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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Happy 22nd Birthday Macintosh!!!

Well Today's the 22nd anniversary that Apple Computer unveiled its much-anticipated Macintosh computer. That January 24, 1984 was the day Apple introduced the computer that changed everything forever. A ad that played during the 3rd quarter of the 1984 super bowl. A ad that in 1999 TV Guide ran a cover story on the "50 Greatest Commercials of All Time." Apple's "1984" ad was #1 on the list. I mean even someone PC users know had something positive to say about Apple in 1984.

At launch the suggested retail price for this Mac was $2,495. I'm also sure there was a grand sales pitch.

But lets advance to the year 2006. The news media sometimes seems to use words to make things worse then they actually are, and look to use your own words to bring you down.

Example: Steve said at Macworld that the new iMacs where 2x faster. I'm sure some reporters filed those words in the "we will see" file. Some filed them in the "ya right" file and others in the "I'm gonna make you eat those words" file.

Well if you look at this review you will see that it's not 2x faster. Really 1.1-1.3 times faster. O.K. so Steve exaggerated, what sales person doesn't? Shoot Bill Gates says Vista will be a more secure OS. We know that's a lie. Remember this quote I posted here on the 17th?
"A Microsoft spokesperson told eWEEK that the Vista patches address the same vulnerability that led to the WMF (Windows Metafile) malware attacks earlier this month," Naraine reports. "Microsoft's out-of-cycle security update for the WMF vulnerability makes no mention of Windows Vista being vulnerable, but with the release of this weekend's patches it is clear that the poorly designed "SetAbortProc," the function that allows printing jobs to be cancelled, was ported over to Vista."

What about the Toyata TV ad where a giant meteor falls from the sky hitting the ground with earth shattering force lands on the truck and the truck comes out without a scratch?, the announcer says "Toyota Tundra, Meteor proof"!. Ya right, where are the reporters bashing Toyota? I don't even wanna get into all the slicing and dicing does it all products that say they do it all 10 times faster.

I mean as a Mac user I knew Steve might make it sound faster then it is, He's a salesmen, he will do that. He's there to "sell" the product. but performance benchmarks can be tricky anyway, many times companies use programs that are designed to test chip throughput using approximations of how applications behave rather than using benchmarks from running the actual software. They will display what looks best for the company. They are true benchmarks, just not benchmarks that really show how that computer will work for you, with the software you have and use everday.

Nothing new, But some go too far on how they bash Apple and what they call a review, and what they tell consumers. That's when I get pissed, when I see guys like this corn-hole editor who says things like this:
"We won't be able to recommend the iMac for general use until apps such as Photoshop are released for the new design. For workstation-class performance today, check out the Power Mac G5 Quad, but know the architecture will soon be obsolete. "

Hold on how the hell do you use "general use" and "workstaion-class performance" in the same sentence? One is personal computer I would use to surf the web, check e-mail, save and edit my digetal pictures and home movies. The other I would use at a place like " UK’s largest advertising agency" or for some professional who needs top of the line power for video, music, and photo editing. None of which would be even looking at a iMac.

Also what are you talking about when you use the word "obsolete"? He makes it sound like that chip is dead and you will have no future software to look forward to which is all not true.
By the time you don't PowerPC software, you will need a new Mac. I'm sure My Duel 1.8ghz G5 tower has many years to look forward to.

but reports like his may be what also contribute to sluggish sales. Not to say Intel and Apple don't have there problems. They do, (like these 34 known problems) But not to the point that some "reporters" make it sound.

But I'm sure Apple has plenty of new products and updates up their sleeves. One of which I hope is the availabilty of video cards like this ATI Radeon X1900XT hopefully getting made for a Intel based Mac Tower.

Apple is aways working on things to make life easier. They already have given college students a podcast lecture option. Apple has expanded its iTunes U program, which allows colleges and universities to post audio and video educational content online using a content management system based on iTunes. So all college professors across New York City have to do is ask students to turn on their iPods, tune in to Internet "podcasts" and take notes.

Other News
Apple's iWork is now the No. 1 competitor to Microsoft Office after grabbing a "2.7 percent unit share, while Corel took only 1.6 percent share with its WordPerfect Office suite"

Lastly, it seems the bounty has gone up! As of 12:17pm (PST) the person who gives the instructions on how to Dual boot 10.4 & XP now gets $4357.


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