you have and use everday.

Nothing new, But some go too far on how they bash Apple and what they call a review, and what they tell consumers. That's when I get pissed, when I see guys like this corn-hole editor who says things like this:
"We won't be able to recommend the iMac for general use until apps such as Photoshop are released for the new design. For workstation-class performance today, check out the Power Mac G5 Quad, but know the architecture will soon be obsolete. "

Hold on how the hell do you use "general use" and "workstaion-class performance" in the same sentence? One is personal computer I would use to surf the web, check e-mail, save and edit my digetal pictures and home movies. The other I would use at a place like " UK’s largest advertising agency" or for some professional who needs top of the line power for video, music, and photo editing. None of which would be even looking at a iMac.

Also what are you talking about when you use the word "obsolete"? He makes it sound like that chip is dead and you will have no future software to look forward to which is all not true.
By the time you don't PowerPC software, you will need a new Mac. I'm sure My Duel 1.8ghz G5 tower has many years to look forward to.

but reports like his may be what also contribute to sluggish sales. Not to say Intel and Apple don't have there problems. They do, (like these 34 known problems) But not to the point that some "reporters" make it sound.

But I'm sure Apple has plenty of new products and updates up their sleeves. One of which I hope is the availabilty of video cards like this ATI Radeon X1900XT hopefully getting made for a Intel based Mac Tower.

Apple is aways working on things to make life easier. They already have given college students a podcast lecture option. Apple has expanded its iTunes U program, which allows colleges and universities to post audio and video educational content online using a content management system based on iTunes. So all college professors across New York City have to do is ask students to turn on their iPods, tune in to Internet "podcasts" and take notes.

Other News
Apple's iWork is now the No. 1 competitor to Microsoft Office after grabbing a "2.7 percent unit share, while Corel took only 1.6 percent share with its WordPerfect Office suite"

Lastly, it seems the bounty has gone up! As of 12:17pm (PST) the person who gives the instructions on how to Dual boot 10.4 & XP now gets $4357.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Major C|Net Writer lies to Readers!!!

My Headline true??... I think so. You know, I don't get paid for what I do. But there are some out there with better grammer then I posting articles like shit and getting paid well to do it.

Case in point, this review by Rich Brown. It seems like he takes off many points off his review because of multimedia software that runs slowly which is non-native to sart with. What kind of dumb ass is this guy? Of course a non-native software of any type is gonna run slower. Are you that dense??

The iMac, whether it be G5 or Intel based was not made for Photoshop professionals. so why review it using this software?

Then you write:
"But if you want to run Photoshop or a nonnative video-editing program such as Sorenson Squeeze, we highly recommend you wait until the software catches up before purchasing a new iMac Core Duo."
Are you really that dumb?? You run a Professional App on a non pro computer, knowing it's not running natively then deduct points because of it?? They pay you to be this dumb?? Shoot, I need to get a job at C|Netso i can get paid to write crap like this and get paid for it.

You want to test the video editing ability of this iMac of it's target user?, test it with with it's native iMovie HD, which is already Intel ready. Why would you test this computer with a non-native, pro app and then base your score so heavily on it? Why would you not test these computers with the same amout of memory? Even with the Intel mac haveing the most, what type of nim-rod does a test like that?? I mean users using the software he's testing here are using PowerMacs Towers, not iMacs.

This just seems like a review looking to make the iMac look bad from the starting gate.
"Don't edit video on a Intel based iMac it sucks" is what you are telling your readers and that's just a lie.

Your giving a unfair review that gives far too much weight to the performance of Rosetta.
7 out of 10.? You rating Rosetta or the iMac? You can't be rating the iMac if deduction of your score is based on pro apps that are running on Rosetta. Bottom line, Rich Brown is lying to you. And C|Net is also for posting this article.

Want XP on Your Mac?
Well a guy by the name of Colin is willing to pay you to give him instructions on how to Dual boot these two operating systems(OSX & XP). So far it's up to $878 (as of 3:04pm pst).

The Rules
1. Instructions must boot Windows XP (at least), not Vista or any other version of Windows.
2. Windows must be able to coexist with Mac OS X and each system may not interfere with the operation of the other (basically a traditional dual boot system where one OS is running at a time)
3. Your method, upon starting the computer, must offer the user to boot either OS X or Windows XP (hint: GRUB)
4. The first person to email complete instructions, including pictures of the boot process to will be the winner. Instructions will be peer reviewed once they are received and once the solution is guaranteed working, the prize money will be transferred via paypal
5. You give this website the rights to post your solution
6. If it is determined impossible to boot Windows on the Mac by March 23, 2006, all donations will be donated to a charitable cause (please send suggestions to If you donated prior to 2006/06/23 2:10pm CST, and you do not wish to donate to charity, I will return your money minus the paypal fee.

No More OS9!
Don't need OS9 for anything? or need the hard drive space? or both? MacFixit has posted a article on how to remove Classic from your computer for good. Get it here

Friday, January 20, 2006

Fridays News

Today there is The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The Good? Apple- Both Time Magazine and PC Magazine gave praises to Apple's new iMac Core Duo. Time names it "gadget of the week" and PC magazine a 4.5 out of 5 stars saying "Thanks to the Core Duo processor, the new iMac is much peppier."

The Bad? The alternative rock band The Postal Service- They posted on there web page this note:

A Note from Ben
It has recently come to our attention that Apple Computers' new television commercial for the Intel chip features a shot-for-shot recreation of our video for 'Such Great Heights' made by the same filmmakers responsible for the original. We did not approve this commercialization and are extremely disappointed with both parties that this was executed without our consultation or consent. -Ben Gibbard, The Postal Service

Now I spoke on this before, Apple did use the same director. But let me tell you, I have never heard of this band until all this controversy came up, and with looking on the web very few other have also.

Plus video concepts are rarely created by the band. They are mostly made from the directors vision, with the band really only seeing the video when it's done. Plus the band should be happy with all the exposure they are getting from the online press and the fact that their song and video of Such Great Heights is also on the iTunes Music store.

Bottom line is they need to stop complaining and be happy about all the exposure they are getting!

The Ugly! AOL- "Time Warner's AOL unit is planning to launch a pay-for-download video service by the end of the year, as people grow more accustomed to watching content on the Web." AOL will allow downloads to personal computers and would like to enable people to use its service to interact with Apple Computer's popular iTunes site if Apple will permit it, Kevin Conroy said."

