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Thursday, January 05, 2006

iLife '06 & iWeb!!!

Well it seems Apple may have a boo-boo on their hands as some readers of Mac Rumors forums gave everybody a link to this webpage

Where to the right of the page you see iWeb and iLife '06.
Hmm, iWeb could this be a blooger tool? or a easy web page maker?
Guess we will have to wait and see.

Seems like HP does another dumb ass move. After dropping the selling of HP brand iPods, now the are dropping pre-installing iTunes on all HP computers. And their replacement you ask?? Rhapsody service from Real Networks. How dumb can you get? From what I have read " Real Rhapsody is hard to use, difficult to install, and songs only work intermittent with the iPod." Having iTunes on a PC is always a plus, taking it off dumb move.

RealNetworks is also expected to announce a deal with the Cox Communications cable company, which will allow Rhapsody's monthly fee to be included on a customer's cable bill. There goes that cable bill through the roof for music you won't own. How sad.

But the compitition is not just with Real Networks (if you wanna call it that), Microsoft is also worried about Front Row, and worry they should as Front Row will evolve and take on Windows Media Center.

The Wall Street journal reports:
"The Apple threat seems menacing, in part because of recent history: Its iPod was a late entry in an established field of digital music players but soon stole the lion's share of the market. At Microsoft, Front Row is already causing ripples: Mr. Gates in an email to Mr. Belfiore asked why Apple's remote control had just six buttons. The standard Media Center remote from Microsoft has 39 buttons. (Mr. Belfiore's explanation: Front Row computers don't have TV or digital video recorder functions and thus don't need as many buttons.)

At stake is more than just another piece of software for home computers. Both companies, and others, are trying to build the foundational technology for all home digital entertainment."

Of Coarse those are not the only thing on peoples minds, what about Apple bringing out a notebook using Intel Robson cache technology this month.

DigiTimes is reporting:
"Although Intel only demonstrated its Robson cache technology in the fourth quarter of last year, sources now claim that Apple Computer will launch a notebook computer in the middle of this month that utilizes the NAND flash based cache memory technology.

The sources did not say which line of Apple notebooks would implement the technology, and Apple Taiwan was not available for comment at the time of publication."

And lastly I see I'm not the only one who see's some so called "Journalists" who write about they know little or none about, but want to report about just for the hits. Mac360 is giving out their first 2006 Journalism Village Idiot Award to Brad King for Technology Review. Enjoy the laugh.


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