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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Good News On The Horizon

With all the so called "reporters" out there just reporting news without looking to see if it's correct, and anti virus companys like Sophos jumping to post worm reports but calling them "viruses" in there report:
"A report issued by Sophos yesterday revealed that 79% of people believed that Apple Macintoshes would be targeted more in future, following the discovery of the first Mac OS X worm.

"This means two real viruses have emerged for the Mac OS X platform in less than a week," continued Cluley(Graham Cluley). "The question on everyone's lips is - when will we see the next one, and will it have a more malicious payload? "

Then to find out their own software is generating false positives, and wreaking system havoc just puts up a red flag saying "why should I trust anti-virus companys?!" According to MacFixiT:
"In yet another case of AntiVirus software causing serious issues while purporting to be identifying infected files, it appears that Sophos' AntiVirus software is generating false positives for the "OSX/Inqtana.B worm", invoking users to delete critical application and system files and causing serious issues."

Well Sophos put out this statement:

"SophosLabs™, Sophos's global network of virus, spyware and spam analysis centers, issued an update at 14:43 GMT on Tuesday 21 February to detect the OSX/Inqtana-B worm for Mac OS X.

Unfortunately, this update was flawed, and Mac OS X users may have been mistakenly warned by Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac OS X that some files on their computers were infected with the worm.

SophosLabs quickly discovered the problem, and issued a revised update less than two hours later at 16:40 GMT, Tuesday 21 February. Customers who take advantage of Sophos's automated updating facility will have been automatically updated from this time, and will no longer experience the false positive.

Additionally, an email was sent to customers who are subscribed to Sophos's email notification list informing them that the IDE had been updated to correct the detection issue.

Sophos apologizes for any inconvenience that this problem has caused. Measures have been put in place to ensure that the problem does not occur again. Any customers who require further guidance are recommended to contact Sophos Technical Support."

"Sophos apologizes for any inconvenience that this problem has caused?" Hmm, I feel better now. That helps me feel better, now that your software had me dump vital parts of the OS to the trash and made it unusable.

(I take a deep breath) But then again, I'm hearing more and more about flaws in OSX. From Safari to Apples mail program. Every anti-virus software company or PC writer has something to say, and some rightly so, but I have a problem when they headline one thing and say another, or anti-virus company's who speak like they are the super hero's here to stop all Tojans, worms and viruses.

So it brightened my day to see this picture taken in New Yorks Times Square

Knowing that Microsoft goes out of it's way to prove they are the king of error's. The person who took the picture said it best, "the world's largest Windows error message - on a two-story high e-billboard ". Bill Gates would be proud.
*thanks IGM

What even made my day brighter was to see a editor write a level headed article.
I love this part:
"I'm not going to be running any anti-virus software anytime soon, just as I haven't run it for many years.

Also, I'm not going to turn off any preferences that make my daily computing habits any less convenient (the browser takeover is protected against by disabling the "Open safe files after downloading" preference in Safari).

The smuggest of smug Mac users is right: the platform is more secure, and these new security threats are no more threatening that a paraplegic kitten.

The Leap-A malware was a poorly-programmed Trojan horse that relied on "social engineering," or trickery to perform its nasty function. There's a simple way to protect against this kind of threat -- common sense -- and in testament to this, a lot of people didn't fall for it.

I'm not going to catch a virus this way any more than I'm going to send money to the honorable Dr. Mobuntu, head of the Central Bank of Nigeria."
That's right people use common sense, that's all it takes. Sounds too good, it's not true.

So you say, where's the good news?
Right here! Apple is hosting a media event on February 28th at Cupertino, CA. The invitation sent out to the media simply says join Apple as they introduce "fun new products." Now you know, that's a casting call for rumors.

So here's a couple:

The Apple Insider has overheard American Technology Research Analysts saying:
"We believe Apple will take the opportunity to round out its Intel Mac portfolio 6 - 9 months ahead of plan with a new widescreen consumer notebook (likely called "MacBook") and entry-level Mac mini, both of which will include a remote control and Front Row software," analyst Shaw Wu wrote in a research note released to clients early Wednesday morning.

Wu believes some of the strong selling points of the new consumer notebook will be its unique design, small size and widescreen display. He believes pricing should fall in the $1299-$1499 range.

The analyst also sees the possibility that Apple will announce that its Pro software applications like Aperture, Final Cut Pro, and Motion are now Intel native and may be ready as early as March. "We believe this is a good time to let its professional customers know," Wu wrote.

Rounding out his predictions, the analyst also thinks there is a "greater than 50 percent chance" that Apple will roll-out the first full-length feature films that will be available for download from the company's iTunes Music Store. He also sees Apple reaching the 1 billion iTunes downloads milestone by the time the Feb. 28th event rolls around. "

Go ahead grab you napkins and wipe that drool, because while Apple will has discontinued making the 12-inch and 17-inch PowerBook G4, according to reports, Apple also plans to replace the 17-inch PowerBook G4 model with a 17-inch Intel-based MacBook Pro by June.

But those who already ordered their MacbookPro, thay are smiling as they open there boxes. Of coarse some can't wait to take them apart. OWC has some pictures of a 15" 2.0ghz taken apart!

You can see more pictures here.

YML Time!
It's wednesday, Time for Your Mac Life. Today's topic? what else "Speeding Up Your Mac and Virus? What Virus?"
Guests tonigt are:
Joe Kissell who has 34 software speedups that can help you get the most out of the Mac you have.

Rob Griffiths who has been digging deep into the Leap-A malware to get to the bottom of how serious a threat it is. He's discovered that while tricky, it's not nearly as malicious as it could have been.

And of coarse Your Mac Life's Graphics Guru, Lesa Snider of will be on to talk about her Graphics Tip of the Week

Also Peter Cohen of and Macworld magazine will be on to talk about all the latest Mac Gaming News.

You can watch the streaming video, or just listen to the audio. It all starts this and every Wednesday evening from 5:30pm to 8pm PT or from 8:30pm to 11pm ET!

Oh, By the way for those who went crazy reading those iPods causing ear damage report, here's a joke from PC Weenies


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