Bottom line, AOL sucks, they are going down the tubes. They are only good for re-supplying me with new coasters for my desk from the CD's they send out. Why the hell would I pay for broadband, then pay them also to get on the net? Screw that!

Other News
Apple Matters has a intresting article on what Apple should do with that $7 Billiion they have.

It's Frag Friday Time! Time to boot up Unreal Tournament!!!

So Get your CTF frag fest going on The Darkside Server!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

What's In A Mac??

A lot of people ask what's so special about a Mac that I should switch? Now my normal answer could go with no spyware, viruses and easier to use etc... But there are some that spend their whole time just looking for something negative to troll about. Some that no matter what you tell them, they don't get it.

It seems I've seen this one writer (John C. Dvorak) once to many times doing childish things like trolling. His article for shows the bias on how he sees things. Now let me start by saying that yes, I do like the Mac OS better. But I have used a Windows OS also (95 and XP). My preferance is for the Mac OS, but that's not what (now) he's trolling about.

Now he wants to call Jobs a lair about what he told Mac users about hardware. Like I said, trolling looking for something. A quote from the article:

" I couldn't resist going to the MacWorld Expo especially after Jobs finally roiled out a couple of the Intel-based Macs. The two most talked about aspects of these new machines were their blazing speed and the fact that some of the top apps still need to be ported over. This includes Photoshop.

The speed of the systems begs the question as to the apparent BS that the Mac community was fed for years regarding the natural superiority of the PowerPC chip. As far as I'm concerned Apple's credibility is now suspect on all levels. More interesting were the rather insulting ads Apple showed regarding these chips indicating that any use before Apple was essentially a crummy loser. This, of course referred to Windows I guess. Apparently Apple is unaware of the fact that Linux runs at blazing speed on these chips too."

O.K., lets get this straight, PowerPC chips "were" faster then Intel when it first came out, You can't accuse Apple of lying back when they were comparing G4 and G5 chips to Pentiums. Over the years, Intel like any other company has made improvements. Just like the new core duo iMacs are faster then the G5 iMacs, why? for one, they are duel core.

The fact that your saying "Apple's credibility is now suspect on all levels" just shows your lack of logical thought. Apple has now chosen to use a brand new Intel chip that didn't even exist a month ago.

PowerPC was the best option and faster at some tasks than anything from Intel back when Apple was selling PowerPC. The fastest Mac is still PowerPC-based, Apple's Power Mac G5 Quad has four processors, and for video and photos you can't beat it.

You see, Apple puts a lot of effort into their computers and software:
In an exclusive interview this afternoon with TG Daily, Apple Computer's senior director for desktops, Tom Boger, dispelled rumors that its new hardware partner, Intel, manufactured more components for the company than just the CPU and on-board chipset for his company's new iMacs and MacBook Pro models. Saying Apple is responsible for the architecture and assembly of the Macs' new hardware, as it has been for all prior models, Boger stated that the three factors that distinguish Apple's new systems from Core Duo-based PCs designed to run Windows, are form factor, operating system, and applications.

"We build the whole widget," Boger told us. "We don't take off-the-shelf parts, [and add to them] huge, major components from other companies, then throw our operating system on it. We build the whole widget from the ground up. We start with the industrial design, we do all the electrical engineering, every single aspect about a Mac has been designed by Apple."

You see Apple is making a lot of chages to make things easier and faster and you Mac experiance better. Look at the The X1600, a the mid-level entry in ATI's new X1000-series of graphics processors that utilize the company's AVIVO technology. This is easily the most powerful graphics chipset that the iMac or any Apple laptop has ever seen. Lots of 3D horsepower for games and OS X's Quartz Extreme user interface and high bandwidth for video playback.

So Mr. John C. Dvorak what you need to do is open your eyes and "C" the bias crap flowing from out your pie hole then read it. Find out if your facts are true or if the facts your using is your bias. If you can't see how bias you sound you really need to find a new job. I think a poster in your reply section put it best "sorry...the only credibility to be questioned here is your own. "

"For some reason people need to attack Apple, which offers premium quality and user experience, for not being the cheapest. These same people will not hesitate to pay thousands more for a car that they see as better than the cheapest Hyundai, or jeans that are cooler than the cheapest at Walmart, or Nike sneakers over an unknown brand. Why Apple is always attacked for being what it is, a premium quality company that offers a better experience, better design, freedom from viruses, free creative software that is unparalled anywhere else, and so, is beyond me."

Other News
Apple has confirmed that Final Cut Pro and other applications within the Final Cut Studio will no longer be available individually. A note from there websie: "After January 10, 2006, the individual applications in Final Cut Studio will only be available as part of the suite.[...]"To make it easy for our customers to make the move to Final Cut Studio, we're offering amazing deals to current owners of Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro 4, Motion 2, Soundtrack Pro, and Production Suite. When you take advantage of this offer, you'll get the Universal version of Final Cut Studio when it becomes available."

The Universal version (a version that runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel processors) will ship by March 31. Also if you want to know which software will run on both platforms, Apple introducing a new logo that developers can add to their programs. The logo can be used on product packaging, advertising, Web sites, and marketing materials.

Think Secret is reporting that "Apple has delayed the roll-out of ProCare 2.0, its premium retail store support service, due to unknown reasons. Sources report that ProCare 2.0 was originally scheduled to the launch around the beginning of the year.

At present, Apple's ProCare service allows computer purchasers to reserve time with a Mac Genius up to seven days in advance, score a one-hour training session, get priority repairs, and free transferring of files from an old Mac to a new one.

Among the new features in ProCare 2.0 are support for multiple Macs per account and a free annual system "tune-up". ProCare 2.0 will cost $99, the same as the current service."

And lastly, something for a laugh from Mother Goose & Grimm

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Apple 1st Quarter Predictions

O.K., posted this late waiting for the conferance call.
Lets start this,

Macintosh computer sales where up 20% year over year. Apple sold 1.254 million macs, 667,000 where desktop systems and 587,000 where laptops in quarter 1 (Q1) and saw lower than expected Intel shift effect on Mac computer sales.

