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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Apple's Up, Up and Away

You would think that Apple's new hardware would be boosting Apple higher.
Well your right. Not to mention how it's also helping other companys with it's iTunes music store(iTMS). It seems Apple's iPod and the iTunes Music Store have been credited as a contributing factor to the rise in popularity of NBC's "The Office", which delivered a rating of 5.1 last Thursday...its highest ratings among adults 18 to 49. In fact, the series is NBC's top-performing video podcast available on Apple's iTunes, where it has been available since Dec. 6.

*"The iTunes offering is bringing new audiences to the show that would not otherwise have watched", said Frederick Huntsberry, president of NBCU Television Distribution. "Consumers have choices, and we are not reaching all consumers with one technology," he said.
*qoute from

Plus it seems it's new iMac with Intel's Core Duo chip is getting good reviews. ArsTechica gave it a 9 out of 10.
With ARS saying " does the move to a dual-core Intel CPU mean faster performance? [...]I'll do you a favor and answer with a qualified "yes."

Plus ARS also showed how Blizzard had a iMac with a Intel chip and how well the frame rates where in their Hot Game, World of Warcraft. The iMac with it's new Radeon X1600 graphics chip help push the frame per second (FPS) at some points to 100fps.

But the iMac is not the only one looking good. Craig Wood did a preformance Analysis on the MacBook Pro with the 1.83 core duo chip.
"The new MacBook Pro proved to be far more adept at encoding video, at rate of 1.3x. The MacBook Pro is 260% faster than the previous PowerBook, which encoded video at 0.5x."

You can see his full list of results here.

Also At the each fiscal quarter Apple has a conference call with analysts to discuss the previous quarter's financial results. So tomorrow (1/18/06) Apple will be streaming the broadcast of the call at 2pm PT/5pm ET. I think it will be good ;)
You will need Quicktime.

1)Jack Whispers has a report saying:
" The Register UK is reporting that people have started to receive emails asking them to verify their Apple ID ... this is an attempt to steal your information and purchase computers and music with the credit card you have registered with your iTunes or Apple store account.

Just know this ... it would be national news if something like this happened AND Apple (or any other large corporation) would never send you an email asking you to visit their site and type in details.

Remember, online sites such as Apple, Paypal, eBay, Amazon, and your bank ... all have this information ... they have it backed up twice over ... they just don't have the need to ask for additional "verification" and they would never publicly announce that they had a security breach ... the national news would announce that for them.

PS - don't confuse this phishing scam with Apple's ID resetting emails ... if someone has tried to log into their Apple ID account 3 times - you are sent an email requesting that you reset your Apple ID."

He also posts links to the Erica Sadun report on the subject, as well as the original report and information from Apple about their ID's.

2)If your a PC user waiting for Microsofts new OS Windows Vista, think about this.
"Microsoft Corp. has shipped the first critical security update for Windows Vista, the next version of its flagship operating system," Ryan Naraine reports for eWeek. "Over the weekend, the company released patches for beta testers running the Windows Vista December CTP (Community Technology Preview) and Windows Vista Beta 1, and warned that the new operating system was vulnerable to a remote code execution flaw in the Graphics Rendering Engine."

Did you read that carefully? It's a beta that already has a flaw!! So while trying to copy the Mac OS looks (and doing a bad job I might add), they still have not found a way to protect it's users better.

"A Microsoft spokesperson told eWEEK that the Vista patches address the same vulnerability that led to the WMF (Windows Metafile) malware attacks earlier this month," Naraine reports. "Microsoft's out-of-cycle security update for the WMF vulnerability makes no mention of Windows Vista being vulnerable, but with the release of this weekend's patches it is clear that the poorly designed "SetAbortProc," the function that allows printing jobs to be cancelled, was ported over to Vista."
That is so sad. You can read the whole story here.


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