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Thursday, January 19, 2006

What's In A Mac??

A lot of people ask what's so special about a Mac that I should switch? Now my normal answer could go with no spyware, viruses and easier to use etc... But there are some that spend their whole time just looking for something negative to troll about. Some that no matter what you tell them, they don't get it.

It seems I've seen this one writer (John C. Dvorak) once to many times doing childish things like trolling. His article for shows the bias on how he sees things. Now let me start by saying that yes, I do like the Mac OS better. But I have used a Windows OS also (95 and XP). My preferance is for the Mac OS, but that's not what (now) he's trolling about.

Now he wants to call Jobs a lair about what he told Mac users about hardware. Like I said, trolling looking for something. A quote from the article:

" I couldn't resist going to the MacWorld Expo especially after Jobs finally roiled out a couple of the Intel-based Macs. The two most talked about aspects of these new machines were their blazing speed and the fact that some of the top apps still need to be ported over. This includes Photoshop.

The speed of the systems begs the question as to the apparent BS that the Mac community was fed for years regarding the natural superiority of the PowerPC chip. As far as I'm concerned Apple's credibility is now suspect on all levels. More interesting were the rather insulting ads Apple showed regarding these chips indicating that any use before Apple was essentially a crummy loser. This, of course referred to Windows I guess. Apparently Apple is unaware of the fact that Linux runs at blazing speed on these chips too."

O.K., lets get this straight, PowerPC chips "were" faster then Intel when it first came out, You can't accuse Apple of lying back when they were comparing G4 and G5 chips to Pentiums. Over the years, Intel like any other company has made improvements. Just like the new core duo iMacs are faster then the G5 iMacs, why? for one, they are duel core.

The fact that your saying "Apple's credibility is now suspect on all levels" just shows your lack of logical thought. Apple has now chosen to use a brand new Intel chip that didn't even exist a month ago.

PowerPC was the best option and faster at some tasks than anything from Intel back when Apple was selling PowerPC. The fastest Mac is still PowerPC-based, Apple's Power Mac G5 Quad has four processors, and for video and photos you can't beat it.

You see, Apple puts a lot of effort into their computers and software:
In an exclusive interview this afternoon with TG Daily, Apple Computer's senior director for desktops, Tom Boger, dispelled rumors that its new hardware partner, Intel, manufactured more components for the company than just the CPU and on-board chipset for his company's new iMacs and MacBook Pro models. Saying Apple is responsible for the architecture and assembly of the Macs' new hardware, as it has been for all prior models, Boger stated that the three factors that distinguish Apple's new systems from Core Duo-based PCs designed to run Windows, are form factor, operating system, and applications.

"We build the whole widget," Boger told us. "We don't take off-the-shelf parts, [and add to them] huge, major components from other companies, then throw our operating system on it. We build the whole widget from the ground up. We start with the industrial design, we do all the electrical engineering, every single aspect about a Mac has been designed by Apple."

You see Apple is making a lot of chages to make things easier and faster and you Mac experiance better. Look at the The X1600, a the mid-level entry in ATI's new X1000-series of graphics processors that utilize the company's AVIVO technology. This is easily the most powerful graphics chipset that the iMac or any Apple laptop has ever seen. Lots of 3D horsepower for games and OS X's Quartz Extreme user interface and high bandwidth for video playback.

So Mr. John C. Dvorak what you need to do is open your eyes and "C" the bias crap flowing from out your pie hole then read it. Find out if your facts are true or if the facts your using is your bias. If you can't see how bias you sound you really need to find a new job. I think a poster in your reply section put it best "sorry...the only credibility to be questioned here is your own. "

"For some reason people need to attack Apple, which offers premium quality and user experience, for not being the cheapest. These same people will not hesitate to pay thousands more for a car that they see as better than the cheapest Hyundai, or jeans that are cooler than the cheapest at Walmart, or Nike sneakers over an unknown brand. Why Apple is always attacked for being what it is, a premium quality company that offers a better experience, better design, freedom from viruses, free creative software that is unparalled anywhere else, and so, is beyond me."

Other News
Apple has confirmed that Final Cut Pro and other applications within the Final Cut Studio will no longer be available individually. A note from there websie: "After January 10, 2006, the individual applications in Final Cut Studio will only be available as part of the suite.[...]"To make it easy for our customers to make the move to Final Cut Studio, we're offering amazing deals to current owners of Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro 4, Motion 2, Soundtrack Pro, and Production Suite. When you take advantage of this offer, you'll get the Universal version of Final Cut Studio when it becomes available."

The Universal version (a version that runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel processors) will ship by March 31. Also if you want to know which software will run on both platforms, Apple introducing a new logo that developers can add to their programs. The logo can be used on product packaging, advertising, Web sites, and marketing materials.

Think Secret is reporting that "Apple has delayed the roll-out of ProCare 2.0, its premium retail store support service, due to unknown reasons. Sources report that ProCare 2.0 was originally scheduled to the launch around the beginning of the year.

At present, Apple's ProCare service allows computer purchasers to reserve time with a Mac Genius up to seven days in advance, score a one-hour training session, get priority repairs, and free transferring of files from an old Mac to a new one.

Among the new features in ProCare 2.0 are support for multiple Macs per account and a free annual system "tune-up". ProCare 2.0 will cost $99, the same as the current service."

And lastly, something for a laugh from Mother Goose & Grimm


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