Apple's new Laptop called the MacBook Pro will ship in February, but Apple said they may not be able to meet the "overwelming" demand. Apple hopes to meet demand of the new iMac Intel Core Duo which is now shipping. When asked if Apple will discount non Intel-based Macs? Oppenheimer replied, "we will continue to ship iMac G5, Power Mac G5 at this time".
Apple will sell iMac G5 and PowerBook G4 15-inch as "while supplies last".

Also Tim Cook added "we saw a pause in sales as we approached Intel transition. But Mac sales exceeded expectations in 1st Quarter".

It seems Apple is also getting plenty of orders for both Intel based iMac and Macbook Pro. It seems Apple is transitioning to Intel already, and will continue to open retail stores and make "the best personal computers on the planet".

And WALTER S. MOSSBERG seems to agree saying
"It's still the best consumer desktop on the market. It still runs crisply, still is free of viruses and spyware, still has the best operating system and the best built-in software of any desktop we've tested. Given how smoothly the new machine works, and how likely it is to get even better, we would prefer it today over the iMac G5, which Apple is still selling for the same price until inventories are gone. The G5 is still a fine machine, but the Intel model has a brighter future."

With all the positive being said, Apple will be opening Retail Stores in U.S., Canada, UK, and Japan in 2006. Apple is said to be investing in long-term growth. And for us to expect Apple to invest in advertising, marketing, engineering, and more retail stores.

Apple quarterly revenue surpassed all of fiscal 2002. Making $565 million in profits $90 million from retail on over $5.75 billion in revenue. 49% of Apple revenue was from Web and Apple Retail Store sales, with Apple saying Web sales were "significant" in Q1.

iTunes music and video sales have exceeded Apple's expectations. Apple says the iTunes Music Store operated "above break-even." The iTunes Music Store which is in 21 countries covers over 90% of worldwide music market and Holds 83% share of the market.

This could not be said about the failing Napster. Reports are coming out from digital music news that "a dire company situation have emerged". According to their sources inside the organization, a substantial round of layoffs is expected within weeks. and their sources also noting that executives at the company are also reportedly considering various exit options, including a fire sale or liquidation.

All that happening while iTunes gift certificates/cards and direct purchases are selling at 3 million per day. With iPods in over 35,000 outlets, Apple sold over 14 million iPods in 1st quarter. This was accomplished while at the same time replacing two of three iPod lines. iPods are in over 35,000 outlets. Apple could not keep up with supply and demand in certain channels at certain times in Q1 2006.

Apple is targeting a second-best quarter ever of $4.3 billion in Q2 2006, 33% year over year growth. I can see this happening with Apple now will be making a Arabic version of the iPod that will hit the market soon, officials have revealed.

"Apple is working on this. A prototype has already been made available to us," said Elias Abou-Rustom, general manager of Arab Business Machine, Apple's independent marketing company for the Middle East.

"This could be launched in the Middle East in the coming months."

By the way of those wondering about came out as a controversial feature in Apple’s recently updated iTunes (v6.0.2) with it's iTunes MiniStore, which tries to make suggestions for what to buy from the iTunes Music Store based on you’re listening to. Now the MiniStore will only operate if you give it permission first. Now there is a button that provides users with the ability to activate the feature. An arrow also shows users how they can turn the MiniStore on or off whenever they want by clicking a button on the iTunes interface.

The MiniStore now gives an explanation of what it does before you activate it:
The iTunes MiniStore allows you to discover new music and videos right from your iTunes Library. As you select items in your Library, information about that item is sent to Apple and the MiniStore will show you related songs or videos. Apple does not keep any information related to the contents of your music Library.

With Lots of New and good things coming down the pipe, 2006 will be "The Year of the Mac"!!

Don't forget to watch or listen in to Your Mac life tonight and every Wednesday evening from 5:30pm to 8pm PT or from 8:30pm to 11pm ET.
Tonight there will only be a audio feed as their video equipment comes home.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Apple's Up, Up and Away

You would think that Apple's new hardware would be boosting Apple higher.
Well your right. Not to mention how it's also helping other companys with it's iTunes music store(iTMS). It seems Apple's iPod and the iTunes Music Store have been credited as a contributing factor to the rise in popularity of NBC's "The Office", which delivered a rating of 5.1 last Thursday...its highest ratings among adults 18 to 49. In fact, the series is NBC's top-performing video podcast available on Apple's iTunes, where it has been available since Dec. 6.

*"The iTunes offering is bringing new audiences to the show that would not otherwise have watched", said Frederick Huntsberry, president of NBCU Television Distribution. "Consumers have choices, and we are not reaching all consumers with one technology," he said.
*qoute from

Plus it seems it's new iMac with Intel's Core Duo chip is getting good reviews. ArsTechica gave it a 9 out of 10.
With ARS saying " does the move to a dual-core Intel CPU mean faster performance? [...]I'll do you a favor and answer with a qualified "yes."

Plus ARS also showed how Blizzard had a iMac with a Intel chip and how well the frame rates where in their Hot Game, World of Warcraft. The iMac with it's new Radeon X1600 graphics chip help push the frame per second (FPS) at some points to 100fps.

But the iMac is not the only one looking good. Craig Wood did a preformance Analysis on the MacBook Pro with the 1.83 core duo chip.
"The new MacBook Pro proved to be far more adept at encoding video, at rate of 1.3x. The MacBook Pro is 260% faster than the previous PowerBook, which encoded video at 0.5x."

You can see his full list of results here.

Also At the each fiscal quarter Apple has a conference call with analysts to discuss the previous quarter's financial results. So tomorrow (1/18/06) Apple will be streaming the broadcast of the call at 2pm PT/5pm ET. I think it will be good ;)
You will need Quicktime.

1)Jack Whispers has a report saying:
" The Register UK is reporting that people have started to receive emails asking them to verify their Apple ID ... this is an attempt to steal your information and purchase computers and music with the credit card you have registered with your iTunes or Apple store account.

Just know this ... it would be national news if something like this happened AND Apple (or any other large corporation) would never send you an email asking you to visit their site and type in details.

Remember, online sites such as Apple, Paypal, eBay, Amazon, and your bank ... all have this information ... they have it backed up twice over ... they just don't have the need to ask for additional "verification" and they would never publicly announce that they had a security breach ... the national news would announce that for them.

PS - don't confuse this phishing scam with Apple's ID resetting emails ... if someone has tried to log into their Apple ID account 3 times - you are sent an email requesting that you reset your Apple ID."

