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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Enough With The "First Mac Virus"!!

It's all ready a fact that this is not a virus. Want more information? read here. But that does not stop guys like Gerard Hickey who writes for ManineToday to have a headline that reads "Virus " hits Mac OSX. What this dumb ass is doing is just trying to get hits to the web site. Now you ask, I how can I say that?? here's a quote from his article:
"Strictly speaking, Oompa Loompa is not a virus but rather a trojan or a worm. Quite a bit of difference in how both operate."

Wait I thought when I clicked the site I was gonna read about a Mac OSX "virus"?. What a rip off, but he got you to come to his page anyway. He knew from the start there are no Mac OSX viruses so far. If your woundering why no link to the site? I not going to give him more people for more hits on that site.

But of coarse he's not alone The News Tribune has dumb asses who don't investigate more into the story eaither. With lines like:
"Worms, viruses finally find their way into Apple computer systems

News Tribune staff and Newsday
Published: February 21st, 2006 02:30 AM

Apple Macintosh computers – long viewed as more secure than PCs running Microsoft Corp.’s Windows – are finally facing virus problems."
As there headline was "Wake-up Call for mac Users". Now that headline I understand. The rest of their story just proves they just don't know what a virus, worm, or a tojan are. A wake-up call for Mac users? yes. But tojans attack all users, Mac and PC . We all must use common sense, Do not install and run applications from untrusted sources and if you on a Mac Do not run Mac OS X as "root."

It's not just PC users who can be victims of their own stupidity when it comes to Internet security. Mac users are not immune from malware that requires user interaction. Malware has always been out there. Someone can write a simple script to dump all your music to the trash and empty it. If you have a lot music, that could be costly.

arsTechnica put it best:
"Mac OS X has a solid record so far when it comes to viruses and other malware, and many Mac users don't bother with antivirus software. However, as sales of Macintosh computers continue to increase, the platform may become more attractive to malware writers."

Now a virus that a whole nother story.

Safari can get you in Trouble
Now, they have found a problem with update 10.4.5 and Safari. It seems after the update the option "Open safe files after downloading" in Apple's Safari web browser is activated by default.
What's this function, and how do I turn it off?

*Its function is to automatically display images and movies after they are transmitted to the user's computer, using the application assigned to that particular document format. Safari will also unpack ZIP archives and display the documents within if they are considered "safe."

"Safe" being the operative word. The thing to do to stop this is to launch Safari, go to Safari's preference's, click general, then uncheck "open safe files after opening".

This was a bad mistake by Apple by making this on by defualt. This needs correction!

Yesterday Apple revised its ProCare program, which offers special perks to users who pay an annual fee. The cost is $99 a year for the premium program. The ProCare now adds a Yearly Tune-up and they have changed the name of the priority service, it is now called Fast Track.

The yearly tune-up is where Apple will run system diagnostics, update your Apple software, and clean your Mac's monitor and keyboard. The service also includes hour-long one-on-one training sessions, priority service at the Genius bar, and Worldwide support.

It also includes Complete Setup for transferring files/folders to a new Mac computer, advance reservations at Apple's Genius Bar up to seven days in advance.

Doom goes Binary
Aspyr Media has released a Universal Binary version of Doom 3.

According to MacWorld:
"The 1.3 Rev A patch enables Doom 3 to run natively on Apple’s new Intel-based Macs. The update results in greatly improved performance and much higher frame rates on those machines. The patch has been available as a private beta for several weeks, but now it’s in general circulation and available to the public.

Other changes have been made as well. Aspyr claims improved performance on some PowerPC-based Macs equipped with ATI graphics hardware. The minimum supported operating system for this release is Mac OS X v10.3.9."
You can get the patch here

*from heise online


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