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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Apple Secerts and Rumors

Well did the headline catch your eye? Did you get here by Googling "Apple Secrets" or " Apple Rumors"? Well I'm not much for trash can searching, but I do post some rumors, especially during this time when so many are flying around.

Think Secret has one such rumor but their inside sources go beyond January show, and talk about April's National Association of Broadcasters trade show this year.

According to Think Secret:
"Apple will take advantage of the April show to demonstrate Final Cut Pro 6 to the public for the first time. Even more significant, Apple will use the stage to unveil Final Cut Extreme, an extremely high-end version of its video editing software designed to grab marketshare away from rival Avid.

Sources note that Apple's Final Cut Extreme announcement will coincide with Red's upcoming 4K digital cinema camera, a revolutionary piece of equipment that is said will be priced upwards of $200,000. Pricing for Final Cut Extreme is said to be similarly up-market, approaching $10,000 a seat, and will require the latest hardware from Apple."

In the article the also talk about Apple releasing "an even larger Cinema Display than the company's current flagship 30-inch display, one capable of supporting all 11+ million pixels a 4K camera (4520x2540 resolution) will be able to capture."

But remember this is the biggest rumor season of the year, so remember to take it with a grain of salt. Just as On2 Technologies Inc. today announced its On2 Video for Macintosh Software Developer Kit for Mac. The kit enables Macintosh software developers to build video encoding and decoding into their own applications using On2’s VP6 and VP7 technology. One claim I'll do a wait and see is if can really offer better video quality and compression ratios that exceed H.264 and MPEG-4. As On2 claims its TrueMotion VP7 technology is “the world’s best video compressor”.

I'll wait for live tests on the product before I believe their rumors on how great their product is.

The one thing not a rumor is Apple hitting a all time high in shares again! Shares of Apple Computer, Inc. (AAPL) rose $0.83, or 1.11%, in early NASDAQ trading to hit a new all-time high of $75.58.

MarketWatch is saying that "Apple's Macworld unveilings will come barely a week before the company is scheduled to report its first-quarter results on Jan. 18. Analysts estimate Apple will earn 53 cents a share, on $5 billion in revenue, up from 35 cents a share, on sales of $3.5 billion in the same period a year ago." plus the fact that Piper Jaffray analysts Gene Munster and Michael Olson have picked Apple as one of their top stocks for 2006 according to Jeff Gamet.

So what does all this mean?? more Rumors of coarse. Look as I had a written here that Apple quietly raised the monthly bandwidth limit for some .Mac accounts to 1 TB. Which disappered just as quickly and quietly.

MacFixit is writing about a posting by Apple which reads:

"The .Mac Account Settings page is displaying incorrect Data Transfer (bandwidth)/month information for all .Mac accounts. Apple is currently investigating this issue.

"Keep watching for more information about this and all future enhancements to .Mac."

Is this true?, or is Apple trying to hide something. You don't make mistakes like this at this time of year. And what about the new firmware updates to the Airport Express Firmware Update 6.3 for OS X, and the Airport Extreme Firmware 5.7 so close to MacWorld? Is this new updates to work with newer hardware? Well we be able to stream those new sports video's ( ESPN and ABC sports) that where announced yesterday to your TV for a Tivo like experience?.

We will have to wait and see what Mr. Jobs has in store for us.

BTW ESPN and ABC Sports are the first to offer sports programming on the iTunes Music Store. Condensed versions of all four BCS Bowl Games from ABC Sports will be available on the iTunes Music Store. So you woun't miss the Rose bowl today.

Well according to Mac Rumors this year again will have no live streaming of the keynote from Macworld.
This was posted on their site:
"One reader forwarded an email from Apple's Investor Relations which confirms that Apple will again not be providing a live feed for Macworld.
Thank you for your email. A replay will be available on, but there are no plans for live streaming."

A sad thing, but the stream did get choopy or drop-off even with a good broadband connection some years.

More to come...

In Other News

Engaget got there hands on a Motorola SLVR at CES sporting a Cingular start-up screen, a screen which also happens to confirm that the phone "may be" (they say "will definitely") be running iTunes when it hits the States sometime later this year. Things change, we will see. Motorla is a funny company.

PC World has given Apple's Nano a 2006 PC World Innovations Award saying
"Overnight, the svelte iPod Nano irrevocably altered the landscape for portable audio players. Not only did this model take clean design aesthetics to a new level, but it brought us the first high-capacity (4GB) flash-based player--and one priced within reach of the masses, no less."

Apple Jack has been Updated to version 1.4.2
For those who don't know, AppleJack is a user friendly troubleshooting assistant for Mac OS X. With AppleJack you can troubleshoot a computer even if you can't load the GUI, or don't have a startup CD handy. AppleJack runs in Single User Mode and is menu-based for ease of use.

Using AppleJack, you can repair your disk, repair permissions, validate the system's preference files, and get rid of possibly corrupted cache files. In most cases, these operations can help get your machine back on track. The important thing is that you don't need another startup disk with you. All you need to do is restart in Single User Mode (SUM), by holding down the command and s keys at startup, and then typing applejack, or applejack auto (which will run through all the tasks automatically), or applejack auto restart (which will also restart the computer automatically at the end of the process).

Of Coarse get ready for another Your Mac Life!
Your Mac Life's video gear is en route to Macworld Expo so there will be no live video feed for tonight's show, You can listen in to the plain old audio feed at here.

On tonight's show, the Your Mac Life crew will be discussing their plans for CES and Expo and talking about the "Apple Year in Review" - what were some of the important events and announcements, product introductions, cool software and hardware and anything else that affected Mac users in the past year.

They will also look ahead to prognosticate what they think will happen at next week's Macworld Expo.

Graphics Guru, Lesa Snider of will be on to talk about her Graphics Tip of the Week brought to you by and Peter Cohen of and Macworld magazine will be on to talk about all the latest Mac Gaming News.

Lastly I desided to enter the top 100 blogs, to find out where I stand. So if "You", the reader thinks this blog is a good blog, click the graphic below that says top 100 blogs. Thanks!


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