He also posts links to the Erica Sadun report on the subject, as well as the original report and information from Apple about their ID's.

2)If your a PC user waiting for Microsofts new OS Windows Vista, think about this.
"Microsoft Corp. has shipped the first critical security update for Windows Vista, the next version of its flagship operating system," Ryan Naraine reports for eWeek. "Over the weekend, the company released patches for beta testers running the Windows Vista December CTP (Community Technology Preview) and Windows Vista Beta 1, and warned that the new operating system was vulnerable to a remote code execution flaw in the Graphics Rendering Engine."

Did you read that carefully? It's a beta that already has a flaw!! So while trying to copy the Mac OS looks (and doing a bad job I might add), they still have not found a way to protect it's users better.

"A Microsoft spokesperson told eWEEK that the Vista patches address the same vulnerability that led to the WMF (Windows Metafile) malware attacks earlier this month," Naraine reports. "Microsoft's out-of-cycle security update for the WMF vulnerability makes no mention of Windows Vista being vulnerable, but with the release of this weekend's patches it is clear that the poorly designed "SetAbortProc," the function that allows printing jobs to be cancelled, was ported over to Vista."
That is so sad. You can read the whole story here.


If you wanna see more wedding pictures of Shawn and Lesa King From Your Mac Life look here.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Homage For A Great Man

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King

I would like to give homage to this very special man. For very few Americans have had as great an impact on our nation as an eloquent Southern Baptist minister from Atlanta, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. A national leader in the civil rights movement, Dr. King gained worldwide prominence with his "I Have A Dream" speech and in 1964 was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his unwavering commitment to equal rights for all Americans regardless of race, creed, national origin or religious belief.

In Georgia, Dr. King holds the honor of being the first African-American to have their portrait hung in the halls of the State Capitol. The portrait was dedicated by then-Governor Jimmy Carter in 1974 and is in a prominent location adjacent to the Office of the Governor on the second floor of the Capitol.

I'll be back with all you Mac news tomorrow!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

A Happy Mac Life

First I would like to start out by saying "Congratulations to Shawn & Lesa King! May you have a long and happy marriage!!"

*picture courtesy of AppleXnet

For those who don't know Shawn & Lesa King host a great internet show with Jay Curtis called Your Mac Life. Shawn & lesa (then Snider) first met three years ago at Macworld, and is also the place where Shawn proposed to her last year. The couple got married after the show closed at San Francisco's Great American Music Hall Thursday.
You can watch the best part( for us at least ;) ) click here.

While MacWorld was doing great, Apple was doing better.
I grabbed this from MDN:
"On October 6, 1997, in response to the question of what he'd do if he was in charge of Apple Computer, Dell founder and then CEO Michael Dell stood before a crowd of several thousand IT executives and answered flippantly, "What would I do? I'd shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders."

A little more than a month later, on November 10, 1997, new Apple iCEO Steve Jobs responded, speaking in front of an image of Michael Dell's bulls-eye covered face, "We're coming after you, you're in our sights."

Today, after a little more than eight years of hard work, Apple Computer, Inc. passed Dell, Inc. in market value. That's right, at market close Apple Computer ($72,132,428,843) is now worth more than Dell ($71,970,702,760). Got any snappy responses for that one, Mr. Dell?

Luckily, Apple has had the right man in charge since July 1997; a man with the vision and the ability to do what lesser men think impossible."

How sweet it is! So sweet because also research and investment firm Piper Jaffray today raised its target price on shares of Apple Computer from $80 to $103. Piper Jaffray maintains an "Outperform" rating on Apple shares.

but then again Steve did warn you! In more ways then one. Oh you didn't know??
Well if you have read this page for any amount of time you know how much I hate the OSx86 Project and what they stand for.

But Apple took it a step further. That's why I did find this very funny to find this posted on their web page:
"We’ve received some information regarding Apple's newest portable, the MacBook Pro, and with it a hidden message for would-be hackers. We were made privy to a text dump from the System Profiler of one of the new MacBooks and, naturally, couldn’t wait to sort through its contents. What we didn’t expect to see was a warning from Apple to those that would hack OS X, presumably to those wanting it to run on beige-box PCs:


Dont Steal Mac OS X
Copyright (c) 2006 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved.

The purpose of this Apple software is to protect Apple copyrighted
materials from unauthorized copying and use. You may not copy, modify,
reverse engineer, publicly display, publicly perform, sublicense,
transfer or redistribute this file, in whole or in part. If you have
obtained a copy of this Apple software and do not have a valid license
from Apple Computer to use it, please immediately destroy or delete it
from your computer.


The most interesting part of this message? It’s placement, found in /System/Library/Extensions/Dont Steal Mac OS X.kext Despite being a lighthearted jab at hackers, it seems that Apple is taking the pirating of the new OSx86 seriously, since the same kext is not found in the PPC version of 10.4.4. Is this simply a hidden message for the interested parties, or is it a new tounge-in-cheek implementation of OS X’s TPM security? Details are sketchy at this point… watch this space for more news as we get it."

What amazes me is them saying "Despite being a lighthearted jab at hackers, it seems that Apple is taking the pirating of the new OSx86 seriously, since the same kext is not found in the PPC version of 10.4.4."

What it should read is: "Despite being a stab to my hacking and thieving webpage and it's readers,it seems that Apple is taking the pirating of the new OSx86 seriously, since the same kext is not found in the PPC version of 10.4.4."

Of coarse Apple knows the PPC version won't get hacked and end up like Intel chips, getting "trapped inside PCs - dull little boxes, dutifully performing dull little tasks" as Apple puts it in their latest Tv ad.

Of coarse some are fuming that people can buy Duo Core machines from Apple now, while consumers will have to wait for weeks for Yonah based notebooks from Dell & HP.

But is that the only thing on there minds?? Maybe not. The Apple insider is saying " Apple's legal trail points to mobile product". Qouting analysts Steve Lidberg and David Niederman:
"Any move by Apple to become a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) could strengthen the company's bond to its growing customer base that includes 32 million iPods and 4.7 million Mac systems sold in 2005."
But others like Aspyr Media's Glenda Adams are looking at what's in plan sight. IMG had a chance to interview her at MWSF and here's a small bite:
"MacIntels were the first topic of conversation, with Glenda’s prediction being that the new machines will have a positive influence on Mac games. For the first time, Apple’s boxes will finally have matching hardware specs with PCs, eliminating any reason for the current game performance discrepancy between the Windows and Mac platforms. The move to Intel sets the bar higher for Apple technicians and for developers to really push the boxes to get the same frame rates as PC users. The new Macs are also garnering a lot of attention from PC users, and if speculation of Apple’s market share growing past the 10% prove correct, Glenda expects to see a many more gaming titles coming to the platform.

Further, Glenda is very excited about the new, Intel-powered iMacs and MacBook Pros that were announced on Tuesday, noting that she ordered a new machine for herself only a few hours after the keynote. Impressed with the speed and price of the new machines, she noted that the powerful new ATI Radeon X1600 graphics cards installed in all the new machines, combined with the huge performance jump of the Intel chips will make really powerful rigs for gamers."
You can read their full interview here.

Also If you want some questioned answered about the new Chips that run the new iMac and MacBook Pro, MacWorld has some answers for you at these links:
Core Duo
MacBook Pro

If you wanna know what was best of show at MWSF 2006, here they are:

Adobe Lightroom

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple iLife '06

Browseback from Smile on My Mac

Docktopus from Startly Technologies

Elgato's EyeTV 2

JBL On Time

Google Earth for Mac

iSee 360i from Advanced Technology Office-ATO

LightZone 1.0 from Light Crafts

Marware Project X

MemoryMiner by GroupSmarts ($60)

Micromat Techtool Protégé

Suitcase Fusion from Extensis

Want more info on a product? click here

Thursday, January 12, 2006

What's New and What's Not

What's New?
Bear Stearns has upped their rating on Apple Computer to "outperform" and set a year-end Apple Computer price target at $105. Also Apple is primed to pass Dell in market value. You can watch it happen here.
Hopefully this will put a final end to the media's description of Apple as the "beleaguered" computer company.

But after watching the keynote you see why . Apple has brought us new hardware, software and TV ad.
While for me the new Mac ad brings back the feeling I got back in the day when Apple had bold Mac TV spots, some it seems are looking for hits on their sites with headers like "Another Apple Ad Ripoff?" from, cult of Mac section.

Where they compare the Apple ad, to The Postal Service video.(realplayer video)

This is where the "What's Not" comes in. Some writers search deeply, and for some crazy shit. In the 2 videos the only things that are the same is that they are in bunnysuits, and there is a man and a women who look at each other, That's it. The the article writer does not even know if at any point this ad was made with permission of The Postal Service or its record company, or may have hired the same director, or licensed the work.

No lets just stir the pot. There's alraedy reports that Intel did not sign off on the ad either. Saying they were kept in the dark about the true nature of the ad and so cooperated with making some of the footage, but they didn't know about it being anti-PC until the last minute.

"Never would we characterize our customers that way," Intel Vice President Deborah Conrad said in an interview.

Conrad said that Intel cooperated with Apple for some particulars of the TV spot, but added, "We didn't know what the end result was going to be."

The company did get a peek at the ad before Tuesday's keynote, but it wasn't too much earlier.

"It's probably a good thing that we didn't see them earlier," Conrad said."
*qoute from CNet

But maybe that Ripoff lead was to also invite you to also read their other article where they talk about that "the keynote that Jobs gave was not the keynote he had planned. Some of the speech had been cut out. Key products were missing. "

Where he also mentions "There was some stuff, "some very, very cool stuff," that Jobs couldn't unveil because of "supply issues." (not enough Core Duo chips)
He also asks if there would be MacBook replacements for the 17-inch and 12-inch PowerBooks, and his inside source says "Oh, it's much cooler than that. Much cooler."
This quote should to me should be taken with a grain of salt.

But anyway most users are happy that the bottleneck bus, pegged at 167Mhz for so long, is now replaced by a 667Mhz bus. Also that the MacBook Pro includes a Radeon X1600 which brings Apple up to date. You can find a full interview with ATI at MWSF from IMG here.

Also, MacFixit was told by Apple officials that FireWire target disk mode is available on both the new iMac Core Duo and MacBook Pro, eclipsing earlier speculation that this boot option would no longer be available.

Apple also told MacFixIt that startup keyboard commands -- such as holding C to startup from the optical drive, and holding option to pick the startup device at boot -- have been retained with the switch to Intel architecture.

What will not be retained is the use of Open Firmware. new Macs based on Intel Core Duo processors (the iMac Core Duo and MacBook Pro) will no longer make use of Open Firmware, which has been standard on all shipping Macs in recent memory.

Instead, the new Macs make use of Intel's Extensible Firmware Interface (EFI), which proviedes an interface between Mac OS X and the computer firmware.

There are other things some pro mac users are more concerned about. Like the new MacBook pro having no Firewire 800 port or the slower, less capable DVD burner. Also why Steve did not mention how long the new 60-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery would last.

what's not a big deal for me but maybe for others is Virtual PC 7 release will not run on the new Intel Core Duo based Macs. Oh and if you haven't heard yet, Despite pledging its support for the Apple's platform for at least 5 years, Microsoft has backed out of future releases of Windows Media Player for Mac. The company's Web site now directs visitors to download a third-party application from developer Flip4Mac.

Now who else screwed up? Google! Ashlee Vance writes a review on the Googles video store.
"This is a truly historical meeting of the established and new media," said Les Moonves, the head of CBS, about his network's new video partnership with Google. Um, no, Les. So far, it's just a really crap web site.

If, like us, you expected the new and improved Google Video service to rival something like Apple's iTunes store, then do yourself a favor and don't visit the Google shop for a few months. Google has done nothing to celebrate its unique access to shows such as CSI, Survivor and Star Trek. Instead, the company has buried CBS's shows beneath a dismal interface wrapped in a shambles of a delivery mechanism.

Think we're being too harsh? Have a look for yourself."

All I have to say is, "What a shit looking store!"

Other News
Micromat has announced TechTool Protege, a compact, bootable diagnostic and repair tool. The utility contains TechTool Pro, Micromat's disk partitioning program DiskStudio, as well as several other utilities on a compact, one gigabyte FireWire flash drive.

WireTap Pro 1.1.4 was released with MacOS X 10.4 ("Tiger") compatibility. This program allows you to record any audio, saving it to a file for later listening or processing. Streaming Internet audio, sound snippets of a DVD movie, voice notations/narration, audio from a game, digitized audio from a line-in... WireTap Pro does it all.

Cocktail 3.7 is the latest version of the general purpose utility for Mac OS X. Cocktail allows users to clean, repair, optimize their system, and more. This release contains updated Automator actions and addresses compatibility issues with Mac OS X 10.4.4 and Intel Macs. Cocktail 3.7 is distributed as a Universal Binary and is fully compatible with both PowerPC and Intel Macs. Cocktail requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later and is priced at US$14.95.

Freeverse on today revealed that it will publish the Macintosh version of Heroes of Might and Magic V under an exclusive worldwide license from Ubisoft. The game is currently in development for the PC by Nival Interactive, and Freeverse said it will publish the Mac version after the PC edition comes out this March.

Freeverse has not posted a product page on its Web site yet, but gamers can visit UbiSoft's product page to learn more. Freeverse did not disclose pricing nor system requirements.

Lastly Apple has released Safari 1.3.2 for Mac OS X 10.3.x (Panther), which brings some of the improvements built into the latest Mac OS X 10.4.x (Tiger) version of Safari (2.0.3) to Panther.

According to its release notes, Safari 1.3.2 for Mac OS X Panther improves website compatibility, application stability and support for 3rd party web applications.

Safari 1.3.2 installer requires the user to have Safari 1.3.1 in order to install.

The new release is available through Software Update or as a standalone download [3.77 MB].

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Who's Heading Apple's Direction?

The answer to that question is me! I'm no big wheel in the computer industry, but I am a consumer, A very important part of what keeps Apple doing what they are doing, and going where their vision takes them. These visions are what make things in my computer life eaiser.

Some think that in the process of making things easier for me (the consumer), Apple is making new enemies. Out with the old hardware enemies, in with the software ones. Should software companys worry because Apple is using Intel processors and there is a possiblity That Apple may make software better then a PC counterpart??

Apple so far is riding high. "UBS raised its price target on Apple Computer to $100 from $86 and kept a buy rating on the stock, citing Apple's revenue guidance," Dow Jones reports. Apple shares were up 3.6 percent at $83.74 on the Nasdaq, after rising as high as $84.18 yesterday.

On top of the hardware released, the software made news as well. 10.4.4, iLife '06 with iWeb and Garageband 3 which now can be used as a podcasting tool gives you more of a reason to get a .mac account. iTunes was updated to 6.0.2 with a new feature some see as "a bit of spyware to the iTunes interface." A new feature called the MiniStore. A small window on the bottom of your iTunes main window. (shown below)

Turned on by default, the MiniStore displays iTunes Music Store links to the selected song’s album, others albums by the same artist, and albums purchased by listeners to that song or artist. The store only updates when you select a song, not as playlists play. Also iTunes doesn't continue to send the data when the mini store is hidden. But some still have Sony's fiasco in their minds, so this may be a problem for some. If your one of those I would recommend hiding the ministore. (the button is the first one on the lower right and looks like the button to hide the art work on the lower left).

Also released was a updater for your iPod.
iPod Updater 2006-01-10

iPod Updater 2006-01-10 delivers:
iPod Software 1.1 for iPod
iPod Software 1.1 for iPod nano
iPod Software 1.2.1 for iPod with color display
iPod Software 1.4.1 for iPod mini
iPod Software 3.1.1 for iPod with Click Wheel
For all other iPod models, iPod Updater 2006-01-10 contains the same software versions as iPod Updater 2005-11-17.
Features of iPod Software 1.1 for iPod, and iPod Software 1.1 for iPod nano:

Support for the iPod Radio Remote
Bug fixes

Changes to iPod Software 1.2.1 for iPod with color display, iPod Software 1.4.1 for iPod mini, and iPod Software 3.1.1 for iPod with Click Wheel:
Bug fixes

Apple is making a lot of changes and some "reporters" and "analysts" want these things to happen in their time frame or when they say Apple should jump. All I can say to them is, get off your high horse. I think Apple has come a long way, and is heading in the right direction. Would I have liked to have seen a duel duel-core 5.0ghz laptop with every bell and whistle? Sure! But I think watching Apple this year will be awesome and will bring some nice surprises.

Their newest iMac Ad brings back that 1984 ad feeling. And that is a step in the right direction.

Other News
Google released Google Earth for the Mac.

Minimum configuration for Mac:
Mac OS X (10.4)
256M RAM
400MB disk space
Network speed: 128Kbits/sec
3D-capable video card with 16Mbytes of VRAM
1024x768, "16-bit High Color" screen

Recommended configuration for Mac:

Mac OS X (10.4)
512M RAM
2 GB of free disk space
Network speed: 768 Kbits/sec or better (DSL/Cable)
3D-capable video card with 32 MB of VRAM or greater
1280x1024, "32-bit True Color" screen

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

New, New, New!!

Well Aple did it. A New laptop called a "MacBook Pro"
both with 15.4 inch TFT display with 1440x900 resolution
667MHz frontside bus(PC2-5300) and Slot-load SuperDrive (DVD±RW/CD-RW)

MacBook Pro also features a full-size backlit keyboard, AirPort Extreme wireless networking (802.11b/g), Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, ExpressCard/34 slot, dual-link DVI video out, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0, FireWire 400, and optical digital and analog audio in/out.

The main differances are: one has a 1.67GHz Intel Core Duo processor with 2MB shared L2 Cache
512MB (single SO-DIMM) 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM (PC2-5300)
80GB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive
ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 with 128MB GDDR3 memory
and only costs $1,999.00(U.S)

The other is a 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo processor with 2MB shared L2 Cache and comes with:
1GB (single SO-DIMM)
100GB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive
ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 with 256MB GDDR3 memory

The New Intel Based iMac still comes comes in 17" and 20". but now the 17" comes with:

17-inch widescreen LCD with 1440x900 resolution
1.83GHz Intel Core Duo processor with 2MB shared L2 cache
512MB (single SO-DIMM) 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM (PC2-5300)
160GB Serial ATA hard drive
Slot-load 8x double-layer SuperDrive
ATI Radeon X1600 graphics with 128MB GDDR3 memory
Built-in AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth 2.0
and is $1,299.00(U.S.)

The 20" comes with:
20-inch widescreen LCD with 1680x1050 resolution
2.0GHz Intel Core Duo processor with 2MB shared L2 cache

512MB (single SO-DIMM) 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM (PC2-5300)
250GB Serial ATA hard drive
Slot-load 8x double-layer SuperDrive
ATI Radeon X1600 graphics with 128MB GDDR3 memory
Built-in AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth 2.0
and is $1,699.00

iLife '06

iPhoto 6
The easiest way to import, organize, edit and share your digital photos.
New Features
• Enjoy blazing performance and support for up to 250,000 photos.
• Use Photocasting to share albums with other iPhoto users through .Mac.
• Edit and compare images in full-screen mode.
• Create pro-quality greeting cards, calendars and books with your favorite photos.
• Enhance your photos or give them a unique look with one click.
• Easily build photo blogs and photo pages to share your pictures with iWeb.

iMovie HD 6
Turn your home video into a Hollywood-style hit and share it with others.
New Features
• Create amazing movies quickly using Apple-designed iMovie themes.
• Stunning new video effects with no waiting.
• Fantastic text effects and titling with instant results.
• Use new sound effects and audio enhancement tools such as noise reduction and graphic equalizer.
• Switch and share clips among multiple open movie projects.
• Easily share movies and video podcasts with iWeb.

iDVD 6
Author and burn movies, photos and music to standard and widescreen DVDs.
New Features
• Use Magic iDVD to create a complete DVD that’s ready to burn.
• Author DVDs that fill your widescreen TV.
• Choose from 10 new Apple-designed themes.
• Add your videos and photos with one click using autofill drop zones.
• Reorganize even the largest projects with enhanced map view editing.
• Enjoy support for an array of third-party DVD burners.

GarageBand 3
The best way to record music on a Mac is now the best way to record podcasts, too.
New Features
• Easily create podcasts in the new Podcast Studio mode and publish them with iWeb.
• Add radio-style sound effects and jingles to your recordings and podcasts.
• Sound like a professional radio host with the built-in expertise of an audio engineer.
• Create a talk show podcast and interview one or more remote guests simultaneously via iChat.
• Create a music score for your iMovie even if you’re not a musician.

Easily create beautiful websites and blogs and get them online — fast.
Key Features
• Choose from 12 professionally designed themes and templates.
• Add photos, movies and music with the iLife Media Browser.
• Create web pages using a flexible text and graphics canvas.
• Build and update your own blog with ease.
• Produce a podcast in GarageBand and publish it with iWeb.
• Publish to .Mac with one click.

New in Both Pages 2 and Keynote 3
• Perform basic spreadsheet-like calculations and formatting in tables.
• Display your data in beautiful three-dimensional charts with life-like textures.
• Add stars, polygons or draw freeform custom shapes with Bézier curves in any document or presentation.
• Mask photos and images with any shape.
• Adjust photos just like you’d adjust them in iPhoto.
• Add comment “stickies” to any document or presentation to capture to-do’s or reminders.

Pages 2
It’s the easiest way to create great-looking documents for yourself, your group or your business — from simple letters and flyers to professional-quality newsletters and brochures.
• Start with any one of 66 templates, including 27 new designs.
• Import documents created with AppleWorks or Microsoft Word — from both PC and Mac.
• Export as a cross-platform PDF, Word, HTML, RTF or text-only file.
• Build form letters with drag-and-drop simplicity using your Address Book.

Keynote 3
The only way to create cinema-quality presentations and interactive slideshows with ease. Keynote puts you in the director’s chair and gives you complete control over how you build and deliver your presentation.

New Features
• Choose from 32 themes, including new HD themes up to 1920x1080 pixels.
• Add gorgeous cinematic transitions, animations, slide builds and more.
• Import presentations created with AppleWorks or Microsoft PowerPoint on from both PC and Mac.
• Export your presentation to PowerPoint, or to iDVD or iPhoto.
• See all your slides at a glance in Light table view and easily reorganize them.

Here’s what you get with a .Mac membership.
Easily publish your web site, blog or podcast
Using the new iWeb in iLife ’06, you can easily create your own personal web site and publish it to your .Mac account with one click.

Key Features
• Create beautiful web pages using the themes included with iWeb.
• .Mac slideshow viewer generates stunning slideshows that play automatically.
• No configuration necessary — iWeb automatically uses your .Mac settings from System Preferences.
• Publish pages with HomePage, .Mac’s online web publishing tool, when you’re away from your Mac or use .Mac to host your own HTML pages.

Share full-resolution photos with new Photocasting
Share an album in iPhoto 6 and it magically appears in iPhoto on another person’s Mac just like any other album.

Key Features
• Any iPhoto 6 user, even non-.Mac members, can subscribe to photo albums (requires Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.4).
• Windows and Mac users can subscribe using any photo-compatible RSS reader.
• Shared albums are automatically updated when the owner changes adds or edits photos.
• Images are full-resolution for printing, slideshows and more.

Exchange documents using iDisk
Store files on your personal online storage space that’s now accessible any time from any computer — Mac or PC.

Key Features
• Access your iDisk through the Mac OS X Finder or a web browser.
• Easily share files with both Mac and PC users
• Enjoy 1GB combined storage for both your iDisk and email.
• Expand your online storage to 4GB for an extra charge.

Protect your precious memories with Backup 3 software
Create custom backup plans for all the important files on your drive.

Key Features
• Automatically back up iLife files and others in a single step.
• Back up files to your .Mac iDisk, external drives or CDs and DVDs.
• Quickly save only what changed since your last backup.
• Easy file restoration puts files back right where you want them.

Communicate Apple style with .Mac Mail and iChat
Keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues with ad-free email.

Key Features
• Mail is accessible from your mail application and from a web browser.
• Virus protection is built into .Mac Mail for messages sent to your address.
• Use your member name to chat and video conference with iChat AV (compatible hardware required).

Stay in sync with .Mac Sync
Synchronize your personal data to .Mac and have the same contacts, bookmarks, calendars and more on all your Mac computers.

Key Features
• Sync your contacts, calendars, and bookmarks between your Mac computers — Mac OS X Tiger users can also sync Mail accounts, rules and smart mailboxes.
• Access your contacts or bookmarks through a web browser.
• Set schedules for automatic syncing, or sync manually.

Organize group activities with .Mac Groups
Communicate, coordinate and stay connected with your club, team or organization.

Key Features
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He did also anounce 10.4.4 today but as of this posting it's not on Software update or Apple's support page.
What did come up is QuickTime 7.0.4. It's not on Apple's page but did come up on Software update.

Radio Remote

Also Added was a Radio Remote
Which lets you Listen to FM radio on your iPod and control everything with a convenient wired remote. You also get a set of earphones with a shorter cable that’s a perfect fit for the remote.

Update to OS 10.4.4 is up on Software update as well as iTunes 6.0.2! Also The WebCast is up and new iMac Ads.

MacWord 2006!!!

Keynote will be at 9am PST. Stay tuned for all the Mac News!!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Rumors, Guesses, and Analysts

Well here we are, a day before Steve announces what is comming from Apple. Of coarse Bill has his at CES, which to some was hum-drum and just looked like M$ coping Apple like always. Your not sure? Well take a look at the 3 video's here and you will be.

But to any Mac user this is nothing new. But last week and today there are so many writers guessing on what they think will happen to Apple this year, and writing these articles like they are written in stone, like if Apple does not follow what they have said to the letter, Apple will fail.

Hmm...your $45,000 a year Job to Steve's multi-million dollar a year job, his life should be put in your hands... ya right. I've heard the doom of Apple for too long. Apples on a high road now and some writers still wanna place their bets on Apples doom. I'm really beginning to see the very broad definition used by people in their use of calling themselves "analysts".

Some seem to be doing less then a guess, or stating the obvious. One "analyst" says "Apple will be doing something with .Mac". Duh, lets see, I searched just a simple forum to find out that Apple had posted to .Mac users: ".Mac will be undergoing scheduled maintenance from 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM PST on 1/10/06. All .Mac services will be affected. We apologize for the inconvenience." The one thing we won't know is besides iWeb, what else will come on .Mac.

But you see everybody gets into the Rumor blitz, Some talk about a 42" or 50" plasma or LCD display from Apple. Of coarse we have our villege idiot Brett Arends who writes
"Whatever Steve Jobs unveils at next week’s Macworld powwow in San Francisco, it had better be spectacular.
For Jobs, the CEO of Apple and high priest of the computer maker’s bizarre cult, his company’s soaring stock price is both a blessing and a curse. "
Listen buddy, I'm a Mac computer user, A cult would be more of a M$ follower who really walks through all hell (viruses) and lies (believing windows is better) and is blinded by the bullshit. Brett you must be really dumb ( or just write this for web hits) not to realize when your being a out right Mac hater. I don't hate people who use M$, I just feel sorry for them having to deal with all the BS and listen to people like you who continue the lie.

You see, Apple is not going to fall as fast as some think. With companys like Chrysler who now also join other car makers who have iPod connections to their cars. Plus all new iPod like products follow a path Jobs has been clearing for a while now, and the have to measure up to Apple's standards in the consumers eyes. There is a reason "the seven-day stretch between Christmas and the new year, millions of consumers armed with new MP3 players (primarily iPods) and stacks of gift cards gobbled up almost 20 million tracks from iTunes and other download retailers, Nielsen SoundScan reports."

So it's easy to say that 85-90% of those downloads where for iPods. Other companys want to change that. But sorry, there is a standard set, and URGE does not meet it!

*issue 241 from applegeeks

Who in the hell thought of this name anyway???

Back to the point, Apple and iPods are not leaving anytime soon. "This product will fail", was also said about walkmans back in the day also, and look at the run they had. Every week we hear about a iPod killer or new music service that will take iTunes down. Easier said then done. People have seen a good player and music service, so like I said, the standard has been set. People want to get out of Virus & spyware hell, and computers like the new iBooks & iMacs will be the way.

Let me not even get into products not made by Apple for the iPod, like the iSee, which turns your iPod into a video recorder. So keep in mind when you analyze Apple, that your now talking about more then one companys investment.

One thing some like Cliff Edwards really need to get in their heads is that just because Apple will be using Intel processors, does not mean they will be called "MacTels". Get over it.
He writes for Business Week saying:
"Is the world ready for Mactel? It better be, because come Jan. 10, that name could very well become synonymous with the historic shift taking place in the PC industry."
It was not called a "MacRola" when they used motorola chips or a "MacBM" when they had IBM chips, so MacTel is not going to happen.

Also, Peter Burrows, why the hell did you interview The Innovator's Dilemma author Clayton Christensen?
Just the first question and answer leaves doubt in my mind.

Peter's question:
Apple is doing phenomenally well these days. It seems it's doing a textbook job of maintaining huge market share in digital music players, long after most experts thought that share would erode. And it's doing so with the same proprietary strategy that many thought would never stand up to an onslaught from the likes of Microsoft , Wal-Mart , and Yahoo!. Can Apple keep it up?

Christensen's answer?
I don't think so. Look at any industry -- not just computers and MP3 players. You also see it in aircrafts and software, and medical devices, and over and over. During the early stages of an industry, when the functionality and reliability of a product isn't yet adequate to meet customer's needs, a proprietary solution is almost always the right solution -- because it allows you to knit all the pieces together in an optimized way.

But once the technology matures and becomes good enough, industry standards emerge. That leads to the standardization of interfaces, which lets companies specialize on pieces of the overall system, and the product becomes modular. At that point, the competitive advantage of the early leader dissipates, and the ability to make money migrates to whoever controls the performance-defining subsystem.

Then the thing that catches my eye is how he ends this answer...

In the modular PC world, that meant Microsoft and Intel, and the same thing will happen in the iPod world as well. Apple may think the proprietary iPod is their competitive advantage, but it's temporary. In the future, what will matter will be the software inside that lets users find exactly the kind of music they want to listen to, when and where they want to, with minimal effort."

What?? "Apple may think the proprietary iPod is their competitive advantage, but it's temporary. In the future, what will matter will be the software inside that lets users find exactly the kind of music they want to listen to, when and where they want to, with minimal effort." The one thing that keeps Apple on top is their easy to use software. So what the hell is this guys talking about?? Slap this man with a large trout!

Tomorrow I'll bring more news after MWSF, and will also give you my first thoughts on Lightroom, Adobe's answer to Apple's Apurture.